The artist’s signatures appear several times on the platform including many of the individual buildings.  That’s completely appropriate because his work is awesome and he deserves the visibility.  Since I’ve spent the last several months working on this thing I feel like I also deserve a signature or two on my Coffee Table so, I’ve added two “signatures” to my Main Street Platform. 


Click to EnlargeThe most visible signature is on the Disneyland Entrance sign.  I was inspired by the version of the sign that was displayed in the Gallery and said “Welcome Robert Olszewski” so I modified my sign to read “Welcome Richards Family”.  It’s a surprisingly easy modification to make.   Write me if you’re interested in one. 


Click to EnlargeThe second signature is more subtle and more personal.  As a kid my favorite place to observe Disneyland was from the elevated seats in the Disneyland Train Caboose.  I would sit up there for hours riding around the park watching the sights, listening to the sounds of the park and the locomotive, feeling the breeze flow through the open windows – it was one of the happiest memories of my youth.  So, that’s where you’ll find me - sitting in the upper section of the C.K. Holiday caboose reliving all of those memories forever. 


Bruce Richards