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African Koeksisters


Pronounced "cook-sisters."

A very sticky South African sweet. Koeksisters originated from the Malayan slaves brought to Cape Province by the European settlers. The Malays made this deep-fried spiced sweet in round balls.

The Afrikaaner version is shaped like a short, fat plait. Koeksisters dough is divided into strips with a special koeksisters cutter. It’s then plaited and deep-fried. To finish, it is plunged straight from the hot oil into an icy cold sugar syrup made by simmering cinnamon sticks, glycerine, lemon juice, ginger and cream of tartar.

You can feel it sucking up the syrup as it hits the cold mixture,’ says Bea. ‘Home-sick South Africans just love them.’ Internet source no longer available.

Koeksisters are easier on the mind and hands than vetkoeks (pronounced 'fet-cooks'). Fetkoeks are deep fried bread dough filled afterwards with meat or fruit. Very filling and, like all breads, takes time to nurture the rising process. Koeksisters are similar but more like a cake. Internet source no longer available.

Koeksisters can be made with OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough.

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