Pen Pals
19 to 99

Date: Monday, January 3, 2005

Time: 11:34 PM EST

Submitted by: John

Email address:

Male 40 / fit/ active/ electrician. home ontario canada. dirty blonde hair, 6'0 tall. open minded and generally
happy. Would like to meet active non-smoking female that is easygoing. happy new year

Name:  carl jones

Email Address:

Date:  4/28/05

 Age:  35

Gender:  Male

 I am looking for a pen (email) pal from anywhere in New Hampshire or Vermont. I am looking to write email first then see what develops! I find the internet a much better way of meeting a friend/lover than a bar (at least I hope it is!)

I am sensitive, sincere, attractive, passionate, and romantic. I am 6 feet tall, long dark brown hair, beard, medium build, hazel eyes.
My interests include cuddling (above all), writing fiction and non-fiction, reading (just about everything but right now it's mystery novels and thrillers), mountain hiking, parapsychology (ESP and stuff), mythology, nature, and computers.
 My home is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where I have beautiful views of the surrounding hills.

 I am looking forward to hearing from you.

 I have Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and AIM. My screen name for all three programs is carljones50. Chat with me sometime!
 Write to me at:


Date: Sunday, January 23, 2005
Time: 6:45 PM EST

Submitted by: Mike Saari
Email address:

Hi I'm a 31 year old male looking for a female e-mail buddy to correspond with. I am interested in wakeboarding,
Dirtbiking,camping,4x4ing ect.

Date: Sunday, February 6, 2005
Time: 4:00 AM EST

Submitted by: john57
Email address:


im john 57 y/o living in uk

my interests are steam railways and archaeology

i am also interested in country and western music

i am looking for other guys for pen pals

please send me a email if interested

any age


Date: Monday, February 7, 2005
Time: 1:56 PM EST

Submitted by: John Bravin
Email address:

 I'm a 43 year old open minded man from central NJ, USA. I'm looking for other like minded men to correspond with.

If you do decide to EMAIL me, please include "pen pal" in the subject matter.


Date: Thursday, February 10, 2005
Time: 5:01 AM EST

Submitted by: Chad Michael Mallett
Email address:

I am a 25 year old, white, male, from Louisiana, USA. I am 6 feet tall. And slender.
I have tattooes and piercings. All my tattooes mean something in my life. Tomorrow if the only
person I want to do this tattoo is not busy. He will do a new tattoo of my niece/nephew that
passed away inside my sister. He/She was going to be my godchild. So I am getting the tattoo
in honor of the baby. I am a straight edger. A cajun. I am a filmmaker also. I am into website
building. I love chatting. I love chat programs. I also love writing. I write poetry, stories,
dreams, fantasies, screenplays, short scripts, books, short stories, and more. Well let me know
if you want to chat ;)

Date: Sunday, February 6, 2005
Time: 10:45 AM EST

Submitted by: Steve E
Email address:

I'm Steve .I'm 43 years old and I live in Charleston, S.C.on the east coast of the U.S.
I have been deeply interested in other cultures from childhood. .Other interests are plants and gardening
motorcycles,4x4's,camping,antiques,and coin collecting.
Although I am most interested in corresponding with females, I will answer all e-mails.
Take care and God bless,

Name: H. Andrew Merriweather

Email Address:

Date:  May 5, 2005

Age:  35

Gender: Male

Hi, I'm 35 yr old male looking for e-mail pen-pals from all around the world.

Name:  Chris

Email Address:

Date:  10/5/05

Age:  60yrs young

Gender: male

A woman friend as a pen pal to to share the ups and downs and to learn about each other and the way we live.

Name:  Jerry

Email Address:

Date:  5-17-05

Age: 75

Gender:  Male

Old retired military man looking for others to write.. letters not forwards  all answer

 Name:  howard ramclam

Email Address:

 Date:  may 25th 2005

Age:  47 yrs

Gender: = male

i am desirous of obtaining sincere pen pals for cultural exchanges

Name:  Mikell Lightfoot

Email Address:

Date:  5-26-05

Age:  27

Gender: Male

Hey my name is Mikell and i'm 6'6" Dark Brown Short hair, Brown Eyes and a Goatee, 210lbs. I live in Central California. I havent had a New penpal in a bit and i perfer snail mail but Email works just as good. Write me at my email me for My Address..

Hope to hear from you!!

Name:  Caprice jones

Email Address:

Date:  june 5,2005

Age:  31

Gender: male

 Hi I'm a 31 year old male looking for a female e-mail or snail mail buddy to correspond with

Name:  Roy Garza

Email Address:

Date:  06/06/05

 Age: 25

Gender:  Male

 From San Antonio TX.  Would be interested in corresponding with nice female who is also interested in a friendship.

Name:  galaza

Email Address:

Date:  17/06/05

Age: 23

Gender:  male

let me introduce myself, my name is galaza, i am from mozambique, male 23 years old university  i would like to be ur friend.

