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Blanchard Region 1.3km resolution
Tiger Region 1.3km resolution
Fraser Valley Region 1.3km resolution
Whole NorthWet from Grouse Mt BC to Dog Wa, to Saddle Wa. Region 4km resolution

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WebCams show/hide Current local wind observation table and gauges Longer list of current observations. Map

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TJ Olney's Weather, maps, and Trails

Combination pages I've made for weather and mapping -- these depend on other servers and may not always work.
BCS Bellingham / Blanchard summary Includes MOS, LAMP, RUC2, Bellingham Cold Storage Winds Data, Metars, and Mesowest stations.*
Winds Aloft forecast Vancouver and Seattle *
Lower BC and NW WA Mesoscale stations (9 at once)Near real time -- Winds Data
Digital Forecasts for Various Fun Locations.
Auto zoom latest visible satellite image.
Winds at Padilla Bay (just 9 flatland miles south of Blanchard)
Whidbey Island summary -- including MM5 text both eta and gfs forecasts and Tatoosh to Smith pressure gradient*
Compare side by side MAPS and RUC2 Rapid Update Soundings
All day hour-by-hour text RUC2/MAPS soundings
  Woodside/Sumas/Bridal     Black Mt     Big Johnson     Stewart same as Blanchard     Ft Ebey     Skagit Valley     Tiger  
Tiny pages for mobile devices. Winds reported from stations near
Blanchard  |   Ft Ebey, Whidbey  |   Tiger Mt.  |   East Cascades Saddle, Chelan

TJ's Widget — also gets maps for flying sites or arbitrary lat and lon..
These compose maps from map server tiles into much larger onscreen maps. They take some time to load. One index number east west is approx .011 degrees and north south is approx .0072 degrees.
Topo map of Blanchard
Topo map Big Johnson area
Topo map Black Mountain
Topo Stewart Mt
Topo Baldy
Iron Mountain
Saddle Mountain Latitude N 46° 41'40" Longitude W 119° 41'37" Current Weather Observations Current Saddle Mt Version 2
Chelan Butte Topo| full-zoomed |(terra server composed) | topozone version
     Weather Current Chelan   || Nearby Weather Stations || XC Skies Wind Map || Findu APRS/CWOP nearby
     Current Wind map Chelan to Saddle
     Current Wind map Fraser Valley to Tiger
Topo Tiger Mt. Issaquah
  Topo map Anderson Mt. Pacific Northwest Trail
  Topo map Blanchard Mt. Pacific Northwest Trail

Canadian flying sites topo maps
BC map from Harrison Mills to Bridal Falls including Elk 1:50000 scale 635K (South East corner of the link below)
Caution! really fast internet required. Really really Huge topo map Lower BC LOADS THEM ALL AT ONCE! North West corner has Exodus Peak, Squamish River and Ryan River
Bridal Falls only
Bridal Falls using New version of toporama
Woodside Mt Newer Toporama Map
Sumas Mt Canada
A compromise composite map from Abbotsford to Mt Devoy, North to Hemlock Valley
Aldergrove to Vedder
Vedder to Mt Devoy
Vedder Mt using Atlas of Canada..
How to get an Atlas of Canada bookmark/url that works... Thanks to Eric Kramers at Atlas of Canada / Atlas du Canada

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Other Weather Links

Wind map from XCskies centered on Blanchard
map from XCskies centered on Whidbey
Wind Map from I-Windsurf
Current Forecsating Discussion Seattle -- The hedges in the forecast.
Very nice Salish Sea Region Real time Wind map
Current Visible Satelite Seattle 1km (from source)
All Satellite Imagery -- National Weather Service
Western Whatcom County, WA Forecast
Today's Winds (5 min) at Bellingham Bay Bellingham Cold Storage
Today's Weather Observations at Bellingham Airport
Today's Weather Observations at Burlington Airport
Today's Weather Observations at all other Washington Airports
Weather station in Hamilton near Sauk Mt in Skagit River Valley (valley wind!)
Surface Observations Washington State Map latest
Most Recent MM5 forecast (4km domain)
All Available GFS-Initialized Pacific Northwest MM5 Weather Forecasts
PacNW MM5-GFS 12 km Forecast Soundings
Text version of most recent KUIL (for Seattle) balloon sounding. Lots of indicies.

METARS translated for people to read (METAR is a French acronym METeorological Aerodrome Report)
Translated METARs for Abbotsford, Agassiz, Bellingham,YVR, MtVernon,Whidbey,Arlington, Seattle results
ADDS - METARs request form for any Station
Bellingham Forecast -- Weather Underground
The Weather Network Canada
Abbotsford The Weather Network British Columbia, Canada
Delta The Weather Network (Point Roberts US) Delta Columbia Canada
Chilliwack, British Columbia
RADAR - Aldergrove WUJ - Environment Canada's Green Lane
Winds aloft for Canada western Region 31
Environment Canada -- BC pick a location forecasts and current conditions
Vancouver BC Current Conditions and 5 day forecast, Provided by EC
Short-term Vancouver Lower Mainland
Environment Canada's Official Text Forecasts
Surface Observations Washington State Map latest

Graphical version of MOS GFS and ETA forecasts at Launch Code/ USAIRNET
Aviation Model Launch Code -- Wind Speed, Temperature, Wind Direction, Aviation Weather Forecast -- KBLI WA
Launch Code -- Whidbey WA
Launch Code Renton
Environmental Model Launch Code -- Wind Speed, Temperature, Wind Direction, Environmental model Weather Forecast -- KBLI WA
Launch Code -- Whidbey WA
Launch Code Renton
Trails _Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest - Trail Conditions
Roads_Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest - Road Conditions

