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Cooking Okinawan Andagi
Photo by Ken Ige, Star-Bulletin

Andagi from Okinawa
Photo © 2000-2003 Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

Okinawan Andagi Cross Section


Andagi is an Okinawan deep fried doughnut. It is also known as "sata andagi."

Andagi is the Okinawan term for all deep fried dishes, anda is Okinawan for oil. Although Okinawans in Hawaii use the term andagi only to refer to sata andagi, savory as well as sweet deep fried foods are all properly called andagi. Source

Andagi can be made with OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough.

Andagi Recipe
Andagi Recipe
Poi Andagi Recipe
Sata Andagi Recipe

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