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At Home & On the Streets of the World

Fried dough has been around for centuries and is probably as old as civilization (see the history of fried dough on this site). Also see fry bread. Today, as then, you can find this basic food in its savory and sweet forms in almost any country. This page is dedicated to those that are keeping these wonderful products alive, well, and available. OSO-ONO is trying to do its part.

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Frying Dough in Nepal
Fried dough in Nepal.
Bolivian Sopaipilla Vendor
Sopaipilla vendor in Bolivia.
Chinese Doughnuts
Making doughnuts in China.
Fried Dough in the USA
Fried dough vendor in Massachusetts, USA.

OSO-ONO making malassadas (malasadas) in Santa Cruz, California.
African Doughnuts
Frying doughnuts to sell on the streets of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (West Africa).
Making Doughnuts in Africa
Making doughnuts in the African wilderness.
Mandalay Doughnut Making
Making doughnuts in Mandalay.
Making Beignets In Africa
Making beignets in Africa.
Making traditional fry bread
Making Hopi fry bread
Native American Fry Bread Recipes
Beignet Vendor in India
Beignet vendor in India.
A Dine' Elder Cooking Fry Bread
A Dine' elder in Arizona cooking fry bread
Cuban Fried Dough Vendor
Fresh fried dough vendor in Viñales, Cuba