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We no longer participate in retail events.
We've left some information up about events we've done in the past.

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September 26, 27 & 28, 2003
The 8th Annual Northern California International Dragon Boat Championships

Click map for directionsLake Merced, San Francisco

This event, hosted by the California Dragon Boat Association, offers fun, food, entertainment, crafts, and (of course) dragons of all sorts. Something for the whole family.

OSO-ONO served up hot coffee & malassadas on the 27th & 28th.

Painting of Qu Yuan by Zhong-YangHuangDragon boat racing is one of the earliest known forms of boat racing and is celebrated at festivals and races throughout the world. This mythical celebration is a symbol of Chinese culture and spirit and is one of the three largest festivals in China. The roots of dragon boat racing go back over 2,000 years to the southern provinces of China. Legend has it that Qu Yuan, a scholar and advisor to the emperor of the Chu Kingdom, jumped into the Mei Lo (Mi Luo) River in despair and protest against government corruption. Local fishermen raced out in their boats to save him. They beat drums and pounded their paddles on the river's waters and threw rice dumplings wrapped in silk into the river to distract the water dragons and keep them from eating from Qu Yuan's body. Dragon boating evolved from the re-enactment of this legend at annual festivals. Painting of Qu Yuan above by Zhong-Yang Huang.

August 9, 2003
Sam Choy Poke Festival at the Hukilau
Yum, fresh ahi cut into bite size pieces. Mixed with ogo, green onion, sesame oil shoyu and a touch of sugar. The firm texture of the fresh ahi combined with bite of the green onions and the crunch of the ogo and the nuttiness of the sesame oil. That is what the Sam Choy Poke Festival is all about. Hosted in San Francisco by the Hukilau. OSO-ONO Foods gladly donated Malassada dough so that the Hukilau can keep this old Hawaiian taste alive in the Bay Area.

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July 19, 2003
Sounds of Hawai'i 2003
An all-day music festival featuring the best in Hawai'ian music, Aloha Shoyu's "Taste the Flavors of Aloha", local musicians, hula performances, arts & crafts and, of course, the "aloha spirit." Hosted by Brook Lee (1997 Miss Universe from Hawaii) and Sam Choy (renowned chef).
Shoreline Amphitheater | Mountain View, California

More than 4,600 OSO-ONO MALASSADAS were served up at the Hukilau booth!