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Welcome to The Beggs-Henry Genealogy. Researching since 1976 and online since 2000!

This Family History currently contains about 7200 individuals, and as an ongoing research project is far from complete. A wide array of sources including vital records, censuses, land records, books, compiled record sets, letters and interviews with living individuals have been used to document this history.

With the exception of the first few generations, which are supported by vital records and the personal knowledge of persons living at the time the information was collected, there may be errors in the information. Many lines still need further research and there may be typographical errors within.

There are also numerous lines in this family history involving persons of royal, mythical, legendary or biblical origins that can never be proven. Sources disagree as to the validity of many of these lines. In particular, lineages based on Geoffrey of Monmouth's Kings of Britain (originally written in 1136) have been marked as LEGEND after the name due to the modern belief that Geoffrey's work may have been mostly fictional. Although these lineages are included here until completely proven false, please keep the above in mind. And as a best practice, always verify with your own research.

This version contains no known living persons. Please send an email if you find a person who is known to be living and they will be removed.

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Instructions: Clicking on a person's name on a CARD will bring up a Family Sheet on that person. Clicking on the tree will bring up a 5-generation Pedigree Chart.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any person whose given name is preceded by a question mark (?) is highly suspected to be BUT NOT PROVEN to be a member of this genealogy. Further research is needed. Please do not include these persons in your personal genealogy without noting they are NOT PROVEN.