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8 paralleled TDA1543 DAC chips
DIR9001 96 kHz/24-Bit digital receiver
TCD-711A Precision Clock
USB , optical, coax inputs

power Teradac DC-30W PSU
S/PDIF input Lundahl LL1574 Pulse transformer wired direct to a /w 6N copper/Teflon to 110R nude Vishay resistor; removed input coupling caps, Optical/coax switch is now out of play
output resistor (2) PRP 390R .5W
output caps cryo'd Obbligato 1uF/630v + Mundorf Silver Oil .1uF/1200v + Russian Mil Teflon .015uF/200v - direct to RCAs, removed noise filter caps
digital circuit chips Rubycon XYF 100uF/25v, blu tac
TDA1543 decoupling 8 Rubycon XYF 4.7uF/50v
heat venting & damping Arctic Silver 5 on DACs between heatsink,  holes in chassis, heatsink on outside chassis, heatsink on DIR9001 & 23C32 amplifier, E-A-R feet raise chassis allowing better air flow into box, small E-A-R feet.
LED 47.5k/.25W ohm resistor for dimming
RFI/EMI Stillpoints ERS paper on clock
ground plane Bud Purvine's Litz wire
cables Blue Jean Cable's Belden 1694A coax
SonicWave Glass TosLink @Partsexpress

Bud Purvine's magic wire in cotton
removed over to the Chamelion

TeraDak DC-30W constant current source power supply
Replaced fuse /w HiFi tuning cryo'd

Detail on where the DC-30W wires up to.

The DC-30W PSU input connector. - Should say DC IN.

Copper pipe coupler on the IECs and ferrite on the incoming DC

Lundahl LL1574 Pulse transformer on coax input [datasheet]
Using Belden threaded silver coax interconnect
Lundahl LL1574 is a 1:1.2 [75-110ohm] which  meets up to a 110 ohm nude Vishay. Transport is the NAD C541i which has a 75ohm output transformer.


On my 2008 version there is a 100ohm smd resistor in the 75 ohm spot.

Yaqin Tube Buffer, VALAB/Teradac NOS DAC late 2008version, Teradac DC-30W PSU

Yaqin Tube Buffer
Replaced input caps /w copper wire; cryo'd 1uF/630v Obbligato bypass caps at output
2 Nichicon 270uF/250v PT; bypassed the B+ power cap with BlackGate STD 10uF/250v
Modding the Yaqin

Some words on the web re the NOS DAC

Shipping from Taiwan was fast, within a week.
Packing was down-home but was fine enough to protect the dac from harm.

December 30 2009