of Main Street: 


One of the most important elements of Disneyland Main Street is the music.  It’s not very loud – more like background music, but I think it’s the key element of the show that creates the tone and feel of 1900’s era.  So, the Main Street Platform must have music. 


The first challenge was to buy powered speakers that would fit into the 2.5” space under the Platform.  I settled on a pair of powered speakers from Fry’s.  Then, I bought an MP3 player – a nice and small unit that easily fit under the platform.  It came with an AC adapter – perfect.  The idea was to have an AC switch that turned on the speakers and the MP3 player and then I’d press “play” on the MP3 player.  Turning off the AC switch would turn both off. 


Unfortunately, the MP3 player I bought had an annoying behavior where when it was plugged into the AC adapter it would stop playing and enter its PC/Charging mode so when the AC was on it would not play.  Bummer.  So, I ended up building a complicated circuit such that when the AC was on to the speakers the AC the MP3 player would be turned off and when the AC was turned off to the speakers the AC to the MP3 player would be turned on for a few hours to recharge the MP3 player.  Word to the wise here – buy an MP3 player that will keep playing when plugged into its AC adapter.  Let me know when you find one. 


The Music: 


I wanted an authentic “Main Street” sound for my platform – one that captured how it sounds when you’re actually in the park.  I like the park with lots of people laughing, talking, kids running, trolleys clanking, cars beeping – you know, the whole chaotic character of Main Street.  But, there’s no “one” particular sound to Main Street.   


Depending on where you stand in the Main Street area you hear different things.  For example, you hear the train station spiel on the south side and the Astro Orbitor background and Mark Twain on the north.  All in all I ended up making recordings in over a dozen separate locations around Main Street and mixing them down into a stereo recording where the Left channel is for the North end of the street and the Right channel is for the South.   


Here are the individual tracks I recorded.  Right mouse click the links and "Save Target As" a filename on your system to download and play them (the Comcast website editor doesn't always play the pieces directly from these pages). 












Bruce Richards