Name: Stewart Devine

Email Address:

Date:  3rd july 2005

Age: 51

Gender:  Male

Looking to find new friendships around the world

Name:  Larry Jones

Email Address:

Date:  July 9, 2005

 Age:  57

Gender:  male

Seeking female pen pals for erotic email exchange.  I am into tour bicycling and most anything outdoors.

Name: Chuck Primerano

Email Address:

Date: July 29, 2005

Age:  70

Gender:  Male

I have been penpalling way back when there was only snail mail, but email is great and that is what I like. I love to make friends through correspondence because you chose your friends and they chose you. I enjoy my home, family and friends-also good reading,music, art and so many other things. All replies will be answered.

Name:  fred leeves

Email Address:

Date:  july 30/2005

Age:  60

Gender:  male

hi my name is fred and i am looking for penpals for talking and emailing , i can talk on any subject and can speak french too. i am looking for female penpals only .  hope u write .

Name: Kenneth Kraft

Email Address:

Date: Aug. 4,2005

Age: 61

Gender: Male

I am a 61 yr old single white male in Arkansas looking for ladie pen pals or mesg.   50's  to 100's..

Name:  Stanley

Email Address:  skbbossman1@webtv

Date:  8 August 2005

Age:  52

Gender:  male

Looking for female pen-pals over 45 for friendship and excahnge of ideas.


Name:  James Corrick

Email Address:

Date:  09/04/05

Age:  56

Gender:  Male

 I'm looking to chat and make friends with anyone, any age.  I live in New Jersey and I'm a school teacher.  I am also an amateur photographer.  Come and say hello!

Name:  Jerry Massie

Email Address:

Date:  Sept.1,2005

Age: 52

Gender:  Male

Looking for female corespondance friendship first ten who knows what that can lead to.Interested in camping,fishing,movies,dining out,clubs.Will answer all email Must be at least 18.Drop me a line.

Name:  Michael

Email Address:

Date: Monday, 5th September 2005

Age:  22

Gender:  Male

Hi everyone, male from Australia, who is looking for some new friends - both overseas and within Australia, so drop me an email, and I'll get back to you.

Name:  Dave

Email Address:

Date:  7th September 2005

Age:  39

Gender:  Male

Hi, UK guy looking for a lady to chat to about life and all that. I am a fairly normal kind of guy and will happliy use snail mail at a later time if we hit it off. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Dave

Name:  Urban

Email Address:

Date:  13 September 2005

Age: 71

Gender:  Male

I live in Liverpool, England. Love classical music, languages (I speak 6 and am learning 2 more), brisk walks , art( painting) galleries world wide. I love dancing too, the faster the better. I am 6ft 2 (1m88). Just try me by writing.

Name:  Paulus

Email Address:

Date:  15/09/05

Age:  26

Gender:  male

I am a very generious ,hardworking and smart person.I regard myself as open and willing to learn from others so don't even hassitate to send me a mail.

Name: Hakuna

Email Address:

Date:  Sep, 30 -- 2005

Age:  45

Gender:  Male

 I am looking for a French speaking person how wants to learn Dutch. I want to learn French. The purpose is to exchange mails (and correct each other mails)

Name:  Mehrdad

Email Address:

Date:  30 September 2005

Age:  35

Gender:  M

Looking for someone ,preferably female to exchange emails and improve my English skills

Name:  John Ernst

Email Address:

Date: 01 oct 05

 Age:  47

Gender: male

I live in the Midwest. My interests are almost limitless, but would like to have more. I am 47 y/o, but I am far from learning.

I am married and have children so I am not looking for a relationship. I am looking for stimulating conversations, but would rather avoid religion and politics to start.

Age and gender is no problem, but I think an adult would prove best.


Name:  Scott

Email Address:

Date:  10/07/05

Age:  45

Gender:  male

Hi my name is Scott, I live in central PA and I'm interested in meeting men and women around my own age, via e-mail I love to talk and listen to what others have to say

Name:  tom bowen

 Email Address:

 Date:  10/17/05

Age: 51

Gender: male

 Hi, I'm Tom, Chicago burbs, i would like to hear from a slender/smooth male around 19-24 years old,(legal age only) to get to know. I have recently been curious about having an affair with a male, if you are curious about it also please email me.  Thanks,  Tom

Name:  wayne

Email Address:

Date:  18/10/2005

Age: 50

Gender:  male

hi i would to pen pal any female aged 45-55 in australia if possible, just divorced  hobbies include martial arts

Name:  Chuck

Email Address:

Date:  10/18/05

Age:  55

Gender:  Male

I am interested in friends female, very open minded, and understanding, I am located in the NYC area, and travel some to south Carolina, main interest is getting to know someone special, not so much as to find someone to live with, as someone I can't live without, so write soon, I am waiting.

