Floyd County Photos

These are folks from in and around Floyd County during the first half of the last century. When you see a name that interests you, click on the text in a box to display the photo.

The bracketed numbers appearing at the end of a photo caption are the month and year the photo was added to this website. Those without such numbers were part of the original set put up in early 2003. You can use the FIND option in your browser to locate those loaded in a given month.

There are some of unknown folks in some of the pictures. If you would be so kind please take a look then, if you know someone, drop Ole Paul a line so a name can be put on the picture. Thanks in advance.
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Abraham Wade Thompson (with hat) Abraham Wade Thompson May, 1920
Addison Dulaney son of Hiram Dulaney and Mary P. Booth Dulaney. This is a tin photo that had been tinted (Contributed by Robert Reed) [3/05] Agnes Moss (Contributed by Wendy Johnston) [5/05]
Albert Dulaney & his Star automobile Alexander Foster family Back: Alexander Foster & wife, Arminda Emoline Duncan (d/o Willis Duncan & Arminda Reed). Front: their children George Willis [7/05]
Alfred & Pearl Altizer dau Ruth Alfred Alley, son of Anderson & Rachel Alley (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07]
Alice Jane Williams; b. April 17, 1855 Floyd Co., VA; d. Jan 27, 1934 Washington Co, VA; m. April 1, 1886 Washington Co., VA to William King Heiskel S [5/05] Alley Family -- Back: Joseph, Jess, Samuel, David & Dwight; Front: Grace, Martha, Mary & Ruth (Contributed by Dean Alley) [5/03]
Alum Ridge School Rt 750, Floyd [3/05] Alum Ridge School students (Contributed by Robert Reed) [4/05]
Alum Ridge School teachers LtoR: Loraine Carr (married Ervin Reed), unknown, Nan Howard and Alice Hylton (Contributed by Robert Reed) [4/05] Amos & Susan Dulaney [10/05]
Amos & Susan Dulaney Family ca 1910. LtoR: Fred, Dave (front), Amos, Susan holding Minnie Marie, Hawley, Dove, Sidney (Contributed by Patti Daft) [10/05] Amos & Susan Dulaney with Wyatt and Mary, Susan's sister [10/05]
Amos Dickerson (Courtesy of Ole Clyde) [8/03] Amos Reed and wife Sarah Elam. Amos was s/o Hiram & Lucy Reed (Contributed by Louise Vanover) [4/05]
Anderson Alley. Not sure which one he is; there were 2 Anderson Alley's (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07] Andrew Jackson (Dutch) Sowers b. 3 Jan 1872 d. 14 Jun 1924 married Lydia Howery (Contributed by Kansas John) [4/05]
Andrew Jackson Dulaney and Laura Rose. He was a son of Christley Dulaney & Delilah Reed (Contributed by Vicki) [10/04] Andrew Jackson Dulaney tombstone (surname misspelled). 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord' (Contributed by Vicki) [10/04]
Andrew Reed and wife Sallie. Andrew b. 8/6/1840 d.1/14/1924. Sallie was Sarah Dulaney, daughter of Samuel and Martha (Reed) Dulaney, b. 8/13/1847 d. 4 [10/05] Andrew Reed, Sallie and extended family (Contributed by Wesley L. Poff) [10/05]
Andrew Reed, Sallie and their children (Contributed by Wesley L. Poff) [10/05] Andrew Thomas Thompson & wife, Mary Frances 'Mollie' Trail. Picture was sent to us by Cousin Jan Harvey great-grandson of Andrew & Mary Thompson throu [5/06]
Aram Jackson Reed, 1949 (Contributed by Phil Pratt) [1/09] Archibald Akers, wife Martha Altizer Akers and children Bessie Gay and William Oakley Akers (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [2/06]
Armstead (Armp) Cox and Margaret Gallimore Cox (Contributed by Elizabeth Mitchell) [11/05] Arnold Ross ?
B. H. Paul gravestone Carthage, IL (Contributed by Norma Logan) [1/06] Barbara Boyd Betty Boyd June 4, 1939 (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09]
Baseball Team L-R Front: Roscoe Reed (catcher), Quentin Reed (pitcher), Albert Dulaney, Burman Hurt (suit, mgr), 2nd: Fred Akers, Will Philips, Roy Th Benjamin and Elizabeth Mannering Delany Gravestone at West Point Cmtry, Bates Co., MO (Contributed by Sharon Hobart) [7/10]
Bertha Jane Dulaney and John Howard Berridge. Bertha b. Mar 13, 1900 in Symmes Twp., Lawrence Co., OH, d. Aug 1985, m. Jun 25, 1927. John b. Apr 25, 1 [10/05] Bessie Dulaney ca 1920 (dau of James M.) [10/05]
Bessie Gay Akers Cox and William Oakley Akers (Contributed by Richard Bishop) [9/11] Bessie Gay and William Oakley Akers, children of Archibald Akers & Martha Altizer Akers (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [2/06]
Bradley Quesenberry, grandson of Ole Paul Broad Shoals School (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]
Burdine Bishop (Contributed by Joyce Hawkins) [7/10] Burdine Reed and his wife Zettie Duncan and their 3 children; Harvie the oldest, Dovie the girl m. Taz Akers and Lonnie Reed had polio I believe I was [2/06]
Cally Hill Altizer Cecil D. Alley (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07]
Cecil Thompson & Edna Teel Cecil Thompson
