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Also called krumplislangos, langosh.

During the long winters when Hungarians needed substantial snacks to keep their bodies fueled, a potato dough fried in Lard was a good choice. The smell is heavenly, they are smeared with the juice of a cut garlic clove and eaten warm. We children would stand impatiently around the kitchen waiting to get the first cakes out of the pan.' Source

Lángos are delicious large deep-fried bread puffs, usually served after rubbing them with a clove of fresh garlic. They can also be served by topping them immediately with shredded cheese (gruyere or emmenthaler is great). Either way, they are wonderful on a hot day with beer. They can also be served as a dessert by topping them with powdered sugar or jam, but the garlic version is the best! Internet source no longer available.

"One day was spent in an excursion to Szentendry, an historic Serbian Village up the Danube from Budapest. Mona and I went wandering through the small brick streets of this hillside Serbian town, looking in churches and souvenir shops, visiting the Museum of St. Michaels Church, shopping at the Crafts Bazaar in the churchyard on the top of the mountain, eating Langos, a Hungarian pastry something like a large round biegnet with sour cream and cheese or jellies and jams with powdered sugar on them. They are delicious, so you know that they are not calorie-free. They are an Hungarian experience you do not want to miss, should your travels take you to Hungary." Excerpt from the Budapest Hungary Travel Diary, July, 1997

Langos can be made with OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough.

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