LAST UPDATE  4/1/2007


AAHOLM, STEVE  2/1/2007

Hi Gerry,


Hope all is well on the west coast!  Myself, Elaine MacDonald, Dennis Godfrey and Bill Smith still work for Cumberland Swan, which recently merged with Vi-Jon Laboratories.  The new company is called Vi-Jon Laboratories.  Jeff Schoen retired a few months ago when the merger occured.


Most of Cumberland Swan and Vi-Jon product lines overlapped.  Vi-Jon has the Germ-X hand sanitizer brand, so we are now a store brand and branded company.  I am still in a customer marketing role with Wal-Mart and Sam's Club domestic and international business. 


Amazing how time flies by...5 years since the death of Paragon.


Steve Aaholm 


ATLEE, BOBI  2/1/2007

Hi - I think it's great that you're doing this!  My info is still correct - I continue to work at Weyerhaeuser (almost 18 years!).  I'm in the iLevel business (formerly known as Residential  Wood Products). 

Ginny Rathbun recently got married (1/22) and has moved to Batavia IL.  Her new last name is Dewig (not sure of the spelling).  I don't know what her new email address is, but I'll pass this on to her when she gets back from her honeymoon.

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming WOW - What A Ride! (Author unknown)

Bobi Atlee, CPS/CAP
Admin. Assistant, iLevel Sales
Ph: 253/924-5014
Fax: 253/924-3484 


AUSTEN, DEBI  2/7/2007

Hi Gerry!


I'm celebrating my 10 year anniversary with Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company this week where I am the HR Manager.  My primary focus since early 2006 has been transitioning our newly acquired company in Scottsdale, AZ into the Weyerhaeuser family.  I travel there once or twice a month - great duty this time of year but not so fun in July!


Both of our daughters have joined the HR family - our oldest is the Regional HR & Training Manager at Avalon Bay Communities in Bellevue and our youngest is the HR Generalist supporting the corporate staff groups at Weyerhaeuser.  Our two grandchildren are a delight - our granddaughter will be 5 next month and the little guy just turned 1.


We're in the process of building a new house on 6 acres in Black Diamond.  We're hoping to move in the July time frame but we have a lot to do on our current house before we can sell it.  After 26 years in one place, I'm NOT looking forward to that part of it.


So good to catch up with everyone!


I can be reached either at my work address ( or home ( 


BAELL, DAVID  2/7/2007





Thank you so much for keeping up with everyone from Paragon.  I have really enjoyed reading the notes, and catching up on what everyone is doing these days.


The family is doing well, and we had several new additions to our family since the last update.  Our newest Granddaughter Meah will be turning 1 this week, and Isabella will be turning 5 in June.  Our newest addition is our Dog Sophie, which finally after a year is turning into a pretty good dog.  Greg got a new position as Golf Superintendent at the Ridges Resort in Hayesville, NC, so he and Greta have relocated there and are in the process of building a new house.  Sandra continues to work for the Dentist in Buford and seems to assume more responsibility for managing the office each passing day. 


After wandering for several years trying to find a company to work with as good as Paragon, I finally struck out on my own as an Independent National Sales Manager.  I started the business 3 years ago and currently represent 5 small startup companies pioneering new brand launches.  After 3 tough years it looks like it is going to finally pay off – thank goodness Sandra was still earning a paycheck!  It has been an interesting transition and quite a learning experience.


I really miss everyone and would look forward to another opportunity for a reunion since I missed the last one.


Thanks for doing this.


David Baell

240 Highland Gate Circle

Suwanee, GA  30024

PH: (678) 714-9387



BAGGETT, EDEE  2/3/2007

Hey Gerry. It's Edee Baggett from Dennis Peck's old team. My new email is I own a restaurant in downtown Lawrenceville on the Historic courthouse square. If we ever need a fun place to meet we could use it. I have a stage for music, a karaoke system and great food...from steaks to shrimp and grits.  I have been traveling and doing political consulting in NE and MI. When  I'm home..I'm at the restaurant.

Thanks for keeping the holy grail of contacts! I REALLY miss everyone. I see Teresa Hauck and Kelly Alls a bit. Later.........edee


Edee Baggett

Cell 678-662-0566


BARBER, JANA  2/17/2007

here's the Barber/Lamb family update...


Roy recently joined Washington Mutual (still in HR) after 9 years (and thousands of hours of commute time) at Intel Dupont. He loves being close to home and the buzz of working downtown. He plays golf in between kid acitivities.

I am currently at home with the kids, and when I am not driving to ballet, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, or playdates, I do on occasional consulting project and I'm a trustee our kid's independent elementary school (chairing the development committee.)

Ellie turns 9 this month, and is a happy, busy dance-a-holic 3rd grader. Meredith is 4 1/2, and is super independent and mischevious. They bring us enormous joy.

We're still in W. Seattle and occasionally run into Barb McGlothlin and Dick Sherman.


kid photos attached.


BEERS, DI  2/1/2007

Hi, Gerry! Wow – you have really done a great job keeping everyone in the loop and providing an excellent opportunity for people to stay in touch.


I am still working for the Kent School District (10 yrs now), as an executive assistant in the superintendent’s office. Lots and lots of customer service! Unfortunately, it’s not one of those jobs where people are crawling out of the woodwork to tell you what a good job you are doing – but, hey I can handle it. I can usually call the full-moon by the calls we get during those times. My youngest son, Jordan (many remember the soft-touch massages during our Friday after hour arm lifts @ Lollie’s) is 17 and will graduate from high school in 2008 (I hope). He is passionate about baseball and hopes to take it to the next level. Those of you still in the Federal Way area may see his name pop up a few times in the paper during baseball season!


I still see Debi Austen (HR) often and keep up on news circulated through those still working at Weyerhaeuser. I hate the fact that Cindy Paulus seems to have dropped off the edge of the earth and has not been good about staying in touch for about the last year or two. I ran into Dave Popejoy selling cars in Bellevue, when we were shopping for a car for my son about a year & 1/2 ago. He looked good and he still remembered me (so he said).


I hope you are doing well and look forward to future updates. My e-mail address has changed just slightly to:


Di Beers

Executive Assistant

K-12 School Improvement




I always go to the Paragoners site to see if there are any updates.  It is great that you are doing this.  I am still at Deloitte, really loving it.  Of course it's not Paragon, but close.  I now have 3 dogs and divorced.  I still live in Alpharetta, GA  now the new city of Johns Creek, Ga.  

It is great keeping in touch with you all.  And it is almost time for another Paragon get together here. 


Edna G. Betancourth
Administrative Assistant
Field Operations
Deloitte Services LP
Tel: 1 404 631-3075
Fax: +1404 890-9058
Mobile: + 1 404 277-3521


BICKEL, CLIFF 3/1/2007

Hello everyone, you might not remember me but I was the first CFO of Paragon and had a great time and experience in participating in taking the Company public.  I left Paragon in January of 1995 to join Scientific Games as its CFO in Atlanta.  In September of 2000 I became a group president after a merger.  That job was absolutely the best business experience of my life.  The business has about $400M in revenue, is nicely profitable and has operations in Europe and Latin America in addition to the US operations.  I will be starting a new career next month as I will be retiring to spend more time with my family including my wife, 3 sons and daughters-in-law as well as 2 grandsons.  We plan to stay in the Atlanta area.