Charles B Delaney (1) s/o Daniel Dulaney who is the s/o Benjamin Delaney [10/05] Charles B Delaney (2) s/o Daniel Dulaney who is the s/o Benjamin Delaney [10/05]
Charles Carter Lee house; photo by Jewell about 1900. The newer Burwell home is on this site (Contributed by M. J. Spangler ) [6/03] Charles David Lester. LtoR: Lathie Windot Lester (my grandfather), b Nov 1, 1893, d Nov 20, 1977; Charles David Lester, b Dec 29, 1838, d Nov 14, 191 [11/05]
Charles Richard Peters, 1834-1888 (Contributed by Carolyn Hale Bruce) [4/06] Charles(?) Dishon, Hattie Altizer (Clyde's sister) dau Callie
Charlie Alfred Mitchell and Minnie A. Dulaney Marriage Certificate [3/05] Charlie Dulaney (driving) & Willie Jackson Sowers
Charlie and Ruth Hurt gravestone Carthage, IL (Contributed by Norma Logan) [1/06] Check, VA about 1920 (Contributed by Stan Slusher) [2/04]
Children of Ethelbert Sledd and Nancy 'Nannie' Alma Wade Sledd (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09] Chrisley Dulaney tombstone. Son of Hiram Dulaney, who was killed by the home guards. 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord' (Contributed by Vick [10/04]
Christopher Columbus Delaney s/o Andrew & Laura Delaney [11/04] Cicero Cox (standing) and Will Dulaney (seated) (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [10/05]
Cicero Cox and group leaving for WWI (Contributed by Richard Bishop) [9/11] Cicero Cox, Will Dulaney, and unknown. Cicero Winfield Cox b. 2 Nov 1886, m. Bessie Gaye Akers on 23 Feb 1917. (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [10/05]
Clyda & Claude Caldwell (Contributed by Wendy Johnston) [5/05] Clyda Caldwell (Contributed by Wendy Johnston) [5/05]
Clydia Reed Boothe's grave stone [10/05] Cornelius (Neil) Hurt, wife Martha Josephine Dulaney and kids
Cornelius Hurt gravestone Carthage, IL (Contributed by Norma Logan) [1/06] Creed Duncan, sons Alvis and Edsel, wife Mollie (Haley) Duncan (Contributed by Edsel Duncan) [12/05]
Crosby Simmons (maybe on right) and (Unk) (1) Crosby Simmons (maybe on right) and (Unk) (2)
Dale George Dulaney, b. 4/6/1916 IL, d. 8/10/1990 IL s/o Walter P. Dulaney, wife June Esther Dorothy b. 6/27/1916 IL & daughter Doris or Patricia (Con [8/07] Dale Simmons family LtoR. Dale Simmons, Virginia Simmons, Opal Simmons (children of Hosea Garfield Simmons & Perla Mae Duncan) [10/03]
Damond Cox family (1). Frances Duncan (standing, Rebecca's mother) Sitting LtoR: Rebecca Duncan Cox holding Lilly, Edna Cox, Damond holding Clydia (C [11/05] Damond Cox family (2). Standing LtoR: Clydia, Cicero (Damond's brother), Lilly, Gaye, Edna, Frances (Rebecca's mother), Liz (Damond's mother). Front: [11/05]
Dan Dulaney s/o Ezekial, uncle of Wade, b. 3/2/1883, m. Ora Chateau Darius (Drus) W. Williams, b. Feb 2, 1859 Floyd Co., d. Sept 4, 1928 Floyd Co., bur. Zion Lutheran Cem.; m1. Oct 4, 1882 Floyd Co. Clara (Patie) Sower [5/05]
David Alley m. Evaline Altizer (Contributed by Dean Alley) [5/03] David Elbert Fulcher family abt 1910; s/o Madison P. Fulcher and Virginia Ann Lester (Shelor) b. 1871, m. Nancy Jane 'Maude' Thompson., b. 1873 Front: [5/03]
Delia Harris & Lawrence Dulaney Dotha Dulaney's grave stone [10/05]
Dove Thompson Dr. George Howery (1886-1932) s/o John Howery (1855) and Mary E. Gray (1855) (Contributed by Janice Smyth) [4/05]
Dulaney gathering about 1930. LtoR: Amos, George W., Guy L. (s/o Harrison) Susan (w/o Amos), girl Ruth (d/o Harrison, m. Lexie DeHart), Emma (Thornton [10/05] Dulaney sisters in the 1930's. LtoR: Ocia Dulaney DeHart, Ethel Dulaney Reed, Martha Dulaney Dulaney (seated), Prentice Dulaney Woods, Flora Dulaney A [10/05]
Duncan Children L-R: Shannon, Viola (m. Vince Stump), Ronnie, Ralph, ? Duncan Duncan's Chapel Church group, FC VA. 1st row Maude Duncan, Pearl Reed holding unknown child, Maude Akers, Rhetta Howell, Bessie Howell holding unknown [2/06]
Edmond Akers and Evaline Reed Akers (her middle name was Reed) (Contributed by Robert Reed) [1/06] Edna Alley Cox, d/o William Thomas Alley & Sarah Hill (Contributed by Mary Weddle) [1/06]
Elam H. Pugh 1821 - 1893 (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [7/05] Elijah And Jane Clarkson Dulaney. Elijah b. 1858 d. 1947 m. Jane Clarkson Aug 21, 1879 (Contributed by Dianne Dulaney) [10/05]
Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie) Shelor Hylton d/o Thomas Shelor & Clara Dulaney; m. Edwin Hylton [3/05] Elizabeth Delong family L-r: Elizabeth Delong, dau Margaret Ann Elizabeth Altizer m. Madison Dulaney, child Florence Akers d/o Sarah; Back: Sarah Dula
Elizabeth Woodie, Ole Paul's paternal grandmother (Contributed by Paul Collins) [7/07] Ellis Thompson s/o of James Thompson & Almeda Duncan
Elmer Reed gravestone Carthage, IL (Contributed by Norma Logan) [1/06] Emma Luke, Evie Duncan, Ella Phillips
Emma Zetta Trail b. 1865 and Linda Jo Sheahan, 1956 in Bassett, VA (Contributed by Linda Jo) [5/03] Enlargement of store, Check, VA about 1920 [2/04]
