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NEW:  Be sure to look at the new items on this page for instructions on how to get your Olszewski Dumbo and Astro Orbitor miniatures MOTORIZED! 


This site is dedicated to collectors of the Robert Olszewski Disneyland Main Street MiniaturesIt offers collectors several suggestions for attractive ways to display their pieces on the Main Street Platform and ideas for making those improvements with a minimum of effort.


The moment I saw the first prototype Main Street Platform in the Disneyland Gallery I immediately recognized the vision, passion, and genius of Robert Olszewski.  His attention to detail and unbelievably accurate reproductions were breathtaking.  I knew that I had to have a Main Street of my own someday.   





Coffee Table in Living Room


Like most collectors, I’m neither an artist nor a hobbyist (or website designer for that matter) so this project was challenging.  Mr. Olszewski explains that this collection requires us to “change from being a collector and cross over to becoming a hobbyist” and that “by the time the track is in place and the train is operational you will have developed a high comfort level in working with the platform and most importantly, grasping a sense of ownership”. 



Finally, Olszewski says “We have given you the start, where you take from here will be up to you”.  I think that last statement is what makes the Main Street series unique among collectables.  The collectors are encouraged to add our own ideas to the platforms for how to best present the pieces for an overall compelling effect.  This site includes a few of those ideas that other collectors might find interesting.





The Platform Ideas are Organized into Thirteen Sections:


13)  NEW!  Motorized Dumbo the Flying Elephant:


Click for VideoThe Olszewski miniature version of “Dumbo” is simply amazing.  The attention to detail and the wonderful lighting make for one of their best efforts yet.  And, in motion Dumbo is spectacular – the lights sparkle as they bounce off the intensely detailed central hub and the flying elephants cast mesmerizing spinning shadows when placed near a wall in a darkened room.  It’s truly breathtaking to watch in motion as you’ll see in this video.     Click Here to get your Dumbo Motorized!



12)  NEW!  Motorized Mad Tea Party:


CUPSSOne of the most fascinating Disneyland attractions to watch in motion is the Mad Tea Party, aka the “Tea Cups”.  The Olszewski miniature version is incredibly accurate and detailed – one of the best they’ve produced.  Motorizing it was even more difficult than you might imagine and only the one piece, shown in this video, exists to date – but it was worth the effort because the miniature ‘Cups are amazing to watch as they whirl around. 


11) Motorized Astro Orbitor:


Click for PageDreamed of having your Astro Orbitor spinning around on your Platform just like it does in the Park?  I know I have - and I finally got around to making it happen.  The Motorized Astro Orbitor adds much more to the entire Main Street Collection and Platform Display than I had imagined.  It adds a sense of motion and life that didn't exist before.  This section of the site gives you step by step instructions on how to Motorize your own Astro Orbitor.  Click here to get your Orbitor Motorized!



1) Tree Lighting:


The lighting effect of the Main Street pieces is perhaps the most striking part of the collection.  One of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your platform is to add lighting to the Trees and Train Track.  This section shows you how to add Tree Lighting to your platform.






 2) Build it yourself C.K Holiday Train:


Bruce's CK Holiday


Disneyland always had at least two trains running and the EP Ripley looks lonely all by itself circling Main Street.  Adding a second train makes the trains more noticeable and also adds realism to the train effect.  Even if you just buy a Prairie Flyer and add the decals from this site you'll have a vastly improved train experience.  This section will show you how to do it.



Regulator3) Operating Two Trains on the Platform Track:


Once you have two trains built you'll need to modify the track to operate the two trains at the same time.  It takes a bit of work, but it's a great modification to make even if you only have only one train at the moment.  This same modification also adds realism to the Train behaviors because the trains will stop at the Main Street Station to exchange passengers.  Be sure to checkout the Train Video in this section to see them in action! 



4) General Building Tips:


This section gives you two great tips for simplifying the installation of the buildings and for making the "gaps" between and behind the buildings virtually seamless.  It's the best 2 minutes you'll spend on this site, I promise. 






5) A Relatively Easy to Build Coffee Table Design:


Several Coffee Table designs have been shared on the Olszewski website and here's another for your consideration.  It's very strong, relatively easy to build, and protects the electronics.  It's able to withstand the type of abuse furniture gets in your family room while offering a comfortable environment.  See how you like it.






6) Train Track Road Bed Alternative:


Road Bed installation

The installation instructions for the Train Track Road Bed hint about a "Beveled" railway, but all of the prototypes had a "Flat" Balast installation.  This section shows you the pros/cons of installing a "Beveled" railway Road Bed.  It's a little harder to install but you might like it.






7) Main Street Music:

You've gone through all this work, so why not add one of the finishing touches - build in Main Street music.  This section shows how to do it and I've even added some custom mixes you're free to download that I did from Main Street recordings. 




8) Signatures:


Last but not least, this section offers some personization ideas in the form of "Signatures" to put on our work.




9) MSEP Platform Lighting:


Click for PageThe standard base for the Olszewski Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade wasn’t designed to be placed on the Main Street Platform.  This new page describes how to build a compact lighting package for the MSEP pieces so you can proudly display Disney and Olszewski’s “spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination in thousands of sparkling lights” on the Main Street Platform where it belongs.



10) Moonliner Platform Mod:


Click for PageI was slightly worried about how the Moonliner would look on the Platform, but now that I have it installed I think it looks great and adds a bit more Tomorrowland flavor to Main Street.  The modifications I made fall into two categories; adapting the Moonliner Lighting to operate with the Platform Lighting Accessory and a completely optional mod to lower the Moonliner by a quarter inch.  Here’s how they work:




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I'd like to hear what you think about all these ideas.  Write to me and let me know what you think.  Or, you can use the site blog. 




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