I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the important things in life.


All the best to everyone and their families.



BIGBIE, BECKY  2/13/2007

Hey Gerry!  It was so great to hear from you!  I have had a lot of fun reading up on everyone, but am just now getting around to giving you an update on me!  In 2001, I decided to become a stay at home mom, and over the last 5 years have discovered I missed the business world too much!!!  I am now marketing electricity for Stream Energy.  The company is growing incredibly and may hit a billion dollars in our 3rd year in business!  Google did it the fastest in 6 years, so this is very exciting!  I know electricity is a far cry from baby diapers, but I'm having a blast in this HUGE industry!  We will be launching into Georgia and New York this year, so I may have an opportunity to travel back to Georgia a bit!  It allows me to be a "flexible" mom, which is important because of the kiddos.  Jenna is now 15, a freshman in high school and running cross country and track.  Ryan is now in middle school and plays select soccer.  Aaron is in 4th grade at the elementary school and plays on two soccer teams.  So, to say the least, we are always on the run! 


I was so sad to hear the Waco plant closed.  I would love to know where all those guys ended up.  Again, thanks for keeping all these contacts in contact! 

Warmest regards,


    Becky Bigbie

    Mobile # 214-668-4174



BIRNIE, DOUG 2/24/2007

After leaving Paragon in 1999 I left the consumer packaged goods industry and became the National Sales manager for a company involved in the construction business. The HQs was right around the corner from Paragon. However, in 2002 I got a called from Focus on the Family a Para church ministry that has now been in existence for 30 years (25 years when I joined them). I worked for 2 ½ years in Atlanta as the only one out of 1300 employees not to be located in Colorado Springs. My job was to figure out how Focus on the Family could come along side businesses, schools and families to help them on a grassroots basis. In September 2005 we moved back to Colorado Springs and I now call on donors who support the ministry (fundraising essentially). While I loved working for Paragon this is by far the best job I have ever had. I deal with Christians who have a very high net worth and build relationships with them.


As for the family—Debi and I became empty nesters just as we moved to Colorado. David is now a junior at Wake Forest and loving it. Dana is in her second year of Denver Seminary—she wants to be a Christian counselor. Debi got her real estate license when she moved to Colorado but soon found out she has MS and has been spending a lot of time learning how to care for herself. She is able to travel with me on most of my trips.


This is probably more than most people wanted but most of you know that I always talked a lot!!!


Doug Birnie

Assistant to the Chairman

Focus on the Family

(719) 268 4824

cell (719) 648-0380



Hi, Gerry. It’s good to hear from you. As I write this, I’m now a project manager in the International Programs Group at World Vision. After surviving a couple of dumb post-Paragon jobs, I’m relieved to have finally landed in a place that I’m proud to work at. I’ve been at World Vision almost three years now. Next month, I’ll finally get to see Africa, when I visit some of our projects in Rwanda.


As much as I love working at World Vision, I’m sometimes nostalgic for the formative years I spent at Paragon, back when life was simpler and work was about diapers! I have many, many fond memories of my time at Paragon, and I think of you all often. Keep in touch!




P.S. Which email address do you have for me now? The best one to use is


BOWLES, ELAINE  2/1/2007

Hey Gerry,

It was good to hear from you. I enjoyed the picnic, geez I cannot even
remember when it was. I know it was beautiful and the kayak ride was
awesome. I am still in Clackamas working for Providence Health Services
as a Help Desk Technician. It is a contract job that hopefully will
become permanent. I am engaged to Steven and we are planning on getting
married July 4, 2008. Should be a lot of fun, celebrations of his
birthday, my birthday, my Mom's birthday, our country's birthday and of
course our wedding.

I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care and hope you hear
from you soon.


BRANDS, MIKE  2/8/2007

#1. Partnership By Design ( still exists and am presently selling some tissue for Cellu Tissue into Malaysa and parts of China.

            #2. My wife (Debby) of nearly eight years and I have moved down to Gearhart, Oregon and enjoy getting out of the city. Left the old place in Meridian Valley for others to enjoy.

             #3. Debby and I have started up a small business selling teak furniture and other items from Bali in Indonesia ( We'll see how that goes.

             #4. Still planning to make the turn at milepost 111 and see your place...and Piker. Or, have lunch with you and Henrietta.

Take care,


BROWNE, APRIL  2/17/2007

Hi Everyone!

I've been working for Kaplan in Atlanta now for 3 years as director of marketing.  I work in the Kaplan company (Kaplan IT Learning) that provides training and certification prep to IT professionals and our office is in Sandy Springs.  (Hey Dennis - my boss is an old P&G marketeer who managed the Scope/Crest brands and the Oil of Olay brand and worked on a commercial with a Bond-girl.)  Most of my work involves desensitizing our customers to promotional offers by spamming them 5 to 10 times per month.


We recently acquired a South African company that writes training software, so I spent some time last month (January 2007) in Cape Town, then up to London for a visit to our sales office there.  Cape Town was awesome! Very beautiful white, sandy beaches. (Picture attached.)


Chris and I finally moved into our new house a year ago.  We live in Hoschton, GA which is one exit north of Chateau Elan.  I have an hour and 45 minute commute each way.  Either email address can be used for me: or








Good to hear from you.  I too believe that Paragon was a great group of people, it is a shame what happened.


Here are some updates for my family, you have some minor spelling mistakes in our names but it is not a big deal.


Dawne Carlisle (previously Arbogast) is my wife; we will be celebrating our 13th year of marriage this year.  She is a fulltime housewife that has her hands full managing our family.  We have four girls, Tawnya (21), Danielle (18), Chelsea (18) and Hannah (7).  Tawnya will become an RN this June, Danielle will graduate high school and complete her first two years of college in June, Chelsea will graduate high school this June and begin her college stint. 


When Paragon moved to Atlanta several of us from the IT group outsourced the computer operations and support from Paragon and remained in Federal Way.  Those folks were myself, Dave Kusske and Jim Gavigan.  We formed an IT consulting company that morphed into the company we still all work at today, Continuum Inc. dba IT Source.  We still have office in the Granville Court building in Federal Way.


Chris Carlisle


CHU, JOHANNA  2/1/2007

Hi Gerry,
This is great to get your e-mail today. I wasn't sure if the website was
still running or not.
My home e-mail address is still the same ( I still
work in quality but am now with Medtronic Neurosurgery in Santa Barbara,
All right, we have the palm trees and the white sand beaches 2 miles
away but trust me it is currently ... cold, very cold, freaking cold
(per California Standard). We even a snow warning today for Ventura (30
miles south) and L.A.

Carol Erdman and Linda Honda are not with Tyco anymore. I have forwarded
to them your email.

