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Clifford &. Eleanor Lau Stephanie Behasa & Wayne Creekmore

OSO-ONO Foods is a California general partnership with corporate offices located in San Rafael, Marin County, California. The company is owned and operated by two familys that have been friends for more than 25 years. On the left is Clifford Lau and his wive Eleanor Lau. Below is Stephanie Behasa and her husband Wayne Creekmore. Stephanie is holding one of the first bags of dough we produced.

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Clifford and Eleanor are jointly in charge of research, development, and production. Our dough is a descendant of Clifford's family recipe. Clifford and Eleanor hail from Oahu and the Big Island. Wayne and Stephanie are jointly in charge of business development and marketing. Stephanie is from Ewa Beach and Wayne is from Oklahoma.

Making malassadas on Friday ukulele night Early in 2002, Clifford began making malassadas from his family recipe for Hawaiian kamainas and Hawaiians-at-heart-or-soul at the Ukulele Friends O'hana (UFO) who meet every week to grind (eat) and play ukulele. We love to play ukulele, but when Cliff's malassadas are ready, all play stops. Lines form. People get pushy. Fingers get sticky. It can get ugly. Everyone was pushing Clifford to build a business around his recipe and offer them in the San Francisco Bay Area. That's how it all began.
A batch of OSO-ONO dough Clifford then began to improve the recipe. He felt that he could produce a product much better that any that were currently available in the Islands. He wanted the outside to be crunchy and the inside to be light, yet offer a rich texture experience. There was also the desire to fully target the different parts of the mouth, to offer a complete mouth feel. This process took months, involved much trial and error and research.
Making malassadas at the Santa Cruz Polynesian Festival

The newly formed OSO-ONO Foods started offering malassadas to the public in May, 2002, at the Downtown San Rafael market. We had no idea if people would buy them. We were really surprised to see a line form before we had even set up. We sold out the first night and almost every night since!

In June we began selling at the Santa Rosa Downtown Market.

Later in September, we attended the Dragon Boat Championships at Lake Merced in San Francisco.

By the end of the summer of 2002, we had cooked and served over 15,000 malassadas.

2003 Marked the switch from retail sales to wholesale. Further research and development has gone into streamlining production, storage, transport, portioning, and cooking techniques.

We no longer sell direct to the public, but have left some info about the last events we attended here.