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Lokma from Turkey

Making Turkish Lokma

Making Turkish Lokma


Lokma means "bite." They originate from the courts of sultans. The same dessert is called "Izmir Lokmasi' in Izmir. Internet source no longer available.

"These golden, light bubbles that are bathed with thick honey (or syrup if preferred) as they emerge from the crackling cauldron of hot oil and served immediately, dusted with aromatic cinnamon, are the glittering prize of a shopping trip or a visit to the market.

Made from humble ingredients of flour, yeast and water -basically, a leavened bread dough- they impress with their sumptuously pleasurable results. They are also made for Bayrams and other religious festivals and offered on large platters to visitors." Source

Lokma can be made with OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough.

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