Ennis Dulaney and Elizabeth's Obituaries [10/05] Ennis Dulaney and his children [10/05]
Ennis Dulaney family bible birth records #1 [10/05] Ennis Dulaney family bible birth records #2 [10/05]
Ennis Dulaney family bible children's marriage records [10/05] Ennis Dulaney family bible marriage record [10/05]
Ennis Dulaney family. About 1914 at Rev. Willie Dulaney's home. LtoR Front: Alpha, Thurlie & Burlie, Elsie Dulaney; Vera Hylton (d/o Edmond Hylton), B [10/05] Ephraim Dulaney & Nina Roop Left: unk, Nina, Ephraim, and Ernest Hedge. Ephraim John Dulaney b. 16 Jun 1887 d.20 Apr 1952 in Floyd Co., VA m. Nina La [10/05]
Ephraim Dulaney & Nina Roop 1951 (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [10/05] Ephraim, Nina, Pearl Akers Roop, and Trigg Roop (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [10/05]
Esker Reed family LtoR: Esker Reed s/o Richard & Minerva F. (Bishop) Reed, Emaline Bishop m. Elias Alley 4/8/1875, Merritt Reed m. Clara Miriam Bishop [4/03] Esther (age 2) and Guy (age 4) Dulaney (Contributed by Esther Reed) [10/05]
Esther Dulaney Reed, LeVina Akers Dulaney, Ruth Dulaney DeHart & Dot Dulaney Duncan Crews (Contributed by Esther Reed) [1/06] Etta Mae Dulaney, Tom Sowers & wife Julie (Leva's grandparents)
Etta Mae Thompson Dulaney, 2001 [10/05] Evelyn Dulaney d/o Ephraim
Everett B Simmons & wife Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Graham b.1891 in FCVA (Contributed by Debbie Bishop) [12/05] Evie Bishop d/o Henry & Meldonia (Duncan) Bishop; m. Roy Semones
Evie Duncan (Bishop) Evie Duncan Bishop
Evie Goad Blankenship and her husband Troy Blankenship the son of V. W. Blankenship, Evie is the daughter of Sylvester H. C. Goad and Malinda Blankens [2/06] Ezekiel Dulaney family about 1900. Front LtoR: Wyatt, Ezekiel & wife Permilia Booth, Addie Leigh. Rear: Elizabeth, Susan, Daniel, Everett, Rachael, Ro [10/05]
Ezra Mitchell family L-R: Front Denton Reed (small boy), Melvin & Millie (Burnett) Reed; Back: Sadie Reed, dau, husband Ezra Mitchell Frances Sina Dulaney Bishop, age 48. She was the daughter of Allen Albert and Cordelia Palmer Dulaney and married Harvey Berman Bishop (Contributed by [8/07]
Frank Pierce and Martha Spence Cox (Contributed by Elizabeth Mitchell) [11/05] Frank Richard Reed s/o Columbus Reed & Laura Altizer. KIA in WW 2 (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07]
Frank Sowers (1) Frank Sowers (2)
Fritz children: Cecil, Alma, Brice, Mary Basil Gennie Duncan d/o William Austin Duncan and Martha Sabra Wade. (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09]
George (Will) William Reed and Perdine Dulaney Reed children taken 1919 Row 1 LtoR: George Reed, Homer Reed and Monroe Reed 2nd Row: LtoR Susan Reed D [3/05] George Bartholomew Reed s/o Mark A. Reed and Lucy Reed. George's Wife Malinda Duncan was d/o Humphery Duncan and Lucy Booth. Both George and Malinda w [4/05]
George Reed family Seated are: George and Peredine Dulaney Reed. Standing LtoR are: Nannie Reed Dickerson (George and Peredine Reed) Monroe Fuller Ree [9/04] George Riley Duncan (Contributed by Cecil Hill) [4/05]
George Taylor Dulaney (son of Addison Dulaney and Elizabeth Reed Dulaney) and his wife Mary Bell Reed, daughter of Noah Reed and Nancy Poff (Contribut [3/05] George Thomas Sowers and wife, Julia Ann Akers m. 3-21-1878 (Courtesy of Sonia) [8/03]
George W. Dulaney family in 1930's LtoR: Carl E. Dulaney (AOD.s son), Bert Dulaney, (GWD.s son) Hubert Monroe Dulaney,(AOD.s son) Arthur O. (Toot) Du [10/05] George W. Dulaney, Doris 'Paul' Reed and wife Esther Dulaney with children Benjamin H. H. Reed & James 'Quinter' Reed (Contributed by Esther Reed) [10/05]
George W. Hylton (Odd Fellow Member) and Lucy Cox children. Parents died of typhoid fever along with Hattie in 1908. Immediately following that tragic [4/09] George William Mannon was b.Dec. 9, 1852 d.April 4, 1924 s/o James M.D.(Meredith Davis) Mannon and Sarah Ellen Booth Mannon. His wife Mary Polly Dicke [5/05]
George and Peredine Dulaney Reed (Contributed by Phyllis Sumner) [9/04] Giles Anderson Alley, s/o William Thomas Alley & Sarah Hill (Contributed by Mary Weddle) [1/06]
Gracie Reed with husband Peter Heirnet and their son Albert. Photo made in 1955 in Mexico (Contributed by Mary Weddle) [1/06] Greenbury Reed, s/o Peter and Nancy, and his 2nd wife Eliza Ellen Shelor and their sons Shelor & Eslie. The girl is Iscie Pearl Reed, a daughter by hi [12/04]
Greenbury Reed, s/o Peter and Nancy, his daughter Iscie Pearl Reed, his sister Martha (wearing hat), and Sarah Jane, Peter and Nancy Reed's children ( [12/04] Guy Wilmer Hylton and Weta Beatrice Sledd Hylton (d/o Ethelbert Sledd and Nancy 'Nannie' Wade Sledd), Elizabeth Ann Hylton and David Samuel Hylton. (C [4/09]