Thank you again for keeping the website running. I just wish I had spent
more time in Atlanta (instead of traveling) so I could have known more


CLARK, JOHN  2/1/2007



Good to hear from you. Fred Johnson and I were just talking about the Paragon crew the other day.


I am Director of North American National Accounts for a Seattle based division of Hasbro called Wizards of The Coast.


Contact info  office 630-879-8244 ( Chicago622 Bailey Dr  Batavia, IL 60510



I am looking forward to seeing the updates on the website. I hope life is treating you well.


Take care


John Clark


COLE, DAVE  2/19/2007

Paragoners, Since leaving PTB in December of 1999, I’ve relocated twice for two companies. The first move was to Louisville,KY where I was President of Torbitt& Castleman a private label and specialty food manufacturer,and in October of 2001 I became CEO of Coinstar a diversified supplier of front of store products and services.

I’m currently living in Bellevue WA with Nancy and our Westie mix rescue dog Stretch. Life continues to be very busy. I see Paragoners and talk to folks once in a while but have lost touch with most of you. Very unfortunate, you were the best group of people I ever worked with and we had great success and great challenges over the 11 years I spent with the company. We had a lot of fun and shared common values. My golf game has gotten worse,that’s what happens as you age, I’m going to be 60 this year. It’s hard to believe I was 41 when the PTB adventure started. If you ever get to Bellevue give me a call and we’ll have lunch or at least a coffee and talk about the great old days. My best to all of you.



Dave Cole

Coinstar, Inc.

1800 114th Ave SE

Bellevue, WA 98004

Phone: +1 425 943 8106

Fax:     +1 425 637 0045


COOK, JOHN  2/3/2007

Gerry, it was good to get the Paragoners update, and I'm glad you're still keeping it together. My email address is still the same, no changes. We were in Seattle a couple of weeks ago for my newest grandson's 1st birthday. What a hoot!! Sorry we missed getting together with you, Dick Sherman and some of the others. We're in Seattle a couple of times a year now so maybe next trip.


You're right about the Paragon days. We used to complain a lot but in the penetrating light of hindsight it was really a terrific place to work, both Seattle and Atlanta.


Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.





COUNCIL, WARD 2/11/2007



Hope all is well with you.


I am now with PAW Properties, Inc., a company that I formed with the former President and COO of my last company to deal in distressed residential real estate.






D'ADAMS, DENNIS  2/7/2007



Thanks for the e-mail, it,s nice to know that the Paragoners are still around.  I am stll doing some consulting part time and I also make custom furniture when I can find someone willing to over pay for a piece of furniture they really want ( see attached picture).


We moved back to Auburn about 6 years ago.  Our youngest daughter moved in with us with her 4 year old so we don't have to worry about things being to quiet.


Hope the rest of the Paragoners are doing well.




Dennis D'Adam
Engineering Consultant
(253) 833-1906
(206) 890-0991


EDWARDS, MIKE 2/7/2007

Hey Gerry,


Mike Edwards here.  Been a while since I have made it up that way.  My son lives out in Eatonville,  daughter is married and in Vancouver and expecting her first in May.  Yep,   gonna be a grandpa!


On the working front,  I recently started a new job with Pacific Crest Technology in Tualatin OR.  The commute is quite a hike, but the people are pretty decent and I like where I live.  The group I work with does EDI support for Freightliner, which is headquartered in Portland.


Anyone gets down this way,  give a shout.  Can meet up for lunch, dinner, or a drink as well.


Would be interested in the next get together??  Anything in the works??


Take care,




39808 NE 26th St

Washougal, WA, 98671


360-635-8293 (cell)




Gerry - Thanks so much for bringing us all back in contact.  Where have all the years gone for goodness sakes.  Wasn't it just yesterday we were all feverously focusing all out attention on the PTB diaper share vs Proctor and KC.  Oh the good old days :)


I ended up working for Clairol as a Field Marketing Director out of Seattle for nine years.  The fun stopped when Proctor purchased Clairol (don't they every leave us alone!).  After that I took a position as National Sales Director  for a company called Idelle Labs which purchases old, established brands and relauches.  Really fun company with great people (not Paragoner great....but, still pretty good :)  I work out of my house and travel the west coast every week...


The girls (Lindsey and Morgan) are now 22 and 24.  Unbelievable!  And I have a 2 year old granddaughter.  Yes, I'm a grandmother....even more unbelievable!


Hope all is well with you and your family. 


Take care - Stephanie


EVANS, TERRY  2/3/2007

Hey Gerry,

Still doing my 2 days a week for Billy Boy's group [ED Note. The Gates Foundation].
The girls are 16.5 and 13....
Still pretty darn fun.....
Let me know when you next meet for lunch.  I'll definitely try to be there.
I work on Mondays and Tuesdays, the rest of the week is very flexible.

Hi to Jan and the Johnsons for me.


FLYNN, JEAN 3/27/2007

OK – so it’s March 27 and I am just now responding to your email – that’s my life these days!


I just read the updates and loved them all!  I am on my sixth year at Oberto Sausage Company as Director of Marketing for our Oh Boy! Oberto Brand.  It’s pretty fun most of the time but we have fallen on a pretty hard year with some tough competitive issues facing us.  I still talk about the fantastic partnerships forged between departments/functions at Paragon – honestly have not seen it since my days there!


Hi. I was one of the data coordinators in Norcross. I thoroughly enjoyed working at Paragon and made wonderful friends there. After the closure, I chose not to work and volunteered at my church until the end of 2003. In January of 2004 I did something I wanted to do since I was a teenager. I became a flight attendant and have with AirTran Airways for the last 3 years. I get to meet hundreds of people every time I go to work. This is the best job in the world.


Desiree Freeman


GAUB, JANICE   2/8/2007

Gerry Sheehan!
A blast from the past!  Thanks for including me.  So good to hear from you.  How are you?  What are you up to?
I'm married (Travis) and have a five year old little girl, Grace.  We live in San Mateo, CA.  I work for Shutterfly as their VP of Consumer Marketing.  Anyway, I will go to the web site later and see what's cookin'.
All the best,

GAVIGAN, JIM  2/1/2007



                Nice to hear from you, I just ran across your name yesterday and was wondering what you were up to.  My 4th grade daughter will be at the capital on Feb 9th  with her school, and it seems one of the speakers is a Gerry Sheehan.  


Dave Kusske, Chris Carlisle and I are still partners in the IT consulting/services firm we started when Paragon decided to move to Atlanta.  Let us know when you will be in Federal Way, we would love to get together for lunch.


Jim Gavigan




Hope everyone is doing well, I am in Phoenix, Arizona now working for Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex selling small appliances.  I have 2 daughters, Shelby is almost 8 and a great swimmer/soccer player and Courtney started Kindergarten this year and is 5, she loves dance and gymnastics.   I miss working with all the wonderful folks, the business is just not the same as back then.   Give everyone my best.  All my numbers are listed below.


