NAD533 & RB250
[Rega OEM P2 & OEM1 arm]
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The NAD Branded RB250 OEM1 Tonearm mods

  • J. A. Michell's Technoweight counterweight 
  • Strange Tonearm Tweakinformation on this legend detail below
  • Pete Riggle's VTAF
    I glued that level to the table; now I wish I didn't.

A note about how the motor is attached since you can see the wood screws from the top of the plinth with the platter off: The motor is attached with Gorilla Glue and two sided 3M foam tape, then secured with two wood screws. Gorilla glue is dabbed over the wood screws where they protrude thru the top of the plinth to dampen them. The motor pulley is moved forward as much as possible.
DeepGroove subplatter
w/ silicon-nitride

SpotMat sans mat
on Glass Platter

the weight is branded "Turntable Toys RC-101"
but the is from a design by Rudolf A. Bruil
Record Weight
plinth to base

The granite is coupled to the HDF by an old rag at center with cork pads for leveling at four outer points. The granite paving stone still has cement adhering to the bottom from when it was pulled up. The bottom HDF base is supported by strips of cork on each board below it.

Doug Deacon explains it this way: "Sorbothane (whether in cones or otherwise) isolates in the vertical plane down to a certain frequency (which will vary with the weight they're supporting and the durometer of the Sorbothane).
Your Vibrapod cones are reducing mid-high frequency energies from the granite, while the granite mass is providing stability and lowering the resonance frequency of footfalls, probably to a frequency below what your system can reproduce. Sounds like an excellent combo!"

There is a rubber band around the bearing shaft. There is also a small piece of 3M damping material next to the bearing shaft and on the cover of the motor.
I found the idea of  replacing the feet with Vibrapod feet/cones at this site:

I used the original screws to fix the Vibrapod feet. Then I used rubber glue to affix the cones to the feet. It is cheap and reversable.


wood handhold on dustcover