Name:  Djib

Email Address:

Date:  25 oct. 2005

Age: 29

Gender: Male

I would like to penpal with everyone. I like listening to music, writing, reading, exchanging about culture.....

Name:  mark

Email Address:

Date:  26/10/05

Age: 43

Gender:  male

male or female friends wanted, I'm from London, will chat about anything, any problems or worries, share them with me, want a laugh, share them with me.


Email Address:

Date: 10/27/05

Age:  49

Gender:  MALE

Hi, I'm Tom, 49years old Chicago burbs, I would like to hear from a slender/smooth circumcised male around 19-24 years old, (legal age only) to get to know. I have recently been curious about having an affair with a male, if you are curious about it also please email me. Thanks, Tom

Name:  Derryl

Email Address:

Date:  Nov 3/05

Age:  62

Gender:  Male

Single Calgary senior wishes to find a senior lady to share emails about Gardening and ups and downs of life.

Name:  Jesse

Email Address:

Date:  Nov. 9,  2005

Age:  22

Gender:  Male


    I'm a normal guy, leading a normal life, Going off the walls with normal.  After a fun night of drinking at a party I found something that really brings me back to earth.  I was given the chance to hear the last 2 years of a complete strangers life the good, the bad, and the painful.  Its not that i compared it to my life but just the fact that i got to be a part of this persons life.  By the time she was done with her tale we were both sober (mostly)  I rarely get to see her or talk to her but we still talk like best friends.  
I just think I might be able to find that kind of happy from a pen pal

Ohhh one last thing, I would really like to swap pictures, Like pictures of the local pack a field  your fav. store random stuff like that.

Name:  Ricardo Pereira

Email Address:

Date:  November 13 2005

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Hi Everybody.
I'm from Brazil,41 years old Brazilian man, a Teacher.
I would like to correspond with different persons from the globe. It doesn't matter age, gender or country. I'll answer all Thanks. I'm a sincere, true, friendly, good-hearted loyal,...person.
Hobbies: movies, pet, photography, traveling, reading, walking, surfing on internet, beach, nature, landscaping, make new friends all around the world, send e-mails to my friends, languages,TV, music - includes country ones, shopping,...

Name:  David

Email Address:

Date:  12/1/2005

Age: 47

Your Gender:  Male

 Hi...  Thanks for reading my ad.  I am a 47 year old SWM who lives in NJ and would like to hear from US females who enjoy talking on the phone.

I am a lousy typist and also feel that you can tell a lot about a person by the sound of their voice and the way they communicate.

I am honest, caring, down to earth and I've been told I am very easy to talk to.  I consider myself to be open minded and of course I am very respectful and sensitive to your thoughts and feelings.

If any of this makes any sense.. drop me a line.  I'd love to hear from you.



Name:  Tim Morris

Email Address:

Date: December 17, 2005

Age: 48

Gender: male

I am quite the crafter, and love to dabble into a little
bit of everything including knitting and rock tumbling.  I am looking for a
penpal (only) to share same interest with.  R U very crafty?  call ne by e-mail
and let's talk.

Name:  thom

Email Address:

Date:  28 december 2005

Age: 64

Gender:  male

i would like e-mail pals of any age, female preferred. i am married and not looking for sex, meeting, or anything like that, just friendship by email or instant messenger, in english and if you are patient, spanish and german also. see more of me at

Name:  David

Email Address:

Date:  14/1/06

Age:  61

Gender:  male

Hi there - I am looking for nice ladies of any age for epals - feral ladies or earth mothers especially welcome - by this I mean those who like nature, animals, free thinking, open minded, lovers of good conversation.

Name:  vincent evans

Email Address:

Date:  31-1-06

Age:  48

Gender:  male

i am a 48year old man living on my own looking for females any age to write to maybe possible romance, i will answer all mail, i have many intrests like reading, keeping fit , and looking for the right lady to settle down with.

Name:  simon

Email Address:

Date:  14/02/06

Age:  28

Gender:  male

  English guy here looking to find that special female pen pal aged 23-33 who also seeks more.. (hopefully) lol.. Take care<

Name: Stanley

Email Address:

Date: 15 July 2006

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Looking for ladies 45 @ for friendship only someone to share day to day with Married or single is ok with me

Name: Mohammed

Email Address:

Date: 18/7/2006

Age: 33

Gender: Male

I am Dr. Mohammmed I am single ,33yrs from Palestine , looking for a true and loving women that is ready for a true,honest and loving relationship and will be able to take good care of me. My hobby is reading,music and traveling . I like navigation I hope to make serious relationship or marriage. Hope to hear from you soon and enjoy our talking.


Email Address:

Today's Date: Dec.12, 2006

Your Age: 49

Your Gender: male

i am looking for females to share thoughts and exchange ideas with on a regular basis.

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