Jennifer Gertson
Hamilton Beach-Proctor Silex
3529 E Desert Willow Road
Phoenix, AZ  85044

480.706.5757 Phone
480.706.4554 Fax



I'm not retired.  I have taken Elaine under my wing for more training.  We, along with Bill Smith are helping another private label company succeed marginally.  Bill, ships most of what I sell and Elaine complains about the low margins.  Nothing new. We work for Vi-Jons Laboratories and we sell to the HBC dept. in all channels.  I run the Dollar Channel customers and report into Elaine.  she is the big boss and Bill runs logistics and all of customer service.  We are now a big player in this category and we were acquired by Berkshire Partners out of Boston along with the Vi-Jons company out of St. Louis. We used to have Jeff Schoen on the team but finally retired after making a killing on the sale of Cumberland Swan. I received my bi-weekly pay check.


I still look the same.  Handsome and physically fit.  I don't look at the mirror so I know it is true..Betsy still puts up with me and we will celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary this year. Every year I see many of my old friends form Paragon at the PL show.  I think it great that the old company still has life in it. I still compete against P&G and will always hate them.  Hope everyone is doing well and hope to heard about my many good friends.




GRANT, JIM  2/5/2007

Good to hear from you Gerry, hope all is well with you and family.

Have to agree, the years at Paragon were outstanding, Lisa and I remember them fondly.

It's February 2007, I am still working at Weyerhaeuser in the containerboard packaging division. Lisa has the toughest job, though, as she takes care of our home and 3 children. Lisa is doing very well and enjoys life each day. 7 years ago we moved to a home in south hill of Puyallup and really like the neighborhood. Much of our time is spent with Emily (10), David (7), and Aaron (7). The boys are into cub scouts and it's a blast being part of their experience. We love camping and spend much time up in the mountains of the western states.

Hope to see you soon,



Jim and Lisa Grant:


                                6903 152nd St E

                                Puyallup, WA 98375


GRANT, LISA   2/6/2007

Hi Gerry!!


We got your e mail, but our e mail address in the spreadsheet still has netzero.  We are


I still regret not making it to the reunion out at your place, what, 3 years ago?  A girlfriend of mine turned 40 that weekend and Jim was out of town so I got a sitter and partied with her.  Sure enjoyed the pictures on the site though.  Thanks for keeping that up!


Jim is still at Weyerhaeuser, I’m still at home with the kids.  This is my first year with all of them in school full time!! WaHoo!  So I have absolutely no excuse for not getting out a Christmas letter.  I barely got  a picture card out.  And still, not everyone got one.  Plus, I have school pictures that need to go to a few distant family members as well….the kids are gone, but my time is still short.


I hear some of the guys still meet for lunch on and off.  I sure would like to join one of those sometime?  Do you get out to it much or are you still working full time?


I hope you get some responses, would be great to catch up on a few people.


Lisa Grant


HANSON, EBBA  2/2/2007

I have been with Georgia-Pacific for almost three years, and am really enjoying it.  I am working on product innovation in the G-P Packaging division.  Who knew there was so much to a brown box!  My group is made up of just two people, and we are looking to hire a paper/fiber engineer to add to the group if you know of anyone looking who fits the bill.  I am lucky to be in a small office in Norcross, and not have to commute downtown to our headquarters.  I am actually on the other side of the lake from the old Norcross Paragon building, accessible off of Reps Miller Rd.  Georgia-Pacific was purchased by a private company, Koch, last year.  I remember in my interview with G-P I said I was interested in a really large company because they wouldn't be bought by anyone.  Guess I was wrong on that.  The acquisition made Koch the largest private company.  The changes have been good, though. 

My kids just keep getting bigger.  Martha started middle school this year, and Matt is an active eight year old.  For the few of you who had the chance to meet Mary, she turned a very precocious five earlier this week.  If you remember, Mary was born right after the Tyco acquisition finalized, and Tyco let me go over the phone eight days after she was born.  I guess they figured a week's maternity leave was adequate!  I was lucky to have stockpiled enough diapers to get her through potty training, though. 

I haven't taken diapers home at my current job, but do have the perk of a wide variety of other products left over from testing.  If it ships in a brown box, most likely we have tested it in our packaging labs.  Everything from paper towels and plates to frozen pizza and chicken fingers to stainless steel ovens and water heaters.  (And yes, someone did get to take the stainless steel oven home through an auction we held!)

Overall, things are going well.  I'd love to hear from you all.




Gerry – great to hear from you.  I have been hanging out with Skinner and Tucci for the last couple of years – I am managing logistics for Valor Brands out of the Atlanta office.  I do get to spend a lot of time in Tijuana though J.


Hope all is well with you and yours!




Scott Harrison

Valor Brands, LLC
Atlanta Office: 770. 346-9250, ext. 206



HAYDEN, MONICA  2/1/2007

Hi Gerry! It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you after so long! As you can see by my info below, I am working for Morgan County, GA. Have been for about 5 months now & enjoying it very much. I received my Master’s degree in Historic Preservation from UGA about 2 ½ years ago, went to work for the GA DOT shortly thereafter, where I was an Architectural Historian for 2 years, but the commute got to me, so I quit. I now work out of this beautiful gem of a city that is Madison, GA, which is about 20 minutes away from my home in Covington (left Gwinnett County about 2 years ago—couldn’t take the sprawl anymore!). My husband Kurt is “between jobs” right now and actively looking, with some promising prospects in the horizon.


I hope all is well with you. My personal email is:

Best regards,


Monica D. Hayden -

Special Projects Coordinator

Morgan County Board of Commissioners

355 Hancock Street - P.O. Box 168

Madison, GA 30650

PH: 706-343-6447

FAX: 706-343-6450





I'm so glad to hear from an old Paragoner!


I was a Customer Advocate,Operations Planner, then a Demand Planner from 1996-2001.  I stayed home after having my 2nd baby in March 2001.  In 2004 my husband and I started a business - Grapevine Marketing Solutions  - which he runs from home - it's a Marketing/Advertising company for small to medium sized businesses that need help with graphic design, print production,web design, name recognition, and identity marketing.


I rejoined the workforce when he started the business and was a Sr. Forecasting Analyst for Russell Athletic and now am really happy as the Demand Planner in the S&OP group at Acuity Brands Lighting - a lighting company that is the #1 manufacturer of Fluorescent lighting in the world.  I've joined the dark side - it runs ORACLE.


I have 2 kids - both were Paragon diaper testing babies - Justin 8 and Abby (almost) 6.  We live in Lawrenceville GA and are very happy.


I loved my years and Paragon and always have considered the culture and the people as the best I've ever worked with.


My contact info is:


Miriam Hetzler (Jack)

1220 Bridle Path Drive

Lawrenceville, GA  30045

678-580-0352 (home)

770-860-3532 (work) 


HIRSCHEY, BOB  2/5/2007

Hi Gerry.  I'm still in the pulp business at Weyerhaeuser - now called "Cellulose Fibers."   Since 2002, I've been out of the main line finance and have been VP, Strategy for the business.  For the last couple of years, I've been leading the business in a re-invention of its business processes -- basically designing and implementing new supply chain management processes.  This is ahead of totally re-doing our computer systems using SAP technology.  Cellulose Fibers was chosen as the "beachhead" business for the overall company-wide effort (a compliment, I think), and our forward movements (and occasional fallbacks) have a fair amount of visibility.  Learning a lot about supply management best practices ... Weyerhaeuser Cellulose Fibers will strengthen its position as the "top dog" in the fluff pulp industry when this is all implemented.


