Harry Potter at Hogwarts - Castle Quilt

My Completed Quilt

Quilt Front
Pieced Quilt Top, February 27, 2012

Completed Quilt, March 26, 2012

Quilt Front - Close-Ups

IMG_0241.png IMG_0242.png

IMG_0246.png IMG_0243.png

IMG_0248.png IMG_0249.png

IMG_0247.png IMG_0244.png


Harry Potter & Hogwarts School Crests
IMG_0253.png IMG_0250.png

Quilt Back

Quilt Back - Close-Up

Quilt Front - After Machine Washing & Drying

All fabrics were machine washed (warm wash, cold rinse)
and machine dried (medium heat) before being used for piecing the quilt.
I like to make sure that the fabrics won't shrink at different rates, and won't bleed when washed.

The backing was pieced together in 4 sections,
trying to match the pattern as well as I could.

The batting used was Quilters Dream Cotton Batting in White - Request loft (their thinnest loft).
The batting was the only thing not washed before the quilt was completed.

This is my third quilt that I've used free-motion quilting on.
Regular quilting was used to outline the castle and separate the columns,
but the blocks themselves with their borders, and all of the text was done with free-motion quilting.
First I quilted in the ditch as much as I needed to, followed by a row of echo quilting around main elements.

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