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Hello Paido members,

Our HELP is needed...

The Indiana Animal Owners Alliance and the Michiana Kennel Club has come to us for help.

I am asking that all of the PAIDO members to please write, e-mail and or call these council members. Get them the facts they need, just by allowing what they have written if passed, the Pit Bulls if they attack don't have a chance.

I have listed some of the worst highlights. I do have a 28 page document if you would like a copy, just e-mail me back for it.

This is by far one of the worst written ordinances I have ever seen. ( See Below ) Especially the part about Pit Bulls not being exempt if someone is Teasing, tormenting, abusing or assaulting the animal and they attack.

Most ordinances will have this clause if a person does this to the dog, the dog may not be deemed Dangerous/Vicious.

Thank you in advance and any questions and or concerns please let me know.

Jeff Armstrong
The Ryan Armstrong Law In Illinois
Parents Against Irresponsible Dog Owners TM/Founder
Consultant for the ACF (American Canine Foundation)
Ad Hoc Group Member /Dog-Related Public Safety /Chicago Task Force
The Chicago Task Force on Companion Animals and Public Safety

DANGEROUS ANIMAL means any animal
A. which has been found to be at large and has been documented to be at large by an Animal Control Officer, Police Officer, or any County official or designee
That's is plain nuts, that is no reason to deem a dog dangerous. Should be removed.

A. No animal, except an American Pit Bull Terrier, shall be considered a dangerous animal if the animal causes injury or damage to a person while that person is:
1. Committing or attempting to commit a criminal offense against the owner or agent of the owner; or
2. Committing a criminal trespass upon the premesis occupied by the owner, agent, or keeper of the animal: or
3. Teasing, tormenting, abusing or assaulting the animal
Now this the worst language that I have ever seen, so its ok to tease, torment, or abuse the Pit Bull...
This is crazy, so you provoke the dog the dog attacks, and its not exempt..
That is by far the worst language I have ever seen...
Should be removed..and send this to your Humane Investigators.

A. Any animal that has violated 3 or more times the Public Nuisance provision.
Has nothing to do with dangerous should be removed.

PUBLIC NUISANCE means any animal or animals which:
1. interferes with passers-by or passing vehicles;
2. which has been found to be at large and documented to be at large more than three times in 12 months.
3. damages private or public property;
4. causes frequent or long continued loud noises or other sounds common to its species which disturb the comfort or repose of any person in the immediate neighborhood of any residential area, but not to include operations of boarding kennels, kennels, training facilities or the practice of animal husbandry;
5. is at large or on a public park, playground, swimming pool, or school yard, unless the animal is authorized by school officials.
6. any animal in estrus that is not confined or restrained so as to prevent attraction or contact with other animals.

I like this provision..
1. Is not tethered on a chain rope or like device longer than three (3) hours at a time and no more than three times within any 24 hour period.
And this provision. A good mix of people rather than just county buddies.
A. Membership and quorum of Commission
1. The Animal Control Commission shall be composed of three (3) members and one (1) alternate member. The appointments shall be as follows, two (2) by the County Council, one (1) by the County Commissioners - and one (1) alternate by the County Commissioners. The presence of three (3) members or two (2) members and one (1) alternate shall be necessary to constitute a quorum.
2. One (1) member shall be a licensed veterinarian appointed by the County Council;
3. One (1) member shall be an owner, operator, or employee of a kennel, cattery, zoological park, or commercial animal establishment, appointed by the County Council;
4. One (1) member shall be an employee from the Police Department K-9 Corps, appointed by the County Commissioners;
One (1) alternate member shall be appointed by the County Commissioners, and shall be an active member of an animal welfare organization including,
And this provision

A. Dangerous Animal Permits.
1. Must be spayed or neutered unless the animal has a historical record of having been shown in an AKC or UKC show by one year of age and not have had a litter or sired a litter.

County Councilors for St Joseph County, Indiana
Area Code for South Bend, IN is 574

Przybysz, W. Randall - District A
1318 Canterbury Drive
South Bend, IN 46628

Kostielney, Andrew T. - District B
52860 N. Juniper Road
South Bend, IN 46637

DeVon, Dale R. - District C
14254 Wynstone Court.
Granger, IN 46530

Morton, Rafael - District D
325 N. Studebaker
South Bend, IN 46628

Kruk, Michael J. - District E
449 S. Phillipa Street
South Bend, IN 46619

Schafer, Dennis R. - District F
65300 Maple
Lakeville, IN 46536
784-8285- (local call)

Catanzarite, Mark A. - District G
2022 Oak Park Drive
South Bend, IN 46617

Baldoni, Joseph A. - District H
1226 E. Wayne Street South
South Bend, IN 46615
232 2376

Root, Mark. - District I
10737 Chelsea Drive
Osceola, IN 46561
674 9125

Pawlowski, Joan M.
Executive Secretary

Olson, Esq., James J.
Council Attorney
122 South Mill Street
Mishawaka, IN 46544
259 5461
2006 Officers:

President: Rafael Morton
President Pro Tempore: Joseph A. Baldoni Vice President Pro Tempore: Mark
Catanzarite To reach all Council Members & Staff:
County Council of St. Joseph County
County City Building Room 411
South Bend, IN 46601
Telephone: (574) 235 9658
Fax: (574) 235 5022



I have an upcoming Chicago Task Force meeting on November 29, 2006. I will update as soon as that happens. We still have some concerns that need to go to the city council.
Still BSL Chicago...