Guy Wilmer Hylton, Laura Mae Hylton, Nora Bell Hylton, and sitting Charley Edward Hylton, children of George Washington Hylton and Lucy Cox. All from [4/09] Hale family reunion at Starkey, Roanoke Co, VA in the summer of 1928; left half: {1}Dessa M. SMITH (m. Frank O. SHIVELY) {2}Docie V. SMITH (m. Claud [1/05]
Hale family reunion, 1928; center. C is my grandfather Walker Claytor Hale. G is my grandmother (and Jim PETERS' sister) Sarah Walker Sally PETERS. I [1/05] Hale family reunion, 1928; right half: {N}? {O}E. Eileen HOLCOMB (m. J. Maynard THOMAS, Sr.) {P}? {Q}F. Christine HOLCOMB (m. Ira G. POWELL) {R}G [1/05]
Hannah Elizabeth Hill 'Betty' w/o George Riley Duncan (Contributed by Cecil Hill) [4/05] Harris-Cannaday School, Floyd County, VA [2/04]
Harrison H. Dulaney (Contributed by Esther Reed) [10/05] Harrison H. Dulaney as a young man (Contributed by Esther Reed) [10/05]
Harrison H. Dulaney family. Front LtoR: Harrison, Esther (m. Paul Reed), infant Dot (m Kenneth Duncan and later Herman Crews) held by LeVina (Akers, w [10/05] Harrison Reed, s/o Emery A. Reed and Miram A. Dulaney, and his wife Sarah Frances Radford [11/03]
Harvey Shelor, son Clarence, Harvey's wife Floretta Sowers d/o Thomas R Sowers of Alum Ridge Twp, Floyd Co., VA; late 1920's (Contributed by John Sowe [12/03] Hemlock School [8/03]
Hendrick Prather 2nd wife Sara, dau Della Ann, son Ira Henry Dulaney & Mary Boothe & daughter
Henry Dulaney & Mary Boothe Henry Marion Booth and family; s/o Luanna Sowers and William C. Booth, b. 28 Dec 1848 in Floyd Co., d. 29 Jan 1916, buried in Shelor Cemetery down the [8/03]
Henry Valentine Cole & wife Tempy Lawrence. Val preached at Head of the River Church and also at Locust Grove Church in FCVA (Contributed by Janice Sm [4/03] Henry and Cloie Mullins Delaney [10/05]
Henry and Cloie Mullins with Bobbie & Flossie Mae White Delaney. Henry is s/o Andrew and Laura Delaney/Dulaney [10/05] Henry and Nancy Harter Slusher. Henry was a Captain in Company D, 54th Regiment from Floyd (Contributed by John Webb) [9/04]
Herman Dulaney 1925 (Contributed by Esther Reed) [10/05] Herman and Ray Dulaney (Contributed by Esther Reed) [10/05]
Hiram Dulaney's Farm, Threshing Time in 1910. Back LtoR: Dewey & Prince Reed (sons of Harvey), Wyatt & Everett Dulaney (sons of Ezekiel), Henry Elsie [10/05] Hiram Quesenberry, s/o Jasper & Isabell Quesenberry..he married Clydie Dalton [12/03]
Hobert McKinley Dulaney, b. 11/12/1901 Floyd, VA, s/o James M. Dulaney (Contributed by Carol Rader Sutherland) [8/07] Homer Lee and Ollie Duncan Reed (Contributed by Pattie Reed) [1/06]
Homer Reed family. LtoR (all Reeds): Perdine Dulaney w/o Geo. Wm Reed and their children: Geo Thomas, Peradine Susan, Homer Lee, Nannie E, Polly, Monr [1/06] Howard Duncan
Hugh Caldwell & wife, Louisa Hilton Caldwell, both holding babies, who are, LtoR, Clyda Caldwell & Claude Caldwell (twins). Other children from oldest [5/05] Hugh Caldwell family Front, little girl on left is Clyda Caldwell, old lady sitting beside her is Margaret Caldwell, Mother of Hugh Caldwell (Contribu [5/05]
Hylton School dated 1929 has Momma's husband Herman Guthrie in it. I believe him to to be on the back row, last boy on right. Rest of ID on back of pi [11/04] Hylton School has Mr. Dickerson again and the same two young ones in white standing out in front - also same girl third row back with hair almost stic [11/04]
Ila Scaggs and Albert Dulaney Ila Scaggs
Inez Harrington m. Ephraim Dulaney Ingles grave site down below the Long Way Home. Rena says she believes the stone that is being slowly pushed over by the tree is that of Mary Draper [11/05]
Irenia Mayberry (Contributed by Elizabeth Mitchell) [11/05] Isaac Hill family Isaac (left, s/o Elijah Hill and Sarah Duncan), wife Mary Elizabeth Thompson, and son Albert [7/03]
Isaac Reed and family: Front Row LtoR: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Isaac Reed Sr. Child unknown, Susanna Akers Reed, Child on lap unknown, child unknow [3/05] Isabell Altizer
Jacob Richard Bishop, 1857-1915 and wife, Nancy 'Nannie' Bower 1859-1947 (Contributed by Jodi Mahan) [11/05] Jacob Sumpter Altizer (River Jake), wife Sallie Addison Lester, and children. LtoR: Ray, Edith Altizer Dixon, Jay Allen, Gertrude Altizer Nixon, Jacob [10/05]
James E. Lawrence family of Basham, Floyd/Montgomery Co. ca 1895. Back row standing (LtoR): James Grayson Lawrence, 1879-1950, Dr. Edgar Lee Lawrence, [10/04] James Light Farm (Contributed by Millie) [4/05]
James Nasby Simmons s/o Rufus Hosea Simmons & Sarah Thompson James S. Sowers (Contributed by Jack Spangler) [1/04]
James Solomon Reed and Allie Daley Alley Reed (Contributed by Mary Weddle) [1/06] James Solomon Reed holding son Roy and wife Allidale Alley, holding son Lawrence (Contributed by Mary Weddle) [1/06]
James Thompson & Almeda Duncan d/o Blanch Duncan & Thursey Alley Jeanette Collins, Ole Paul's sister (Contributed by Paul Collins) [7/07]