Has it really been 5 years already since the demise?


Bob Hirschey
CH 3D24


HOEZEE, TIM  2/3/2007

Hey, Gerry - thanks for this!


I am a logistics Manager for the Kellogg Company, working in the Wholesome Portable Breakfast Snacks division out of Grand Rapids, MI.


Tim & Heather Hoezee

4505 Loire Valley Drive SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49546

(616) 942-6022



HOPEN, DEBBIE 4/1/2007



Although I never actually was a "Paragoner," I certainly am pleased to be included on this e-mail list. I really appreciate everything you do to keep our group connected!


For the past three years, I've been on sabbatical from consulting, working on getting enough credits to be licensed as an adolescent counselor in WA. I now do pro bono work with teenagers who have ADD/ADHD or anxiety issues that affect their school performance. My daughter, Elizabeth, turned 23 last week, so I guess I had to seek teenage turmoil from non-family members!


Of course, pro bono work does not pay the bills, so I am finally going back to work, and my first official day on the new job is tomorrow. I will be president of a new firm, The Integrity Institute, that has been formed by Lynn Brewer, the woman who blew the whistle on Enron to the SEC. She is an incredible person, and I am very excited about having the opportunity to work with her.


I still see Bev Campese on a regular basis and cross paths with other Federal Way-Tacoma area Paragoners at the grocery store on occasion. I would welcome the opportunity to catch up with anyone who remembers me from the "good, old days" to send me a message at


Take care!





It's funny that your email came when it did because I was just thinking about Paragon last week!

I am doing okay.  I have returned to Atlanta from Los Angeles after getting a job that turned out to be too much hard work and not enough money!  I don't think I'll ever work in produce again.  I learned a lot though and got to work very closely with the folk at Wal-Mart, which was a plus.

I returned to Atlanta after discovering I had Systemic Lupus.  Not too long after I got back, I was hospitalized due to a flare up in my brain.  It seems that I get the most rare form of lupus and the most difficult form to treat.  About a year after I got back, my sister lost her fight with Lupus and died in May 2006.  I am still recovering from my flare and am only now realizing how sick I really was.  I have recovered enough to have clear days now.  Before It was foggy and I didn't know it.

It seems I am better at written communication than the oral form as anything that comes out of my mouth doesn't sound anything like the way I thought it, but when I type what I think, it is exact.  Go figure!

Anyway, I am doing well, buying a house in Dacula and thinking about getting back into the Job market.  It's been nearly two years since the flare up and I'm almost ready to go back to work.  Unfortunately, my money has run out and I don't have much of a choice.

Thanks for keeping the pargoners going.


Patrice Howard


HUNT, MICHAEL  2/6/2007

Good morning.  Glad to see the updates on everyone.  I am with Personal Optics Eyewear.  I am the VP of National Accounts.  The personal email you currently have for me is still valid.  Best regards,


Michael Hunt

Vice President National Accounts

Personal Optics


JOHNSON, BETSY  2/1/2007

Hi Gerry,
Thanks for reviving the paragoners website.  Has it really been 5 years?
I have an update for your phone list:
new employer:  Hunton & Williams - Atlanta, GA
email address:

Hope all is well.
Best Regards,

JOHNSON, DAHL  2/1/2007



I heard Tyco is not interested in the Absorbent Products business and that Macon might be closing.  Have you heard anything like that?


I'll write more later.



Dahl Johnson


KAMPE, BRIAN  2/1/2007


Thanks for sending the note out the other day.  I took the family up to Seattle last weekend to the Boat Show and linked up with Greg Polkinghorn.  We had dinner and discussed how great Paragon was.  We hadn't seen each other for over 10 years, but it felt just like yesterday!

Please update our home email to:

Thanks!  Brian

PS - Maybe next trip up North we'll stop in Olympia….



WOW what a blast from the past.!!!  It was so cool to see “Paragon” on my email this morning.  I 100% agree with you that Paragon (to this day) was the best experience for me as well.  I hope you hear from a ton of other people as well who felt the same.


As far as I go.  I’m still working at Majestic Athletic in Pennsylvania.  We are the exclusive uniform supplier to Major League Baseball and outfit all 30 teams on field with their uniforms, tee shirts and outerwear.  It is a pretty cool job for someone who loves baseball like I do.  I have been with the company 5 ½ years now (I left Paragon right before everything went to hell).  I started as the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO of the company then was promoted 3 years ago to Special Events/Marketing Manager.  I handle everything from sales meetings and trade shows to all leagues All-Star Games, Super Bowl etc…..It’s a good gig I guess.  I get to travel to tons of places and see a lot of great sporting events so its cool.   I am still single but have been dating the same guy for 4 years now (off and on).  We have recently started to look to buy a house together but have no plans in the works for marriage.  Not sure what else there is to tell you. 


Keep the emails and updates coming.  I love it and can’t wait to go on line and see what everyone else is up to as well.  ; )


Thanks for keeping it going.



Hi Gerry - thanks for keeping this up!  it is always fun to see the  names and reminisce

This is joanne lamb (maiden name Kinane - everyone knew me as joanne kinane) I worked in Marketing  = packaging art dept  (reported to barb mcglothlin - worked w/ cindy klapperich too)

my update:

Moved from seattle to san diego w/ my  husband in 2003 (for his job) Now living in san diego w/ new baby boy! (7 months) and our very large 100 lb dog - haas working part time in HR for a company called AMN Healthcare in San Diego -

Love the beach but miss the clouds of Seattle!

barb  & i still keep in touch - and I hear from cindy every now and then as well

thanks again for all of your work!!

LAMBERT, BILLY  2/14/2007

Good morning:
I can cover three of us in this e-mail. Dickie Pruett, Rusty Beals, and I
have our company, INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS & SERVICES LLC about to celebrate our
2 year business anniversary. Our current e-mail is
We also have Greg DeLeon working for us as an onsite crew supervisor.
This is short for now.

Billy Lambert 254-709-3715

Industrial Projects & Services LLC. Web


LEACH, SCOTT 2/19/2007



Scott Leach

Vice President North America

Irving Consumer Products

(610) 870 0016

Cell (678) 778 2661



Good to hear from you Paragoner.  My email address is correct and I'm still working for McKesson. 


Take care.




MARTENS, SUE  2/7/2007

Hello Gerry,    Glad to see there are still some of us out there -- I've lost touch with almost everyone!  We travel a lot so I haven't had time to see what's happening with the Paragoners.  And, who would have thought back in the "good old times" that Paragoners would have become real?

