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by Marti

Reiki is not a magical elixir to cure all ills, but is the use of energy, which is called "Universal Life Force Energy" {or Reiki in Japanese}.  Reiki energy passes through the palms and into the client to aid the body's natural tendency to heal itself.  Please note, Reiki is not intended to replace traditional medical care, but to enhance and compliment it. 

Reiki is used to relax the body, and calm the mind.  Reiki energy is "intelligent", meaning the energy flows to where it will do the most good for the recipient and never has a negative side-effect.  It heals the totality of self: mind, body, and soul.

Marti, as a Level III-Master, can conduct Reiki sessions either in person or remotely.  For anyone new to Reiki, it is recommended to receive Reiki for three days in a row.  This gives the body time to acclimatize and assimilate the energy.

Everyone experiences Reiki differently; some feel relaxed, others feel a tingling sensation in their body, still others may experience visual and/or auditory phenomena in their mind's eye.  Marti may also perceive intuitive messages that will aid and compliment the session.

Reiki isn't just for humans!  Reiki can be utilized for animals and plants too.



Marti is giving Reiki certification courses at this time!  Please check the CLASSES page for details and dates. 

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