Jesse Nicholas Reed and his half-brother Clinton Reed. Their mother is Isabell Reed (Contributed by Robert Reed) [11/05] Jim Dulaney with his sons; LtoR: Hobart, Marvin, Jim, Taft, Roosevelt, and Harley (Contributed by Bob Dulaney) [4/03]
Joe Wade (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09] John & Elizabeth Bowman (Contributed by Jack Spangler) [1/04]
John F. Collins & Virginia Crawford (Ole Pauls's folks) John F. Collins b. 1866 Ashe Co., NC. Fathered 21 children; Ole Paul's dad
John F. Collins, born 1925, brother to Ole Paul John Samuel Williams and Ketura Dickerson sons. Standing, Left: John M Williams 1866-1938, William J. Williams 1863-1939. Seated, Left: Albert Baker W [5/05]
John Sowers' (b. 1789) bible(1) (Contributed by John Sowers) [5/04] John Sowers' (b. 1789) bible(2) (Contributed by John Sowers) [5/04]
John Sowers' (b. 1789) bible(3) (Contributed by John Sowers) [5/04] John Sowers' (b. 1789) bible(4) (Contributed by John Sowers) [5/04]
John Sowers' (b. 1789) bible(5) (Contributed by John Sowers) [5/04] John and Mabel Hurt gravestone Carthage, IL (Contributed by Norma Logan) [1/06]
Joseph L. Howery 27 Mar 1859 - 9 Feb 1939 (s/o Peter 1813 & Frances Pate 1812). Joseph is my g. grandfather. (Contributed by Janice Smyth) [4/05] Joseph Sidney Dulaney & Cynthia Rachel Altizer [10/05]
Kenneth Clay Duncan & Effie Alma Duncan..ch. of Harry & Hettie Duncan (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07] Kyle Bedford Bishop and Nannie Simmons Bishop (Contributed by Debbie Bishop) [12/05]
Lacy Horton, d/o Sarah Ellen (Peterman) Horton and Benjamin Frank Horton (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05] Lacy Horton, d/o Sarah Ellen (Peterman) Horton and Benjamin Frank Horton. Lacy W. Horton, b. Sept. 27, 1869, d. Sept. 20, 1946, bur. Sunset Cemetery, [10/05]
Laurel Creek Primitive Baptist Church group. Do not have a date on this pic. Supposedly these are the last members of the church. Can anyone help with [4/05] Lawrence Albert Dulaney (left) and Denver Ellis Wells (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [10/05]
Lawrence Dulaney's grave stone (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [10/05] Lazarus Plain and Bertha Light Dulaney 50th Anniversary [10/05]
Lennie Alley, b. 1902 d 1907 dau of Asa Alley and Malinda Reed (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07] Leonard Dulaney (s/o Ennis) & Druzilla Duncan wedding photo. (Willie slipped in as it was taken. He was later 'removed' when Leonard had enlargements [10/05]
Leva (Levie) Akers (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07] Lon Light School front
Lon Light School side Lon Light School front detail
Lon Light School side detail of boy Louisa Pierson, b.1846 d. 1912, Ole Paul's maternal grandmother (Contributed by Paul Collins) [7/07]
Lucy Sowers Lucy, Willis D, David, Aram Jackson, Matilda Sarah [Burgess]
Lydia Sowers Pugh 1821-1902 . wife of Elam H. Pugh (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [7/05] Madison Dulaney family ca 1886 (son of Daniel, grandson of Wm) Rear: Henry and Martha Josephine. Front: Sarah, boy Ephraim, Madison 'Matt', boy Harvey [10/05]
Madison Dulaney sons. Front LtoR: Henry, Albert, Charlie. Back: Harvey, Ephraim, Roy (not Madison's son) [10/05] Margaret Altizer Dulaney, wife of Madison Dulaney with Chloe & Ellen
Margaret Dulaney, Mae Dulaney, Ollie Dulaney, Newberry Akers (standing) his wife, Sarah (Dulaney) standing beside him, Charlie Dulaney (sitting) daugh Martha Ellen Reed, James Samuel Spangler and their son Chester E. Spangler (Contributed by Chuck Reed) [4/05]
Marvin and Maude (Akers) Dulaney; about 1934 [7/03] Mary 'Molly' Keith, wife of Jacob Keith and the daughter of Tandy Walker and Octavia Richards (Contributed by John Walker) [5/04]
Mary Louise Boothe (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07] Mary Polly Dulaney Booth w/o Peter, d/o Samuel Dulaney & Martha Reed (Contributed by Robert Reed) [4/05]
Mary and Elizabeth Hylton (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09] Mason Akers and one of his sons (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07]
Mat Akers, husband of Dink, went to Iowa Matt Scaggs family Front: Matt, William (on lap), wife Cindy Boothe, Dallas; Back L-R: Marshall(?), Ila, Iva (m. Bandy), Miller
Matthew Beauregard Williams, s/o Matthew Williams and Elizabeth Sowers (Contributed by Irene Underwood) McKinley Reed & Lucy Sowers
Meldonia (Donie) Duncan, sister to Almeda, d/o Blanch Duncan & Thursey Alley, m. Henry Bishop Mettie Akers Fulcher on right (1)
Mettie Akers Fulcher on right (2) Michael Reed (son of Andrew) and Mollie Reed wedding photos (Contributed by Wesley L. Poff) [10/05]
Minerva Bishop Reed, Rebecca Emaline Bishop Alley, Alma Bishop (died at 16 yrs). Minerva & Emaline were daughters of Stephen Bishop (Contributed by Gl [4/03] Mollie Duncan then LtoR: Dixie Alley, Cora (Alley) Lester, wife of Sebert Esau Lester (Contributed by Edsel Duncan) [12/05]