    I'm hoping some old friends will show up, Dennis Peck, Eric Shultz, John C. and John R, Roz, Sales, and the whole systems group.

    Still retired and my pastime is quilting.  Getting pretty good after 8 years of loafing. Hi to everyone. 

 Sue Martens



MATELICH, JOHN  2/1/2007

Hi Gerry,



I’m still with Trident Seafoods in Seattle.  I have to agree with you that Paragon is one of the best professional environments I’ve experienced.  It was great to work in a company where we were really firing on all cylinders and cross functional teamwork was the norm.



Best wishes,







MATEO, NOEL 2/11/2007

Hey there!

I'm glad that this website is still in existence! I think about my days at Paragon and how it has helped shape my career and life!

After working in Norcross from the time it moved from Federal Way to the time it closed (1996-2002), I went to work for BTG Americas in Norcross, GA. I traveled a lot to tissue paper mills all across North America, and made a couple of trips to Switzerland (where one of BTG's manufacturing facilities is located.) While discovering different parts of the world was interesting for a while, it started to wear me and my family down quite a bit. After a little over 2 years with BTG, I was back on the search for a new job, and luckily for me, a Process Engineering position within Georgia-Pacific opened up in the Rincon, GA mill (just north of the Savannah, GA). So, with some help from Ebba Hansen (who also works for G-P), and using my experience from BTG and Paragon and Kimberly-Clark, I was able to get an interview and job offer from G-P in February 2005, and started working here shortly thereafter. While this meant moving away from the Atlanta are, it also meant that we could be much closer to my wife's parents and sister and brother-in-law (who all live in Jacksonville, FL, which is about 2 hours south of where we live now.) It also meant that I would not have to travel nearly as much as I did with BTG, so I could come every day after work to see my family.

I'm really enjoying my job and the people with whom I work. The environment is very close to what I experienced when I was with Paragon. Rather than working on figuring out how to make diapers on a diaper machine, I now work on how to make paper towels, bath tissue, and napkins. Sounds mundane, but it's still pretty cool how it all works.

Mona still works as a Speech Pathologist in the Bryan County Schools here, though nowadays she is only part-time. Cecilia is about 3 1/2 years old, and Tristan just turned 9 months old (see picture). The kids are great, and as I mentioned before, it's great to see them at the end of the day when I get home from work...

I hope everyone can stay in touch. My e-mail is still the same (, so drop me a line when you can.

Take Care!
Noel Mateo


MATTHEWS, RICH  2/1/2007

Gerry, I have retired from Jerry Leigh Oct 2005. I now live in Gilbert, Arizona. My new email address is Hope all is well with you.


Richard Matthews



Hi Gerry, this is Allan McDonald, I worked for Paragon from 2000-2002 in the corporate office in Atlanta. I am currently working for Publix supermarket in the Dacula distribution center as an Ammonia refrigeration Technician. Hope to hear from you, and others in the future.

Allan McDonald


Hello Gerry, et al,

I’m currently working as CEO, COO and all other “C” jobs (except for CFO, that’s my husband’s job) for a small four person company called the McGlothlin Family.  It’s a very exciting and always changing job, presenting daily challenges and opportunities for behavioral improvement (mainly from our youngest employee).  The pay sucks, but the rewards are bountiful.  After being let go by Tyco 5 years ago, I decided to give this job a whirl.  Our employees are now 8 (daughter, Taylor) and 3 (son, Will).  They do an excellent job keeping the work environment full of energy.  In addition to being our CFO, Dave works for Princess Cruises in Seattle and we very much enjoy the perks of his “other” job.  It seems most of my time is spent in our logistics department between schools and extracurricular activities.  Our company is based in a wonderful neighborhood in West Seattle; we’ve been here for over 9 years.  Life is good.  I keep in touch with many Paragoners but of course not as much as I’d like.  I have some very special Paragon memories and friendships that I hope will last forever.  I’ve attached a company photo taken this past Christmas and one of the kids (oh, I mean employees) taken around the same time.


It was wonderful reading all of the bios.  Thanks for initiating this Gerry.


Barb McGlothlin

3264 56th Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98116



MCNELLIS, JAN 2/20/2007

Hi Gerry,


You are so wonderful for keeping this up.  It was great reading and catching up with what people are doing.


I am still with Weyerhaeuser, and just celebrated my 24 year anniversary.  My how time flies when you are having fun :)  I left accounting about 7 years ago and have been doing IT project management work ever since.  Lots of new challenges and things to learn, so it's really been a nice change for me.


I still live in Federal Way as do my two daughters, 20 and 24. 



Jan McNellis
Project Delivery Services
Weyerhaeuser Company
Federal Way
, WA

253-924-3247    NB1-2D4 



Hey Gerry,

Kudos to you for keeping PTB alive. I still miss working there. It was supposed to be my "till I retire" job! In case you don't remember, I started at PTB as a temp during the Y2k Upgrade and moved to the credit department as a full time employee.
When I left PTB, I took a few months off and then landed at Mizuno USA in the credit department and have recently been promoted to Senior Credit Representative. I love my job here but it's sure not Paragon.
Also working at Mizuno are two other former Paragoners, Carla Fryar and Denise Lemons both of whom were in the credit department. I'm also still in touch with Judy Thompson, Jeff Pastor and Caren Satterwhite.
In other news, I'm a Grandmother and loving every minute of it. Must be my reward for not strangling my children when they were young. :) Please find a current family photo of my son, daughter, grandaugher and myself.
We really should try to have a big get together in the spring!!  I would also love to hear from anyone who cares to email. My email address is

Dominique Miller

Credit Representative
Phone: 800.966.1234 ext. 7975
Fax: 888.333.5692

MILLER, LAURIE  2/14/2007



To the Paragoners:

I was a Paragon sales employee for over 9 years. I have to say that the friendships and bonds that were made during my tenure at Paragon are second to none.  The culture back in the old days was one that has been impossible to duplicate.  The friendships have endured and are cherished. I was Matron of Honor in Leslie McAlister/Haston's wedding. I can't even begin to tell all of you how much it meant to me for Leslie to bestow this true honor on me.  We communicate weekly and I believe we will be friends for a lifetime.  The friendship I still have with Anna Wadsworth is a cherished friendship that will also last a lifetime.  Anna and her family have visited me and my family so many times, in fact, this last year she visited twice, once by herself and another time with her husband Paul.  I am going to visit Anna within the next few weeks and we plan to take a trip to Ashville.  I still also have a cherished friendship with Doug Birnie, Sandy Shephard and Sam Efnor, even though I don't talk to them very often, when we do, I feel like long lost friends.  Although I may not be in contact with those of you who I knew for those 9 years I do remember you and think about the "old days".  On a few occasions I've picked up the phone and have touched based with others.. the bonds that were made during the first 8 years or so will last a lifetime.  I look forward to the PLMA every year where I run into Sheila Mulvihill, Hieka, Mike Young, Jim Skinner and others.  

