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Exactly where and when the first fried dough appeared is the subject of much speculation and one that is covered under the History portion of this site. What can be agreed upon is that almost every culture has its own version of fried dough, be it savory or sweet, with or without a hole.

Many of these authentic fried breads and desserts can be made with OSO-ONO dough. Click here for more information.

This page (a work in continual progress) is our modest attempt to catalog fried doughs by ethnic region and name. Products are listed alphabetically, by ethnic name. Please help us make this presentation as complete and accurate as possible.

After you click on the images below, image and text source credits will be provided on the page that follows. Just click on the images.

Andagi from Okinawa
Assaleeak from Alaska Awwamaat from Lebanon Balushai from India Baursaki from Kazakhstan Beignet from France German Bismarks Bunuelos from South America Churros from Spain &  Mexico Doughnuts Around the World Farturas from Portugal Fried Dough Worldwide Fritole from Italy Fritters Worldwidw Gulab Jamun from India Hush Puppies from the American South Johnnycakes from Several Places African Koeksisters Krapfen from Germany Langos from Hungary Lokma from Turkey Loukoumades from Greece Maakaroons from Lebanon Malasadas from Hawaii and Malassadas from Portugal Oliebollen from the Netherlands Paa Thong Koh from Thailand Paczki from Polland Poori from India Sopapillas Struffoli from Italy Sufganiyot from Israel African Vetkoek You Tiao from Southern China Zeppoles from Italy Email us with your comments