Chameleon 16x TDA1543 NOS DAC
from Teradac
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power Teradac DC-30W PSU, BlackGate FK 470uF/16v on power in for DAC board, and Nichicon 47uF/63v Fine Gold on each DAC/ Ran solid core from input to DAC board.
ground tuned with Bud Purvine's magic wire @ star ground
S/PDIF input Removed input coupling cap on COAX, silver wire from RCA direct to Pulse.
Applied silver conductive compouind to plugin board slots.
I/V resistor Texas Components T2575
output Direct transformer coupled to CineMag CMOB-2S
cables Blue Jean Cable's Belden 1694A coax
SonicWave Glass TosLink @Partsexpress
isolation EMI paper on clocks

=> The CineMag hookup =>
source Red -
Brown +
OPT TX Yellow -
Orange +
output RCA

ASRC input mod:
Dropping the resistance to 1.2k
using 2k + 3.3k

Straight from COAX RCA to pin input on Pulse transformer via soft annealed silver

March 29 2010