Mollie Haley, wife of Creed Duncan (Contributed by Edsel Duncan) [12/05] Molly Thompson's Normal School at Willis, VA., early 1900's (Contributed by Linda Jo Sheahan) [5/03]
Monroe Lester family taken in 1906 about 2 years after leaving Alum Ridge. LtoR: standing Donney, Monroe sitting , Carley standing, Rachel (Reed) Lest [12/04] Mr. & Mrs Charles Eyler (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07]
Muncy family. 'Francis' John Asbury Muncy & Alice Bishop Muncy (daughter of Burdine Bishop & Mary Scott). Children are John, Elizabeth, Alice. Abt 191 [6/07] N. Reed, Easter 1919
Nannie Alma Wade gravestone (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09] Nathan Wade, Sr. b.Abt. 1807 m. Delphia Cox b.abt 1808. Shown with granddaughter, Nancy 'Nannie' Alma Wade Sledd (d/o Noah W. Wade and Martha Jane Phi [4/09]
Newberry (Newt) Akers & Sarah Dulaney d/o Madison Dulaney Nina Roop (left, m. Ephraim Dulaney), Betty Reed (owned and ran Betty Reed's store), unknown men; Easter 1918 (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [2/06]
Nina Roop Wells Dulaney and Denver Ellis Wells 1946 (Contributed by Diane Whitlock) [10/05] Noah Akers & wife Roena Hylton (sitting); 2nd row LtoR: Hattie Annabell (with baby Cecil), Nellie Florence, Lula Dove, Lilly May; back LtoR: Nathan Ca [3/05]
Noah Davis Mannon s/o James M.D.(Meredith Davis) Mannon and Sarah Ellen Booth Mannon [5/05] Noah Duncan & Arizitta Jane Altizer
Noah Joe and Cynthia (Sledd) Wade (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09] Oak Hill School about 1914: Cora Reed, Teacher. Seated: Anna Wells, Manus Thompson, Amy Thompson, Ada Fulcher, Ruby Altizer, Verna Pugh, Bernard Well [10/05]
Oak Hill School abt. 1921-22: first and second rows: Hassell Thompson, Hazel Simmons, Beulah Wells, Carl Wells, Russell Alexander, Marvin Altizer, Rev [10/05] Oak Hill School . 1910. Teacher . Miss Willie Thomas. Seated: Lumin Simmons, Amy Thompson, Edna Thompson, Claude Pugh, Verna Pugh, Alvis Thompson, F [10/05]
Oakley Akers (Contributed by Richard Bishop) [9/11] Odessa (Dessie) and dau Rushie Dulaney
Ole Paul & Ole Clyde at the picnic, June 2003 (1) [7/03] Ole Paul & Ole Clyde at the picnic, June 2003 (2) [7/03]
Ole Paul abt 1928 Ole Paul and some of his siblings. L-R Front: Cora, Emma, Minnie, Floy, Bessie. Back: Ernest, Luther, Walter, Paul. Missing sibs are: Bertie, Jeanette [6/05]
Ole Paul at 3 [3/05] Ole Paul
Ole Paul's grand-daughters Ginny and Ashley [3/05] Ole Paul's house where he was born and raised in Wise Co., Appalachia, VA. Gone now. [3/05]
Ole Paul's mother, Virginia 'Jenny' Crawford, on right, with her sister, Eleanor Effie Pierson, in their teen-age years (Contributed by Cathy Burne) [03/06] Ollie Duncan and her husband Homer Lee Reed (Contributed by Cecil Hill) [4/05]
Ollie Mae Duncan (Contributed by Cecil Hill) [4/05] Ollie Reed [10/05]
Ora Sowers Pauline Thompson d/o Roy Thompson & Gracie Hurt
Penelope Halbrook Fulcher who married Jacob Ferris. Since they were married in 1874, this was taken sometime prior to that (Contributed by Donna Fulch [7/05] Percy Dickerson, Cordelia (Delia) Dulaney Phillips, Roscoe Q. E. Reed and Ethel Dulaney Reed [10/05]
Permelia Boothe Dulaney wife of Ezekiel Dulaney with all their children but Wyatt Dulaney. Back Row- Rosabelle Dulaney Reed, Rachel Dulaney Reed, Perm [3/05] Peter Reed and Nancy Akers. s/o George Reed & Sarah (Sallie) Grimes (Graham) Reed, b Sept. 4, 1829, d. August 30, 1912. m. Nancy Jane Akers, d/o of Gr [12/04]
Peter and Sarah Spangler Bowman (Contributed by Jack Spangler) [1/04] Peters Family. Clockwise from top left: Ivy Nettie Peters Pearcy, Pauline Snead Webb, Lucinda Short Young Thomas, Bill (or Henry) Peters, Tula Young P [2/07]
Pierce Johnson Quesenberry & wife Lillie Cox [12/03] Piercie Conner s/o Asa Reed Conner & Mary M. Simmons. He is listed as Percy in the 1900 census. (Contributed by Debbie Bishop) [12/05]
Polly Dulaney (daughter of Wm) (resurrected from a xerox) [10/05] Posey and Katie Dulaney (Contributed by Robert Reed) [2/06]
Pugh girls. LtoR: Reva Pugh, Ola Pugh and unknown child (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05] Quesenberry family Front: Jasper Quesenberry, Truman William,(son) wife Isabell( Hale) Quesenberry. Middle: Tokie Hobert Roy and Roscoe Colon (twins) [12/03]
Rachel Akers d/o William J. Akers, Sr and Nancy Sowers. Rachel m. Hiley Reed (Contributed by Robert Reed) [4/05] Ralph E Dulaney (Contributed by Ralph Dulaney) [5/08]
Ralph Lee Dulaney at 18 in VietNam (Contributed by Ralph Dulaney) [5/08] Ralph Wm Dulaney on left, Ennis Dulaney, Opal Dulaney, little boy is Galen Bruce Dulaney (Contributed by Ralph Dulaney) [5/08]
Ray E. Dulaney and Ivora Altizer Thompson (Contributed by Esther Reed) [10/05] Red Oak Grove Church ca 1900. Back LtoR: A.N. Hylton, Dr. Akers, Sam Reed, Moses Dickerson, Willie Vest, Asa Bowman, Oliver Reed. Front LtoR: Unknown, [1/04]
