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Date: Sunday, January 30, 2005
Time: 12:11 AM EST

Submitted by: nadi
Email address: lleu2004@excite.com
Subject: Ad Submission

Comment: looking for snail mail pals only. i'm 24, female and from Sri Lanka (yes tsunami!)
I'm a teacher of speech and drama and my interests are diverse. i like people who can chat on a variety of topics.


Date: Sunday, February 13, 2005
Time: 8:16 PM EST

Submitted by:  jode rain
Email address: justme1930@webtv.net

Comment: i am a senior lady. I love making new e mail
friend. I like people I love the out doors
yard sale volunteering.  male are female

Name:  Dedee

Email Address:  likable@inbox.com

Today's Date:  05/10/05

Your Age:  32

Gender:  Female

Looking for someone perferably male over 25 yrs of age to chat with and get to know

Name:  Kathleen Carpenter

Email Address:  mzlottie2300@yahoo.com

Date: 05/18/2005

 Age:  47

Gender: female

Hi! looking for a few new friends. Male or female. I have a great sense of humor and love to chat. Hope to hear from you!!!!

Respondent Name: D.C.

Respondent Email Address: LITTLEFOOTJACK@WEBTV.NET

Today's Date:JUNE 3 2005

Your Age: 52

Your Gender: FEMALE

I am 52 yr. old soft butch lesbian living in southeastern Pa. I wuld like to make new friends on the internet. I love having pen pals. Please write if you are interested.
I would prefer lesbians only please.

Name:  Mary Lou

Email Address:  funyfarm15@frontiernet.net

Date:  6-27-2005

Age:  48

Gender:  female

 Looking to make email and chat pals for friendship only.

Name:  Sue

Email Address:  sunione65@yahoo.com

 Date:  7-11-2005

Age:  67

Gender: = Female

Sixty-Seven year old female looking for both male and female e-mail pals. I like to work in the yards, reading, music, movies, and traveling. I'm also a pet lover, and have four cats and two dogs.Would like to hear from you.

Name: melisa

Email Address:  yummypeach36@webtv.net

Date:  7/15/05

Age:  38

Gender:  female

looking for new friends.

Name:  Natasha

Email Address: nkeeper84@hotmail.com

Date:  7-19-05

Age:  21

Gender:  female

Hi I would like a snail mail pen pal, preferably from another country, i would like to learn about other cultures. I have a child so it would be cool if you do too. Females only please,  I am married. Email me to exchange addresses. My interests are poetry, movies, camping , cooking and crafts.

Name:  Stormy

Email Address: RidingTheWinds@webtv.net

Date:  08/01/05

Age:  58

Gender:  female

Enter your Ad here: = Looking for male and female pen pals, doesn't matter the age, :)
My interests are-- some music--love animals--l collect beautiful paperweights--love gardening--fishing--flea markets--garage sales--
talk about any subject, have a B/F, just looking for friendship and l have a very good since of humor<<<< :))
l will always reply.
Well that's it folks.

Name: Kristin

Email Address:  icicleqweenie@wmconnect.com

Date:  August 8, 2005

Age:  19

Gender:  Female

Hi. Im searching for epals from anywhere in the world. Also snail mail pals and swappers from outside of the Usa. My hobbies/likes: Music, movies, reading, writing poetry, penpaling, swapping, pets, animals, spending time with my son, ect.
 Would like to hear from anyone. I wont answer emails from Africa and I wont reply to anything other then friendship requests...


Name:  Margie

Email Address:  yargo65@webtv.net

Date:  9/9/05

Age:  40

Gender:  female

Looking for email pen pals that don't mind waiting for letters work overnights and mom to 3 boys dont have much time but love to hear from people once in a while

Name:  tina

Email Address:  sportyshorty1973@aol.com

Date:  08/12/2005

Age:  32

Gender: female

 im very much single looking for true love looking for a white guy between the ages of 30 and 60  who is medium to large build

Name:  Diane

Email Address:  TheDeeDee58@webtv.net

Date:  08/29/2005

Age:  47

Gender: = Female

Hi, I am female, 47 & I live in New Jersey. I am looking for a friend to correspond with by email. i am married, work & have 3 cats. I love tell stories about my cats & laugh about them. I will answer all email that is sent, but please only email me if you are serious. I am not a fake & don't expect you to be one either.

Name:  marsha

Email Address:  mjk6653@webtv.net

Date:  9/7/05

Age:  57

Gender: female

Hi--I'm widowed female, live in the upper midwest. Would like to find male, similar age, to write to and maybe get to be more than pen friends.

Name:  lissa davis

Email Address: lissalady38@bellsouth.net

Date:  9/12/2005

Age: 39

Gender:  female

looking for e-pals male or female. just for e-mails and friendship. i'm easy to get along with.

Name:  Cara

Email Address:  proseluvr@highstream.net

Date:  Sept 30,2005

Age:  53

Gender:  Female

Seeking interesting, intelligent epals all around the world, male and female. Prefer those 45+ who write well, and enjoy sharing via the written word.

