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KrapfenKids Eating Krapfen

Cooking German Krapfen
1584 Krapfen in the same pan at the same time

Croatian Krafne
Krafne from Croatia



Also spelled krapffen. The English translation of krapfen is cruller or doughnut. In Croatia it is called krafne.

In Germany there are many variations, some savory, most sweet, and even some with holes.

  • Faschingskrapfen - fillings of marmellata of covered apricots and of sugar to veil
  • Nougatkrapfen - ripeni of nocciola cream
  • Vanillekrapfen - fillings of cream to the vaniglia
  • Powidlkrapfen - fillings of marmellata of covered plums and of poppy seeds
  • Apfelkrapfen - with apple pieces in the paste
  • Bauernkrapfen - without filling

Also the variation of the "Krapfen with the hole", today known like "Doughnut" in the English-speaking regions or like "rubber ring fried" in Italy, was one of the first ulterior versions of the Krapfen that, for comfort of transport or exposure during the sale, came infilzati with of the wood batons. Internet source no longer available.

Krapfen.....are not used exclusively as a dessert. In addition to the more well-known types, which are filled with apricot or other fruit jams, there are savory versions like the Tyrolese Schlipfkrapfen, Kaskrapfen and Schlutzkrapfen, made with homemade dough filled with cheese and meat. Internet source no longer available.

Krapfen can be made with OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough.

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