a Canton of the Barony of North Woods

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WealdLake hosts several events to recreate fun in the middle ages.

Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium

This event is to promote the Art of Heraldry and the Scribal Arts including Illumination and Calligraphy.

It Takes My Child to Raze a Village

This event is focused on Children AND Adults enjoying the SCA together. Designed for all ages to have fun playing together as a family. This link will take you to the Pentemere Minister of Youth Website. (This is the event that is now traveled to Pennsic, the East kingdom and most recently Merrides....)

Ale to the Victor's

From the canton that brings you the family focused It Takes My Child To Raze A Village, this is a new event with an adult focus. It may or may not be obvious that the name of this event is a play on words. (The words of the UM Fight Song.) Being a North Woods . . . hmm . . . East Lansing . . .group, well it was inevitable. How could we resist?  Armored, Rapier, Archery and Thrown weapons tournaments combined with Heraldry, Brewing and Vinting competitions! Even a 'Tailgate Feast! What more could an SCA adult ask for? We hope you’ll pick your team (North Woods Warriors or Cynnabarbarians) and come play!