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About OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough
OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough lends itself to many wholesale opportunities. The formula is based on an old family recipe for malassadas, but has been modified for ease of storage, transport, handling, and to support the production of a wide variety of other authentic fried dessert & savory products.

What We're Trying to Do
It is not our intent, desire, or mission to compete with automated high-volume low-cost doughnut conglomerates. In fact, we're doing quite the opposite. Our dough is intended to produce products that are low-volume and high-cost. People pay more for something rare and special, especially if it's worth it. That's what OSO-ONO delivers. We've created a dough that will allow independent entrepreneurs, vendors, bakers, caterers, and ethnic groups to make authentic ethnic desserts available to the public all year round instead of just on certain special holidays....and make a profit doing it.

Lucas loves 'em
What's So Special About Fried Dough Desserts?
Handmade fried dough desserts are comfort food. They're as old as civilization. They make everything a little better, if only for a moment. They're not stamped out...they're different sizes and shapes. They're an affordable treat for yourself or a friend. They create or elicit memories of home, mom, the morning kitchen smells, celebrations, family, a simpler time. They are the stuff of myth, legend, and debate. All cultures share a history and fondness for this simple, yet delectable food.

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Automation: Something Gained, Something Lost
Automated doughnut machines have made doughnuts more consistant, cheaper, and more available. However, the machines themselves make certain demands on the dough formula as does the economic need to produce as many as possible in the shortest amount of time that will last the greatest length of time on the shelf. These requirements tend to produce products with a certain common density and texture, regardless of shape, size, inner filling, outer coating, or the manufacturer of the machine. If you're looking for a doughnut, chances are there are several places you can get them in your neighborhood, you can get them almost any time you want, and the dough will taste pretty much the same.

Wayne making OSO-ONO Malassadas

Eleanor serving up piping hot OSO-ONO Malassadas

Handmade: Something Lost, Now Regained
Authentic, handmade ethnic fried dough desserts have all but disappeared. Today, they're typically available only around special events or holidays. The lines are long, the remembrances fond, and then it's over for another year. At one time, in the history of every culture, these handmade fried breads and desserts were common at home and in the street. During the latter part of the 1900's in the Western World, mothers' lack of available time pushed them out of the kitchen and the ready availability and acceptance of inexpensive mass-produced doughnuts nearly pushed them off the street too. They take time, patience, skill, and attention to make. They taste sensational when fresh, but do not have a great shelf life. These attributes do not fair well under the pressure of today's fast paced automated machines and societies.

Fortunately, the wheel keeps turning and the old becomes the new. The lack of availability of these products has created a huge pent up demand among special interest ethnic groups as well as the general public who seek out and appreciate the unique taste and texture of these products. Faced with nearly the same product on every corner, people are beginning to look for something special. The overwhelming complexities of modern life give people a longing for simpler things. Mass-produced products designed for the cheapest price give people an appreciation of quality. The time of the handmade fried dough dessert is once again at hand.

OSO-ONO Malassadas What Makes OSO-ONO Fried Dough Desserts So Different?
Fried desserts made with OSO-ONO dough are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The texture is open, light, and airy; more like bread than cake. The taste and texture experience is complete, satisfying the entire palate. Our dough is made in small batches and is not subject to the same physical requirements as the ubiquitous mass-produced doughnut with the hole in the middle. This enables us to provide a highly unique product that will serve the artisan fried dough market.
Making OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough

Overcoming Commercial Obstacles
A primary obstacle to the commercial success of these fried dough products is the time, skill, and costs associated with making a superior yeast-based product. Commercial establishments don't have the time, facilities, or know-how to produce the dough and make the products. Even if they did, unless it is their primary business, they cannot charge enough to cover their costs. Dry mixes are available, but they require the retailer to mix the dough and hence, do not provide sufficient savings.

OSO-ONO fried dessert dough takes a great deal of time to make, uses only fresh whole ingredients, and is delivered frozen. All the retailer has to do is thaw, cook, embellish, and serve. Another advantage to using our dough is that, with controlled management of the dough, there is ZERO product waste.

Roman Cafe Fritters Customized Products
Our dough allows the retailer to add their own custom touches to make the product a unique offering. Sweet or savoury fillings, incorporations such as nuts or raisins, outer coatings of sugar or glazes, drizzles of syrups or purees, or toppings of ice creams or sorbets all combine to deliver unique products and tastes. Combine those embellishments with variations of size, shape, quantity, and technique and an almost limitless variety of products can be produced to suit the retailer's needs and the customer's desires.
The fine artistic example at left is from the Roman Cafe. They do not use OSO-ONO dough to make this dessert.
  Reaching the Widest Possible Audience
There is a great deal of similarity between recipes for differenct fried dough desserts from different countries around the world. At the same time, there are variations between recipes, sizes, shapes, additives, etc. for a product of the same name from the same country. This similarity and variation allows our dough to be the foundation for a wide variety of fried dough desserts that are as authentic as you can find anywhere. After all is said and done, the real question is whether the product delivers a truly satisfying taste and texture experience with a complete mouth feel. OSO-ONO delivers.

Distributor Opportunities
Currently, OSO-ONO distribution in quantity is limited to California and smaller quantities to the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us if you're interested in becoming a distributor in your area.

Cafe or Restaurant Breakfast Opportunities
A freshly made plate of fried dough pastry will enhance your breakfast offering and create return business. We suggest you offer a pastry/coffee combination as is common for beignets in New Orleans. You can call the product whatever you like or give it one of the names that is recognized by your customer demographic.

Opportunities to Build A Business Around OSO-ONO Dough
We can help you develop a business based on our dough. Contact us to find out more.

Catering Opportunities
If you run a catering business, OSO-ONO dough lets you offer a host of ethnically-correct fried dough desserts. Refer to the list of products that can be made with our dough.

Dinner Dessert Opportunities
OSO-ONO Fried Dessert Dough can be the basis of a wide variety of specialty artisan desserts, spectacular in presentation and taste, yet comparable in price with other desserts.

Fundraising Opportunities
Purchase OSO-ONO dough and make products you can sell at your next fundraiser. Contact us for a list of equipment you'll need. Be sure to mention the quantity you expect to serve per hour.

Events & Markets
One- or two-day ethnic events or street markets in general are great opportunities to offer up products made with OSO-ONO dough.


The Following Will Help You Plan Your Dough Needs

Dough can be portioned using a baker's divider, disher, pastry bag, circular cutter, or by hand.

Each 2 lb. bag of dough will make 16 fried dough products that are 1.5 inches thick and 4 inches in diameter.

Printed instructional materials and hands-on training is available.

Dough is packaged in 2 lb. zip lock freezer bags. Other bag weights or bulk packs are available if sufficient quantities are ordered. Let us know your needs.

Frozen dough has a freezer shelf life of one to two months with no degradation in quality or performance.

Thawing takes approximately 8 hours in a refrigerator or 3 hours at room temperature.

Once thawed in a refrigerator, dough may be kept up to 3 days in the refrigerator if never permitted to rise.

After removing dough from the refridgerator, it takes approximately 15 minutes for the dough to proof before cooking.

It takes about 5 minutes to cook the dough on both sides.

Shipping is F.O.B. San Rafael, California.

Shipping to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, or Reno costs approximately $200 for 1,000 to 1,500 pounds of dough.