Name:  Barbara

Email Address:  mos_obu@yahoo.com

Date:  Oct. 7, 2005

Age:  46

Gender:  Female

I'm looking for new friends by email. I read mostly fiction, enjoy movies, classical music, rock music, crosswords, crocheting, sharing opinions and life experiences. Prefer men (always a "daddy's girl"), but am good about corresponding with anyone who writes.

Name:  Jacqueline

Email Address:  missjackie@gmail.com

Date:  10/29/05

Age:  25

Gender: Female

I am looking for a snail mail pen pal. My Likes: reading, writing poetry, writing pen pal letters, listening to music, being with friends, spending time with my boyfriend, etc. I am looking for pen pals that are between 20-35.

Name:  Hiromi

Email Address:  hiromi_sato1978@yahoo.co.jp

Date:  09/11/2005

Age:  27

Gender:  Female


I'm a 27-year-old Japanese female living near Tokyo.
I'm looking for a sincere Australian friend for serious relationship.
I'm interested in Australia and its culture.

If you want to make your own English school in Japan, I'll be glad to help you.
My father has a suitable place for the English school.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Webmasters note: the date on this ad is not September 11 2005 the month and day are reversed.

Name:  Pamela

Email Address:  Pamela_pp@hotmail.com

Date:  Nov 9, 2005

Age:  30

Gender:  female

 Looking for some snail mail pen pals.  Single mom with 2 children.  Not looking for romance just a friend or two.

Name:  Anna Marquez

Email Address: hazeleyesanna@aol.com

Date:  11/13/2005

Age:  22

Gender:  female

I am a 22 year old female looking to make friends and talk and above all else have a good time with anyone who has common interests.

Name:  Melissa

Email Address:  melissake@pandora.be

Date:  30/11/2005

Age:  22

Gender:  female

Hey, my name's Melissa. I'm from Belgium and looking for e-mail and snail mail penpals. I'm 22 and studying translator-interpreter. I speak French, English, Dutch, Spanish and a teenie weenie bit German and Italian.

See you soon!

Melissa x

Name:  Cybil Cyclone

Email Address:  CyberCybil50@webtv.net

Date:  12/03/2005

Age:  50

Gender:  Female

I am a good person.  I am very interesting that I have multiple interests and hobbies.

I have been on my own for about 10 years now.  I had some bad relationships and that is not what I need at this time.  I am looking for intelligent conversation and top it off with good moral intent.  I'd like to hear from you.

Name: ruth ann fazzi

Email Address:  fuzzybearxo@yahoo.com

Date:  dec.10,05

Age:  64

Gender:  female

tall widow seeking her life time mate please none smokers just be nice, honest, funny and polite, and know how to treat a lady.

Name:  JimmyJones

Email Address:  hurry@email.com

Date:  16 dec 2005

Age:  50

Gender: Male

SWM seeking friends and maybe more. I am in southern California USA. I would love to hear from someone in Mexico or any central american country.

Name:  Rebecca Micheals

Email Address:  androdameia@cox.net

Date:  12/31/05

Age:  30

Gender:  Female

looking for email or snail mail pen-pals.  i love to write and make new friends!!
hope to hear from you soon!!

Name:  Cathy Wienke

Email Address:  Angelprincesscathy@hotmail.com

Date:  Jan. 6, 2006

Age:  19

Gender:  Female

Hi, Im Cathy. I am 19 years old from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Im seeking penpals from the ages 16 and up but no older than 30. I love penpaling, been penpalling for about 4 years and im addicted to it. I love bowling, baseball, socccer, volleyball, playing with my neice and nephews. I have 1 older sister, 2 older brothers.  If you want to know more then let me know what you want to know

Name:  canan

Email Address:  cgunel@excite.com

Date:  22nd of January, 2006

Age:  25

Gender:  female

Just wanna Have friends from all over the world, certainly the sincere and honest ones..
See you

Name:  Wendy

Email Address:  windykeyboards@yahoo.com

Date: = 02/03/2006

Age: = 29

Gender: = female

Hello, I am looking for pen pals from America to talk with. My interests include: swimming, bowling, reading, traveling, classic rock, playing the keyboards and flute, and Christianity. I am looking for penpals of all ages to talk with that have similar interests. I prefer Christian pen pals so we can talk about spiritual issues.


Email Address:  lynette200345@yahoo.com

Date:  03/10/06

Age:  43

Gender:  FEMALE


Name: Monica

Email Address: elbeth22@yahoo.com

Date: 18/01/07

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Hello, Iam from Africa, I am looking for pen pals from anywhere to talk with. My interests include: swimming, bowling, reading, traveling, playing the keyboards and business. I am looking for penpals of all ages to talk with that have similar interests. I love to learn new challenges and like to be challenged and too much adventurous. all mails will be replies.

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