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Serving Baursaki
Tucson-Almaty Sister Cities International Festival

Cooking Baursaki
Photo © 1999-2001 RUSSIAN FOODS


Also known as baursaks, this fried dough is often eaten with sorpa (clear beef broth).

According to this source, Kazaks love having guests and are generous in their hospitality. There is a saying, "Kazaks' hearts are like the steppes - wide, kind and generous." Regardless of the hour of arrival of the guests, Kazak women will immediately set to work to prepare a "dastarkhan" - a table full of food. If guests arrive and the table remains empty, the host is shamed. At a minimum, each guest must sit down and have tea. Having tea includes bread, fruits & nuts, cookies and sweets. One of those sweets is baursaki.

Some sources on the internet state that baursaki are made from unleavend dough, although the recipe calls for yeast. Other sources state that yeast dough is used. Also, baursaki is variously referred to as doughnuts or bread. Perhaps it is served both ways?

Contemplating BaursakContemplating the mysteries of the baursak.

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Baursaki can be made with OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough.

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