Reed Homestead in Floyd County 1990 (Contributed by Carrol Lester) [12/04] Reidsville School has my momma looking like a boy, back row, second from left (Contributed by Linda Stanley) [11/04]
Rev War Soldiers plaque from Floyd, 1940 (By Clyde on 6 June 2003, contributed by Linda Jo Sheahan) [4/05] Rev War Soldiers plaque from Floyd, 1981 (By Clyde on 6 June 2003, contributed by Linda Jo Sheahan) [4/05]
Rev. Noah Duncan girls 7, 9, 3 yrs old; Sylvia, Goldie, (Unk) Robert Lee Altizer (left) & (Unk)
Robert Lee Altizer (sitting) and wife(?) and (Unk) Robert Lee Altizer(left), Charlie Dulaney. Lady is Lula Mae Reed, daughter of Fleming Reed, Robert's wife (Contributed by Cathy Burne) [5/05]
Roscoe Ross Willis on left and (Unk). Roscoe ran a store in FCVA Rosie Reed (not married, died young) and Lizena Reed m. James Dulaney
Roy Reed and wife Clara Gibson (Contributed by Mary Weddle) [1/06] Roy Thompson (left), (Unk), Doarse Alley, (Unk)
Roy Thompson family Front: Roy Thompson, Grace Hurt; Back: Shirley Hurt & Phylena Reed Ruby Teel Akers (front left), Vina Altizer Harris; Back: Edna Teel, Cecil Thompson, Ora Sowers (can't identify the children)
Ruby Teel Akers on left Rufus Hosea (Hosie) Simmons and Sarah Thompson log cabin still stands on Rt 8 [3/05]
Rufus Wilburn Thompson and Pearl Shelburn [10/05] Russell Thompson s/o James Thompson & Almeda Duncan
Ruth Barker (little girl) was a neighbor of Ole Paul's. Photo made in Appalachia, VA, Paul's home town (Contributed by Cathy Burne) [2/06] Sallie Reed's death notice (Contributed by Wesley L. Poff) [10/05]
Samuel Vest 1813 - 1890 and Sarah Iddings 1817 - 1890. Artist: Manila Cannaday (Contributed by Janice Smyth) [4/05] Samuel Willson m. Sarah Delaney in Champaign Co., IL, around 1834. They moved to Cass Co., MO in 1840's and then headed to Oregon in 1853. Samuel was [12/07]
Sarah (left) and Lara Duncan, Ollie Reed's sisters, children of Riley Duncan and Elizabeth Hill (Contributed by Pattie Reed) [1/06] Sarah Delaney Wilson Johnson, daughter of Benjamin Delaney. Sarah married Samuel Willson in Champaign Co., IL, around 1834. They moved to Cass Co., [6/07]
Sarah Delaney Wilson Johnson, daughter of Benjamin Delaney. Sarah married Samuel Willson in Champaign Co., IL, around 1834. They moved to Cass Co., [6/07] Sarah E F Light, Edith (Contributed by Millie) [4/05]
Sebert (Zebe) Lester wife Cora son Roy Selma Akers and triplets. Ole Paul's mother-in-law (Etta Mae Thompson, wife of Albert Madison Dulaney) used to babysit them. Selma also had a set of t [10/05]
Silas Alley, son of Anderson Alley and Rachel Altizer (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07] Silas Denton Alley, Blanche (Weeks) Pennington, her husband - Dexter Pennington, her brother - Charles Weeks. (Contributed by Jo Alley) [1/09]
Some beautiful young ladies! Back LtoR: Teel, Minnie Hurt Reed, Ethel Dulaney Reed, Emma (Reed) Reed, Middle: Ardelia (Delia) Dulaney Phillips, Meliss [10/05] Sowers family. Back row - LtoR: Albert Lee Sowers, Sarah Elizabeth Sowers Nance (My grandmother), Frank Sowers, Front row - LtoR: Roy Roop, Mary Sower [8/04]
Sowers family. Frank, Annie Mae (Altizer), Sarah (Nance), and Mary (Roop) SOWERS [8/04] Sowers family. LtoR: Willie Jackson (Son of George Thomas Sowers and Julia Ann Akers), Lucy, Issac, Frank, Albert Lee, Mary Sowers Roop, Leva Fisher S [8/03]
Stephen Bishop portrait owned by Clarence Bishop's son [4/03] Stephen Bishop portrait; b. 1/11/1820 s/o Jacob Bishop & Catherine Elkins; m. Malvina Altizer and m. Lucinda Dulaney 11/20/1856 [4/03]
Stillman Reed (bearded) Bub Reed & Mae Susan (m. Peter Reed) and Dilly Simmons m/o Balsona (Ballie) Vi Simmons
Sylvester Hilery Clifton Goad and his wife Malinda Emma Blankenship Goad. Emma was sitting at the window in a rocking chair rocking her new born baby [2/06] Tazwell Pugh in front of the log house he built. Left, holding the horse, is Edwin who died in 1901 of typhoid fever on the eve of his wedding; next i [7/05]
Tazwell Pugh was a singing master and taught singing schools in the area at local churches (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [7/05] The Teel place. There was a preacher, maybe named Posey Dickerson, in the Alum Ridge area. Wonder if he could be the man in the suit with us kids (Co [11/04]
Thomas Dulaney (son of Ennis) and Donie Akers wedding picture [10/05] Tolbert Clan LtoR: James B. Tolbert, b. 8/5/1858 in Floyd Co., d. 10/31/1948 in Radford, Va.; his son, Walter Chapman Tolbert, b. 7/15/1882 in Pulaski [2/04]
Tom Sowers family L-R: Tom Sowers, Leva (Dulaney) Altizer (wife of Doarse), Charlie Dulaney, Croft Thompson, Albert Dulaney Velma, Esther, Morris, Aram Jackson Reed, farm Stillwell, Il (Contributed by Phil Pratt) [1/09]
Venia Dulaney ca 1920 (dau of James M.) [10/05] Vernie & Vernon Reed, twins of James Solomon Reed (Contributed by Mary Weddle) [1/06]
