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2/6/1878 Pimlico, Middlesex, England
Birth Time: Unknown (Noon chart cast)

The native has her Sun in 10th house in Aquarius, which would lend to an inventive, resourceful personality with an unusual take on the world. She would have a hunger for knowledge and a taste for originality. Her interests might lie in philosophy, humor, and rationality, particularly with regard to fraternal or philosophical groups. She gladly topples the old ideas about things to explore the new -- particularly to clear any class distinctions. She can be aloof and eccentric; she strives for a Utopian ideal and needs to feel special herself to accomplish her goals.

Her Moon is in the 3rd house of communication in the sign Leo. This indicates that she is impulsive and needs attention. She can be the queen of drama, overly sensitive to criticism. Some might even call her a prima donna, but she is also cheerful, gregarious, and proud in her styles of communication. Communicating symbols through Tarot illustration is very in keeping with the need for acclaim within her social groups. Pay very close attention to the Strength card, as she likely identified strongly with its symbolism. Her Sun and Moon are nearly in opposition, which make her inclined to second guess herself and to be torn between wanting public acclaim for the aims of her associations and wanting to personally be recognized for her contributions.

Her rising sign, or the face she presents to the world, is in Gemini, which would mask much of the ambition and energy of her Sun and Moon positions within the chart. She would come across as very creative, progressive, and thirsty for knowledge, an abstract thinker who synthesizes information in from a variety of sources and condenses it in her own light and original style. She may have well appeared to be an "absent-minded professor," though slender and delicately boned, with a wide forehead, straight eyebrows, and a small bridge of her nose.

The native's Mars is on the cusp between the 11th and 12th houses, 10.21 degrees Taurus. This gives her the tendency to warm up slowly to others, to persevere in the face of challenges with financial incentives and is in her top form when she is resisting or defending an idea to others. It also indicates that physical hobbies -- such as the act of creating art? -- can be an outlet for her aggressions. This position also indicates some sexual frustration.

Venus in the native's chart is in Pisces in the 10th house, nearly conjunct with her Sun (eight degrees difference). She is tender, affectionate, self-sacrificing, and can be a victim of exploitation if not careful. She presents a mysterious, seductive manner, although she can be melancholic when unhappy in Venus' pursuits.

Jupiter in her 8th house in Capricorn indicates that she loves order, structure, and duty. She can be strict to the point of pedantic-ness, and values seriousness, simplicity, and discipline.

Her karma, as is often revealed by Saturn's placement in a chart, lies in Pisces, also in the 10th house. She is not lucky in love because she has a fear of being used or being a slave in her relationships, both intimate and professional. She has mystic tendencies in her choice of professions and an extreme absorption with the occult -- to the point some might consider her crazy. Despite other influences bringing order to the native, she revels in chaos. She is naturally sympathetic, but also has a fear of being used by others, of becoming "enslaved" to them.

The final three planets in a natal chart reading are more general zeitgeists and could apply (and often do!) to anyone born within the same time period. Uranus is posited in her 4th house in Leo, which indicates she values freedom, particularly with regard to the development of personality and individuality. She has Neptune in Taurus in her 11th house, which indicates dissolution of traditional values and an idolization of spiritual mysteries or secrets. Certainly we saw this in the rise of interest in occultism around the turn of the 19th century. Finally, Pluto is also in Taurus, but in her 12th house, a sign of a native whose fundamental goal in life is personal transformation.

All in all she has a mixture of fire, earth, water, and air in her chart, indicating she is balanced elementally. However, the bulk of her planets are in fixed signs, indicating stubbornness and resistance to change, but the ability to follow through on the projects she starts. Most of the planets are above the horizon, indicating a more extroverted nature concerned with issues affecting humankind.

She has both the Moon and Mercury square to Mars, which gives her difficulty in expressing herself well in conflict and a somewhat sharp tongue. Mercury is also square to Neptune, which can make it hard for a native to be able to tell the difference between truth and illusion although her skill is in translating inner images into a "language" of their own. Her Sun, Neptune, and North and South Nodes are Square to Pluto, which makes her an anathema to her "age" and prone to getting caught up in obsessions of the same. Issues dealing with the 5th and 11th Houses in her chart are paramount as both houses contain intercepted signs.

--Reading provided by Amber McKee*

*Other than being aware that Pamela Coleman Smith was the illustrator for the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, my personal knowledge of her and her life is very limited. This presented an ideal opportunity, from webmistress and goddess Holly Voley's perspective, for me to read her chart from an unbiased point of view, as it were. If you have questions or concerns about this essay, feel free to email me at asmckee@xmission.com.

This chart was done on the World of Wonder (WOW) astrology program, also available at wow.world-of-wisdom.com They have a very cool couples/love program also - Holly


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