Weather Cams
Manning Park _ WeatherCam AV
Cold Storage -- Bellingham Bay Cam and weather observations
Cashmere Washington Cam
Mt. Si Near North Bend
Vancouver looking North from beach webcam.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x480 pixels)
West Vancouver WeatherCam AV
Last 7 days precipitation WA
Precipitation Home
Precipitation Recent WA
Bellingham, Washington‚ Daily Precipitation by Intellicast
Bellingham, Washington‚ Weekly Precipitation‚ by Intellicast
Upper Air SKEW from UNISYS
Whistler Weather Info Page
Whistler Blackcomb - Whistler Web Cam
Misc Weather Links at topaflyers
Seattle NWS Forecast page
Graphical version of MOS forecastWind Speed, Temperature, Wind Direction, Aviation Weather Forecast -- KBLI WA

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Paragliding Instruction
BC Canada
BC Instructors list at HPAC
Deimos Paragliding Home (Tom Clark, BC)
FlyBC Airsports Paragliding Home (Jim Reich, BC)
US Washington
USHPA list of Washington and Oregon Schools
USHPA list of Washington and Oregon Instructors

Soaring Forecast BLI using Quilyutte upper air soundings
West Coast Soaring Club Forum
The Oz Report
MM5 tutorial at Cascade Paragliding Club new URL
Flying Sites from BCHPA
HPA-Canada -ACVL Home Page
Welcome to The U.S. Hang Gliding Association
International XC FlightLog
Paraglider Performance Comparision
P@r@2000 - Parapente / Paraglider - Para2000
ridelarg.jpg (JPEG Image, 939x1210 pixels)
Cascade Paragliding Club
See How It Flies
DHV - Deutscher Hängegleiterverband e.V. | Drachenfliegen | Gleitschirmfliegen
jetstream_pac_init_00.gif (GIF Image, 783x630 pixels)
British Columbia Wind Data
NCEP Winds Aloft Forecasts - Pacific Coast Region
Canadian Aviation Regulations

FlyBC's Site of the Day Page

Miscelaneous weather and flying

Blue Thermal Paragliding - Links
The MapPlace
Forces and Winds: online meteorology guide
Mission to Hope one tile of BC topo map 092h.gif (GIF Image, 3200x1600 pixels)
Vancouver to Vedder one tile of BC topo map 092g.gif (GIF Image, 3200x1600 pixels)
NCEP Winds Aloft Forecasts - Pacific Coast Region
AWWS - Forecasts and Observations
Bellingham Cold Storage Weather Station Summary
Thermal Traker Oregon
Winds aloft for Canada western Region 31
Weather cam! Fraser Valley latest.jpg (JPEG Image, 1100x480 pixels)
latest.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x480 pixels)
latest.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x480 pixels)
River Forecast Centre Low Flow Map
Washington State Traffic,Weather, forecast, Mountain and Road condition Information
Soaring Forecast BLI using Quilyutte upper air soundings
Fly Chelan Butte - detailed site info from The Oz Report
I90 Traveler Information
US2 Travel Information
Soundings from FSL java version
Maptech MapServer - Online Topo Maps, Nautical Charts, Aero Charts, and Nav Photos
Tips for Paraglider Pilots
I90 Traveler Information
092i11.gif (GIF Image, 3200x1600 pixels)
092i15.gif (GIF Image, 3200x1600 pixels)
Tiger Cam
The Oz Report
The Oz Report classified ads
Shoreline Aerial Photos: Photo WHA0427
map-blanchard.gif (GIF Image, 1335x836 pixels)
Unisys Weather: Current Skew T Plot for Quillayute WA (UIL-72797)
ARRLWeb: Amateur Exam Question Pools
QRZ Ham Radio Practice Tests
ARRLWeb: Affiliated Club Search
NOAA ARL Real-time Environmental Applications and Display sYstem - Current Meteorology
New home for Project Roman formerly at Utah
HamiltonBook.com - New Books at Bargain Prices! - Shopping Cart
The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
Snow - in Colorado
Aspen Paragliding
XE.com - The Universal Currency Converter ®
Mt Fuji and other beautiful Japanese Paragliding photos
NWS Taunton, MA - Weather Calculators
Department of Transportaion Washington State Cameras and reports
Archives of High Resolution Negatives
WSDOT Cartography and GIS Map Products
WSDOT - State Route Web (SRweb)
WSDOT GeoData Distribution Site (GIS data for maps)
WSDOT Bellingham Area Traffic Cameras
Washington State Traffic,Weather, forecast, Mountain and Road condition Information
WSDOT Puget Sound Area Traffic Cameras
WSDOT - USA/Canada Border Traffic Cameras
DOT cam arlington.jpg (JPEG Image, 352x280 pixels)
National Weather Service : Observed Weather for past 48 Hours : Bellingham Intl Airport
National Weather Service : Observed Weather for past 48 Hours : Abbotsford CYXX Ob Site
Compute Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight For Cities & Airports (for the experienced)
BCS bellingham bay cam latest.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x480 pixels)
Jet stream forecast jet1_720x486.jpg (JPEG Image, 720x486 pixels)

MESO SCALE DATA -- project ROMAN formerly at UTAH
Summary 9 stations at once.
Detailed reports
Station map Washington

SURFACE WINDS LATESTsfc_lws.gif (GIF Image, 680x680 pixels)
Weather CANADA
Numerical model data page of NCAR-RAP Real-Time Weather Data website
National Weather Service - Western Region Headquarters
All Satellite Imagery -- National Weather Service
4Km Satellite Loop Animated Visible NorthWest

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