On a personal note: Mike and I are still living in Clayton, CA.  My daughter Nicole is 10 years old.  She is a joy and I am sure, although she doesn't admit it,  she was so thankful to be using Paragon diapers when she was a baby... I know I was!
I left Paragon shortly after the filing of chapter 11 and I went to work for Bremner, Division of Ralcorp Holdings.  I am now the National Sales Manager for the Bremner/Nutcracker business units selling cookies, crackers and snack nuts.  I have 9 Regional Sales Managers Reporting into me and I personally cover the Safeway account and all the Dollar Stores.  My life is extremely busy.  At times I am on the road for a week at a time.  Bremner is as close to Paragon as I think I could get, they appreciate what I do and the contributions I make to the company.  My professional life is everything I wanted it to be and more.  

Attached is a picture of me and Nicole (August 06)

Wishing all of you the best.

Laurie Miller




Hi Gerry -


I would love to be on your email list (how did you forget me, anyway).  I've been a little out of touch with all of you, but Diane Omli forwards the important news.


Tom and I live in Cave Creek, AZ (or N. Phoenix) and we really like it here.  I ran into Mr.Gemmel about 6 months ago - he lives in N.Scottsdale ... sure is a small world.  I am in the middle of chemo right now for breast cancer, but know I can beat it - I feel pretty darn good for as serious as this is suppose to be.


Anyway ... please add me to the "old" (former Weyerhaeuser/Paragon) Paragoners list.  Thanks - hope to hear from you soon!!!


MaryLynn Perry Miller



Hi Gerry - thank you for all your hard work on this project.  It's hard to believe it has been so many years now.  After 2 years as a realtor with John L. Scott, I decided it was not the job for me.  I'm currently unemployed and looking for a great part-time job.  I hope you and your family are doing well.

Take care,

Mary Mitchell 


NEARY, SANDRA  2/1/2007

Gerry, it was interesting to hear from you, six years later.  Mike and I now live in central Oregon, 20 miles south of Bend, on the High Desert.   We are 25 miles from Mt. Bachelor ski resort and the Sisters Wilderness.  We have a nice house on a couple of acres next to a golf course and across the road from the Little Deschutes river.  It's very pleasant here, even when it's zero degrees and snowing.  We are taking country dance lessons and making lots of new friends.  


I'm a full time artist now, working primarily in watercolors.  Although I don't update it very often, you can see what I've been painting on my website,  I also spend a few hours every week helping my husband in his patent law practice, which is winding down towards retirement.  We still ski, hike, sea kayak and kayak surf, but we no longer run. 


I hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks for staying in touch.


Sandra Neary


NOBLE, NANCY 2/5/2007

Hi Gerry, Updating is an excellent idea. It has been too long.

Barry and I are still spending our winters in Arizona. Last summer we bought
1.1 acres with a double wide mobile home & 2 1/2 car garage in SW Nevada for
our summer home.  We are south of Reno and Carson City off of 395 about 4
miles from the California border.  We will be spending summers there from
now on when we aren't traveling in the motor home.  If any of you are in the
Phoenix area in the winter or the Reno area in the summer, we would love to
see you.  (480)225-3081 - cell.

I have been a gourd artist for several years now.  I know, what the heck is
a gourd artist?  I just finished a 3 day show at the Pinal County, AZ
Fairgrounds that was attended by about 10,000 people.  You would not believe
what artists can do with a hard shell gourd.  My work can't compete with a
lot of them, but I can hold my own.

When is the next reunion :-)?  Nancy Noble


Nokleby, Scott 2/18/2007

Julie and I are doing something I swore an oath NOT to do.  Work in Private Label Again, work for a corporation again, never a family run company again and particularly to live near Lake Michigan where I spent the coldest years of my life when going to Northwestern Univ..


Well, no more swearing dammit. Look what it gets you. I am now in Sheboygan, WI living on Whispering Winds Road and everything goes sideways due to the constant whispering 25 mph winds.  I refuse to buy a coat or put snow tires on my car...and am surviving just fine.  Have some land, two dogs and a happy wife Julie to keep me from falling into a cemetery plot while wandering around mumbling. 


Hooked up with Rockline as their head of Global Product Management/Marketing and gratuitous agent of change (some call it blatant offensive behavior).  I am having a blast. Enjoying helping a company become much better...if we can get the family to delegate and peel their white knuckles off the wheel.  I am remembering being in a family company, on the lake, in private label (Chicago November PLMA show still has the highest slime/sq. mile anywhere in the world), and what fun it is to hit a 360 with the car in the snow..  I have the opportunity to work with fearless Dave Wolcott and trade salvo's with copartners Susan, Jim, Scott and Kyle at Valor brands. 


We have jettisoned all the kids.  Barred the the door and given them their last words of advice.  Here is a picture of my family overlooking Lake Michigan, two grand kids, and son in law visiting this last Christmas in Wisconsin.  We all tried hard not to look cold for December.  I have also sent a recent picture of myself with my beloved red stapler. I have become a real handsome dude.


I will be back to visit soon.  Keep a spot on the grass free for us to camp and view the Puget Sound again from your paradise location.


Still your friend,.


Scott Nokleby


OMLI, DIANE   2/6/2007


An update about me (Diane Omli):  I’m still with Weyerhaeuser in EDI for the packaging group.  Jim Grant is also in my group.  My children graduated from college last summer (5/2006), and we moved into a new home at Christmas my husband helped build.


PS: Let me know when the next Peking Wok function is and I’ll try and recruit more people.

Diane Omli
E-Commerce Analyst - CBPR  Weyerhaeuser Company
WTC 2E20  phone: 253-924-7567  Fax: 253-942-0258


PAULUS, CINDY 2/14/2007

Hey .. this is Cindy Paulus and my email is!  Look forward to hearing how everyone is!




Hi Gerry, Could to hear from you,  Heinz and I are doing fine.  let's try and get everyone together once again.

We would be interested in seeing everyone.  Gloria and Heinz



Thanks Gerry for keeping this going site active.  How fun it was to see where everyone is now,,,, and all the incredible folks that made Paragon a

great place have continued being the  special people they are with new successes in both careers and personal lives!


Two years after the Paragon doors closed in Norcross I married a special Cuban fella.  A young retired Lt Col now selling software. Together we have

three grown young adult children and Elisha Beth now 15 in high school. AND, of all places,,, I'm employed at the Corp Office of Cellu Tissue in

Alpharetta, whose customers include, and which I now ship tissue product to, Tyco Healthcare, Mabesa,, and Rockline (Valor Brands) !!!!


Life is Good and this road traveled allowed us to meet great people and experiences that will last a life friends and the great team at



Miss it much,,,, and miss ya'll.

Kathy Valade Perez


PRIEST, TRACEY  2/5/2007



It was great to hear from you and catch up on where everyone is these days. For me I still own my own marketing consulting company, Strategic Marketing Partners and am living in the Panhandle of Florida. Business is good and I am enjoying life in Florida. Thanks for taking on this task. I still have the same e-mail address.


