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Class Schedule - classes scheduling now for 2015

If you would like to teach a class, please contact the event steward to be added to the schedule. Additional classrooms are available, if needed.

Class descriptions from past years:

Fleuronnée: The Art of the Pen

Presenter - Lord Thibaut Pomeroy de Marchaut

For scribes interested in the linear ornamentation of period manuscripts. Only limited supplies will be available, so attendees are encouraged to bring their own materials if they wish to practice some line work as the class proceeds.

Simple Calligraphy

Presenter - Lady Isibel of Dunbegane (known as iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid)

Learn an easy style of calligraphy and maybe another. You can do it!!
$1 fee for materials

Hebrew Calligraphy

Presenter - Lady Alianor bat Asriel (aka Lady Aliyah)

Learn to write from right to left. Learn how to write the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.


Presenter - Laurel -  Mistress Dulcinea Maria Magdelena von Muhlberg y Aguilar

Using Acanthus leaves and drapery to explore shading through the ages.

Why are you wearing a poncho and holding a chair leg?

Presenter - Buckler Herald - Lord Ermenrich von Duisburg

Field/Court Dressing like a Herald

Digital library sources

Presenter - Lady Isibel of Dunbegane known as iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid

Learn what sites to use for high quality images of period illuminated manuscripts. Some sites even have full reports on the piece details. It is helpful to have a computer or smartphone to view and receive document with links.

Basic painting and shading techniques

Presenter - Landed Baroness of Cynnabar - Baroness Hannah Schreiber

Are your solid colors not so solid? Does the shading of forms frustrate you? Come learn the basics of getting the most from your materials and develop forms with proper casts of light. Class is hands-on, please your paint and brushes.

How to Write an Award Recommendation

Presenter - Dragon Signet - Her Ladyship Estelle de la Mer

Have you ever wanted to recommend someone for an award but you didn't know what to say? Be inspired with some tips and suggestions on how to tell the Crown about the cool people around you!

Teen Scribe

Presenter - Lady Alianor bat Asriel (aka Lady Aliyah)

Do you like to draw? Do you want to learn how to write fancy? Are you interested in creating scrolls? Do you wonder about things teenagers did in Medieval times? This class is just for you!

Your first scroll

Presenter - Lady Isibel of Dunbegane known as iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid

Design and begin a scroll. Never drawn or illuminated, never fear. You can do it!!
$1 fee for materials

How to Submit an Award Recommendation

Presenter - Landed Baron of North Woods - His Excellency Maximilian der Zauberer

Now that you have learned how to write the recommendation - His Excellency Baron Max will show you how to submit it to provide the best oppurtunity to get the award approved by the Crown.

How to be heard without hurting your throat

Presenter - Forester Padraig MacRaighne

Field/Court Herald Vocal Training.

Calligraphy 101 - 2 hour class (class limit 8 students, no fee)

Presenter - Baroness Hannah Schreiber & Fenris Signet Her Ladyship Helena Sibylla

If you've never tried and want to -- this is the class for you! This is a class for the very beginner and will cover tools, tips and tricks, and have a hands-on practical of one hand that will cover time periods for most scrolls!  We will go through every letter so you feel  more comfortable with your next project. (A note to lefties, I am right handed and can�t offer many bonus tips, but I will have 2 left handed nibs if you�d like to try them out you are welcome to attend.)

Putting it all together - Layout basics for scroll composition

Presenter - Baroness Hannah Schreiber

Now that you have an assignment -- how to you place the pieces together to create a visually pleasing scroll? Join us as we discuss the elements and principles of visual design and composition in effort to create balanced scroll layouts.

Water Mordant Gilding

Presenter - Her Ladyship Estelle de la Mer

Learn how to apply a raised water mordant gilding seat using plaster, bole and hide glue... and what to do when something goes wrong. It's not as hard as you might think! 5 participants, more can watch. Suggested donation of $1 will be accepted (but not required) to help defray the cost of the materials.

Making Parchment At Home, The Medieval Way

Presenter - Master RanthulfR

This Powerpoint Presentation shows Master RanthulfR and friends making sheep and goat skin parchment in the backyard using medieval techniques. This low cost and low odor method can be done by anyone who wishes to make medieval pages for scribal use. Some images contain gore.

Making Medieval books: The A to Z Overview

Presenter - Master RanthulfR

From the bare sheep pelts through  making colors & inks, layout, applications, and binding the book with decorations. This Powerpoint Presentation shows a bit of most all of the processes used to make an entire book in the middle ages. Its a great way to gain an appreciation for all of the skills and work that went into medieval book arts, and it shows how most of us can do much of this in the home at a hobby level.

Control Yourself -Getting control of your scribal tools, materials and methods

Presenter - Master RanthulfR

Has your hand got the shakes? Does your paint rub off? Are you looking to refine your skills of application in calligraphy or illumination? This class will show you how to get rid of the shakes, how to pull cleaner straighter lines, how to make better curves, how to make fills, how to use the tool and the paint to their best advantage, etc. It will also talk about paper choices and how to make them work for you. Bring your tools and materials if you want to try the techniques under teaching supervision.

Faux Hands for Calligraphy

Presenter - Fenris Signet Her Ladyship Helena Sibylla

Have you got a scroll to do for someone with a non-European persona?  Are you bored with whitework and want to try your hand at something exotic like Arabic or Chinese?  Come and learn some tips and techniques for making your scroll look "foreign".  Handout with examples of several letter styles will be provided. Fee: $1 to cover cost of printing

Court Heraldry

Presenter - Dragon Principal Herald Her Ladyship Kriemhilt

How to run a court from the baronial/shire level on up. Includes who needs reports of the courts.

Field Heraldry

Presenter - Buckler Herald - Ermenrich von Duisburg

What is period practice? Is it like Chaucer in 'A Knight's Tale', or more like the other heralds in the movie? What is our practice? What should it be? Should the formal form listed in the protocol handbook be our guide?

How to use the Standards for the Evaluation of Names and Arms

Presenter - Rouge Scarpe Herald - Konrad Mailander

What has changed from the past. Can you resubmit a submission rejected under the old rules that fits the current standards?

The Submissions Process, Start to Finish

Presenter - Cynnabar Herald Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah

The submission process explained. Gives an indication of what to expect, timeframes, what if it fails, etc.

Visual Tour of Pentamere

Presenter - Cynnabar Herald Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah

A tour of Pentemre by its heraldry.  

How to paint your tent - Using Your Heraldry

Presenter - Lord Áindle ÓDiarmada

How to paint your tent/canvas with your blazon to make a more period camp. What was used in period? What is proper for us? The protocol handbook for the Middle Kingdom states:  "All other gentlefolk with registered devices who wish to display them in a full Achievement are strongly encouraged to do so according to the following forms...." (pg. 48)

Introduction to applique'

Presenter - Godfrey Thacker

Heraldic display can be hard. Learn the basics of applique', the art of decorating one piece of cloth with another, to make eye popping displays of your arms or other elements. Period methods and some modern "cheats" will be shown.

See you there!

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