Hagerman Clarinet
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Stock build by Mr Al Gallaher. I swapped in Russian K40Y-9 .1uF paper & aluminium foil in oil, Obbligato metalized poly 1uF, and Jupiter 1uF paper & aluminium foil in beeswax /w copper lead. Wow, the Jupiter caps are colorful; gotta put 'em at output everywhere!

I was sick with grief when I noticed the caps orientation was wrong but I can't hear any fault, and I tried hard.

Tubes, back to front:
Bendix 6106
[2] RCA 5814A Black Plate

Wood sides is what I am thinking.

Adding RCA short plugs really dropped the noise floor.
Yellow plugs have the positive tied to negative then taped.
Then both ends are heatshrunk together making like mittens that can't get lost.