Pamela Colman Smith


Astrological Interpretations

Two people have graciously consented to allow their interpretations of PCS' chart on this site. The first, Elizabeth Hazel, knew who PCS was and certain details of her life. The chart, and her rectifications, reflect this. The second person, Amber McKee, only knew that PCS drew the images for the RWS Tarot cards. Amber was my double-blind control. The chart she consulted was set for Noon for no other reason than my astrology program defaults to that setting. You can compare the charts to see that they are basically the same except for ascendent and moon and of course houses. This house assignment does make quite a difference in what the chart can say. No one knows for sure when PCS was born so each of these charts offers a different insight. Elizabeth had very considered reasons for choosing the time of birth she did. Amber's chart is more generic. I suppose the ideal would be to do a chart for each of the ascendent signs (taking in every two hours of time of day) and cover all of the possibilities, but . . . . Until someone comes up with a document, either birth certificate or letter, that states what time of day PCS was born, we will not know for sure. Enjoy each of their interpretations as they try to help us all get a better understanding of the mystery that was Pamela Colman Smith.


Elizabeth Hazel's Interpretation



Amber McKee's Interpretation

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