Victor Light family at store in Floyd Co. LtoR: Susan Reed Light, ?, Wash Light, Elenor, Bennie, Erma Light, boy on wagon, Howard Light, man on wagon; [3/05] Vina Altizer
Viola (Duncan) Stump, and her brother, Kesley Duncan (Contributed by Edsel Duncan) [12/05] Virginia Dare Williams 1862-1934 and Alice Jane Williams 1855-1934. Virginia m. Adam Anderson Shankle, bro. to William King Heiskel Shankle. Photo at [5/05]
Walter & Therie Alley......sons of Asa M. Alley and Mary Ann Matilda Reed (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07] Walter Goad at 7mos s/o Wm Goad & Minnie Odell Bishop
Walter Light s/o Wilmer Wilfred (Contributed by Millie) [4/05] Weta Sledd Hylton (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09]
Weta Sledd Hylton school picture (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09] White Rock Vocal School 1914/5 (1) [10/05]
White Rock Vocal School 1914/5 (2) names for front rows [10/05] White Rock Vocal School 1914/5 (3) names for the back rows [10/05]
White Rock School Group 1915 (1) [10/05] White Rock School Group 1915 (2) names [10/05]
White Rock Church of the Brethren (1) (Contributed by Elizabeth Mitchell) [11/05] White Rock Church of the Brethren (2) (Contributed by Elizabeth Mitchell) [11/05]
White Rock School 1944-45 (Contributed by Bob Dulaney) [4/03] William Ballard Dulaney and Mary Elizabeth (Dulaney) Dulaney [10/05]
William Carl Sumner, age 11 and Raymond Edward Sumner, age 4 (Contributed by Judy Brown) [6/07] William Reed, Brethren preacher. Son of Andrew J Reed & Nancy C Richardson, grandson of Wm Reed & Sarah Dulaney [10/05]
William Sledd Home (Contributed by Mary Johnson) [4/09] William Thomas & Eliza Ellen Light about 1913/14. L-R: Nellie Gay, Sherman Lee, William Thomas, Dewey Allen (on father's knee), May Gertrude. Joseph F
William Thomas & Eliza Ellen Light about 1918. L-R: Oscar Thomas, May Gertrude, Sherman Lee, Ada Florence (baby on ground), William Henry, Dewey Allen William Thomas (Tom) Alley & wife Sarah Hill, d/o Elijah Hill and Sarah Duncan (Contributed by Mary Weddle) [1/06]
Willie Mae Thomas, standing at right, taken sometime before her 1913 marriage to Mason Bruce Akers. Do you recognize anyone else? (Contributed by Susa [7/05] Willis D, Matilda Sarah [Burgess]
Willis D, Matilda Sarah [Burgess] Willis Masonic Lodge Hall (?), on the left out of Willis on the hill - US 221. The only person I know is my great grandpa, Abram Hylton - last row, se [10/04]
Wilmer Light Family, James Light Cabin (Contributed by Millie) [4/05] Wilmer Wilfred Light
Wilmer Wilfred and Alice Light (Contributed by Millie) [4/05] Wyatt and Martha Dulaney [10/05]
Wyatt and Martha Dulaney tintype about 1860. Infant may be Mary Elizabeth [10/05] Wyatt and brother Ennis Dulaney [10/05]
Zebedee Lester, my Grandfathers oldest Brother I think he built a house on Alum Ridge that still stands. b. Jan 2, 1869, d. March 15, 1950, buried in [12/04] `Unknown 1918 group (maybe induction?) 4th man from left (squatting) is Albert Dulaney s/o Madison Dulaney & Margaret Altizer [10/05]
`Unknown Underwoods. POSSIBLY George Washington Underwood's boys and family (Contributed by Allison Galt-Hall) [2/06] `Unknown Uniden School (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]
`Unknown baby (1) `Unknown baby (2)
`Unknown baby (3) `Unknown boy (2)
`Unknown boy (3) `Unknown couple (3)
`Unknown couple (5) `Unknown couple, Lights? (Contributed by Millie) [4/05]
`Unknown girl (1) `Unknown girl (2)
`Unknown girl (7) (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05] `Unknown girl (8) (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]
`Unknown girls (3) `Unknown girls (5)
`Unknown group (1) (Contributed by Irene Underwood) `Unknown group (4)
`Unknown group (7) (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05] `Unknown group (8) (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]
`Unknown kids (1) `Unknown kids (2)
`Unknown kids (3a) (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05] `Unknown kids (3b) (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]
`Unknown ladies (10) `Unknown lady (1)
`Unknown lady (13) `Unknown lady (3)
`Unknown lady (4) `Unknown lady (5)
`Unknown lady and Dona Jean 3 1/2 mos `Unknown lady and boy (9)
`Unknown lady and girl (11) `Unknown lady and man, maybe related (9) Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]
`Unknown man (1) `Unknown man (11)
`Unknown man (12) `Unknown man (2) and boy
`Unknown men (10) `Unknown men (4)
`Unknown men (7) Center nail apron reads 'W F Terfy Lumber Co. Circle A Products' & Left one reads 'Buy your Lumber from the W ..ie.. lumber & ..' `Unknown, A K E Light? (Contributed by Millie) [4/05]
`Unknown, Light? (Contributed by Millie) [4/05] `Unknown, POSSIBLY the family of Octavia Peterman Surface Akers and John Jackson Akers. This family left to go West in 1884 and settled in Kansas. O

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