These were all passed from our last proposal.
A /summary of what passed City Council in July: (1) differential fees for dog licenses based on spay/neuter status, (2) Alderman Schulter's pet business licensing ordinance changes, and (3) increased fines and remedies for owners of chronically wandering dogs. The first two set of changes are slated to go into effect around January 13, 2007; and the third went into effect immediately

General Information

Numbers are a very powerful tool when we are trying to educate, and or stop BSL across the country.

People ask me all the time "How many members" ? This info was never on the Official PAIDO web site. I thought now is a good time to get this going. As of August 29,2006 we are at about 600+ members, and the list grows every day.
Thank you

Here are the groups, and all of the PAIDO members cities.

A&S Rescue
BTCA and BSLWorkshop owner ( 286 )
Indy Pit Crew
Dog legislation Council Canada
Phelps County Animal Welfare League
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
KC Dog Advocates
Maryland Dog Federation
Olathe KS Animal Hospital
Greater Cincinnati Rottweiler Club
Independence Rottweiler Rescue
Best Friends Animal Society
Responsible Dog Owners Of Louisville Ky.
BSL Midwest Bull-mastiff Fanciers
Greater Siberian Husky Club of Chicago
Pit bull Band Denver Co.
United Bull Breed Assoc. For Responsible Owners of Bully Breeds.
Southern Pride Rottweilers
Medallion Rottweiler Club
Midwest Bullmastiff
Gateway American Pit Bull Terrier Club
Ivey League Kennel Ohio (Rottweilers of Armani and GatorGrip Staffordshire Bull Terriers)
INKY Rott Rescue Louisville, Ky.
Don't Bully My Breed Chicago IL.

Cites now in order, thanks to Leisa..

Little Rock AK
Norfork AR
Little Rock AR.
Flag Staff AZ.

Los Angelis CA
Passadina Calf.
San Dimas Calif.
Santa Monica Calf.
Sunnyvale CA
Aurora CO.
Brea Calf.
Brighton CO.
Denver CO.
Fort Collins CO.
Lyme CT.
Boca Raton FL.
Coca Beach FL.
Ft Lauderdale, Fl
Jacksonville FL.
Margate FL
Melbourne FL
Merritt Island FL.
Miami FL.
North Palm Beach FL.
Orlando FL
St Petersburg FL.
West Palm Beach FL. AKC Judge

Atlanta GA.
Buford GA.
Decatur Ga.
Martinez GA

Pukalani, Maui, Hawaii

Antioch IL.
Algonquin IL
Aurora IL.
Beach Park IL.
Belleville IL.
Bloomington IL.
Carpentersville IL
Cary IL.
Chicago IL.
Chicago Hts.
Clifton IL
Crystal lake IL.
Elgin IL.
Franklin grove IL
Granite City IL.
Glenveiw IL.
Grayslake IL.
Gurnee IL.
Hanover Park IL
Hodgekins IL.
Johnsburg IL.
Lake Forrest IL.
Lockport IL.
Maroa IL.
Marengo IL.
Monee IL
Mundelein IL.
Northbrook IL.
Orland Park IL.
Park City IL.
Plainfeild IL.
Popluar Grove IL.
Skokie IL
Waukegan IL.
Wheaton IL.
Will County IL
Woodstock IL.

Carmel IN
Indianopolis IN.
Hobart IN

Ames Iowa
Anamosa Iowa
Blue Grass Iowa
Cedar Rapids Iowa
Coralville Iowa
Monticello Iowa

Olathe KS.
Salina KS
Wichitah KS.

Ealington KY.
Louisville KY

Surry ME.

Anapolis MD.
Oakland MD.
Upperfairmount MD
Gardner MA.
Marychris MA
Rundolp MA.
Wegmouth MA.

Travers City Mich.

Scandia MN.

Vickburg MS.

Blue Springs MO
Gilma City MO.
Independence MO..
Kansas City MO
Lawrence MO.
Liberty MO.
Raymore MO.
Rolla MO.
St Louis MO.

Hamilton MT

Omaha NE.

Henderson, Nevada

Plaistow NH.

Hardyston NJ.
Parsippany NJ.

Buffalo NY.
Darien Center NY
Middeltown NY.
Portland NY
Stillwater NY.

Asheville NC.
Brevard NC.
Chappel Hill NC.
Henderon NC.

Columbus OH.
Hillard OH.
Hillsboro OH.
North Ridgeville OH.
Shelfiled OH.
Toledo OH.
West Carrollton, OH

Bixby OK
Oklahoma City OK.

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Hazelton PA.
Lardsdale PA.
Montgomery PA.
Pititsburg PA.
Punxsutaway PA.

Pawtuchet RI.

Dallas TX.
Houstan TX.
Fort Stockton TX
Fort Worth TX.
Lumberton TX
May TX.
San Antonio TX
Vidor TX.

Bartlett TN.

Great Falls UT.
Kanab UT.

Charlottesville VA.
Woodridge VA.
Woodridge VA.

Spanawy WA.

Colliers WV.

Galesville WI.
Kenosa WI
Milwaukee WI.

BC Canada
Ontario Canada
Placitas Mexico
San Juan PR.

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Thank you

Jeff Armstrong
The Ryan Armstrong Law In Illinois
Parents Against Irresponsible Dog Owners TM/Founder
Consultant for the ACF (American Canine Foundation)
Ad Hoc Group Member /Dog-Related Public Safety /Chicago Task Force
The Chicago Task Force on Companion Animals and Public Safety

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