a Canton of the Barony of North Woods

Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium

You already know how to Illuminate a scroll?

Fantastic! You are needed to help us teach others how to illuminate a scroll. Besides, it is good to get together and see what others are doing and maybe get some new ideas, or if nothing else, get together with some of your SCA family.

You are not an artist?

Your humble webminister is not an artist either. They keep crayons away from me (not to mention paint or markers! ) However, I am a man of letters! (I can read and write.) I have learned one alphabet and am learning another one so maybe some day, I can become good enough to write a scroll. The kingdom has members who can teach you how to elegantly write in medieval script or calligraphy.

The Scribal Collegium provides you a chance to learn a couple new skills and also fulfill a needed, valuable, rewarding and gratefully received (often overwhelming) service to your fellow SCAdians.

Why Illumination or Calligraphy?

The need is great for scrolls - just look around you at all the people you see that serve, teach, mentor, inspire others to achieve more or inspire excellence. Do they deserve recognition? 

A scroll is something treasured by most members of the SCA, both for the award as well as the work of art in their hand. (If you have ever received an award, SCA or mundane, written out in calligraphy, beautifully decorated or illuminated, you understand.) 

Now, imagine one of those deserving people receiving a scroll illuminated or scribed by your hand .... then seeing it hanging framed on a wall when you visit them! Besides, this is an activity that you can do in the winter, when its raining or stormy, "in your free time", - all with minimal supplies. 

Note: The Middle Kingdom is one of the few Kingdom's that provides a hand done work of art or a scroll for all awards. Many kingdom's provide a computer generated scroll or less for most awards, scrolls for peerage level only. 

Or better yet - Why Not?

You do not need to do the whole scroll. You can illuminate the scroll and pass it on for another to scribe the award, or accepted illuminated scrolls to scribe. Either way .....

See you there!

Feast Steward - Lady Helena von Boese email: feastocrat@wealdlake.org

Event Steward - Lord Áindle ÓDiarmada email: web@WealdLake.org

Event Steward's assistant (for quicker response to questions) - Lady Aliyah (aka Lady Alianor bat Asriel) email: moas@wealdlake.org

Herald's Consulting table led by THL Jean Yves de Chierebourg