Tracey Priest

Strategic Marketing Partners



Added 4/1

I hope all is well with you. I wanted all of the Paragoners to know that I have started working with a company that provides consulting services to people who are interested in owning there own business through a franchise system. The consulting service assist a potential candidate in purchasing a new business based on there personal goals, skill set and financial resources. The consulting is free and commissions are paid to by the franchisor. If any Paragoners are interested in owning there own business or know of someone who is interested please call me at 850-225-4945.


Tracey Priest



PRUETT, DICKIE  2/3/2007


I am Dickie Pruett, From Waco,Texas.

We have started our own business, Industrial Projects and Services L.L.C.


Billy Lambert, Rusty Beals and Dickie Pruett


To find out more about us please go to our web page



I was with Weyerhaeuser and Paragon for 24 years

Paragon will rise again


RHONE, TANYA  2/4/2007

Hi Gerry,

You are so terrific and keeping us all together, maintaining the connections! All is well with us. Allison is in Paris studying photography. Nico is finishing basketball season and looking towards college (can you believe it?!). Mic still works for the City. I'm still consulting.

How are you?



RIDGEWAY, PAM 2/19/2007

Hey Gerry,


I am still with Tyco in KOP in the credit department.  It is so wonderful to see what everyone has been up to.  Not sure if anyone remembers me I worked with Bobby McKinstry in the credit department in Norcross.  I am still loving my job after 11 years with the company I cannot believe it has been that long.  I miss my family desperately I come home as often as I can to get my my family fix... I also miss the Georgia weather... it is extremely cold up here. 


Pam Ridgway

Credit Manager

Tyco Healthcare Retail Group




Hi Gerry!

I am still alive and well and still loving my job at Nestle. I have been thinking about our 5 year anniversary lately, too and wondering how everyone is doing. I am very nostalgic about my years at PTB and get homesick for the job and people I knew there.... It was a wonderful place to work and I learned so much from the people that I was lucky enough to work with. I really miss everyone.

I'm so glad that you are trying to get in touch with everyone.

Take care!

Dawn Robertson
Nestle USA
TC&C South Central and the McLane Team
4100 Midway Rd. #1010
Carrollton, TX 75007
469-737-2833 phone
469-737-2873 fax



Hello Everyone,

I remarried two years ago and relocated to Albany, New York.  It snows a lot here.  I still work for the Chesapeake Group in Cincinnati - with a phone and a computer, you can work from anywhere these days!  If you need any package design (structural or graphic), please call me!  We have been lucky enough to work for some other former Paragoners since
our unfortunate demise, with very successful results.  I also have a thriving calligraphy business.

My husband is an interventional cardiologist.  My oldest daughter Betsy married her high school sweetheart in September and they live in South Carolina.  My younger daughter Robyn lives here with us and is about to finish at the local community college, and considering her options to follow.  We also have my 13 year old stepson - boys are sure different
from girls!  But he is great to me, and I am lucky not to have any nightmare stepparent issues.

I have tried skiing, but really haven't taken to it.  But I play way too much tennis - all indoors, so there's never a bad weather day here!   We also do a lot of traveling.

Life sure takes you places you never thought you'd go, but consider everything an adventure, then relax and enjoy the ride.  You usually end up in a great place!  I still feel Paragon was by far the best place I ever worked.  It was too good to be true - so many talented people at one company...

Best wishes to all of you.

Leslie (Sorrell) Roccario

Leslie Roccario
The Chesapeake Group
807 Broadway, 5th Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

518-674-8140 New York
513-345-6300 Corporate

ROSONE, ROS 2/7/2007

Hi Gerry and everyone from PTB, I can not believe its been 5 years since PTB, I am still in IT and now the IT manager at Kraiburg TPE in Duluth. Great company and has a lot of the same spirit
we had at PTB.  Last year Melissa and I were blessed with a child Giuseppe Roberto Rosone. We had some very trying times, He was born with a kidney tumor that was removed the next day along with his right kidney, after 6 weeks the tumor returned and Joseph had to endure 11 rounds of Chemo and 4 more surgeries. We are very thankful that he is doing great and is going to have a normal life without any side effects.  I can not say enough good words about Children's Hospital. They are truly wonderful people.

Ros Rosone



Hello all, it has been over twelve years since Vicki and I left our lives at Paragon.  Vicki 'retired' to be a full time mom and has been promoted to Queen of the house.  Alex was born 5 days after my layoff and has run our lives ever since. 


We are doing great, still in the same house I bought in 1978 and Vicki's cat collection is still growing.  Vicki has also taken up the therapy of planting rocks, since we have an abundance of raw material available. Her pathways and designs are awesome and she has created quite a peaceful garden park right outside our front door.


I currently work at Simmons Bedding company(almost 10 years) and last year went from the plant controller for the Pacific Northwest region to the Division Controller for the West and have ten locations to worry about from Honolulu to |Janesville Wisconsin.  It takes a lot of travel but I love the challenges.


I enjoyed reading the notes from many long lost friends we had at Paragon and surprised that many are still very close.

My home email is and I would love to hear from all of you.



Hi Gerry!  Wow, it's good to see what the old crew is up to!!  I can tell ya, 5 years later, I still miss Paragon. I've been at Imerys Clays, an industrial minerals company, doing patent and trademark work, since leaving Paragon in March of 2002.  It gets the bills paid, but it sure ain't Paragon!   My email address is still  I work with Roxanne Cenatempo, who used to be the patent attorney at Paragon.  her email address is


Caren Satterwhite




Good to hear from you.  I agree, Paragon was an awesome place to work.  Well, I was Nicole Hamel, now
Nicole Scarborough.  I got married in October 2004 and now I live in Rock Hill, SC.  Currently I am staying
at home with my new son, Noah.  Those are the two major live events that have taken place for me since
Paragon.  I was a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep before having my son in September 2006.

I will visit the website, glad you are keeping everyone up to date.  Its nice to stay in touch.

Take care,


Am interested in a get together - Marlene



While I'm up at it, here's my update:


I'm at Wizards of the Coast in Renton as a market research project manager.  I work two days/week, in a job share with a gal who works three days.  I have two wonderful daughters - 10th grade and 7th grade.  I work part-time in order to spend more time with them (while they still want me around!).


I've been with Wizards off and on since 1996.




SHEEHAN, GERRY  2/1/2007

Hi Everyone,


After "retiring" from Paragon,  I looked for job for a couple years, but not wanting to leave the great NW again and "being of a certain age", I started consulting, sailing and playing golf.  Consulting didn't pay well and the sailing and golf payed even less.  Eventually, I went to work part-time for the Washington State Legilature working during sessions in their Legislative Information Center.  After a couple of years, the head retired, I applied, and surprise--I'm working full time again--at least for a couple of more years.


I love the job.  I am responsible for the toll-free Hotline call center, and for our office in the Legislative Building which produces all kinds of documents, researches and answers questions about the Government,  designs and manages the Legislature's Website, and teaches classes to the public on the how the Legislature works and how to use our website to track legislation and get other legislative information.  Check us out --


By the way--all that time sailing and playing golf---wasted.  I'm neither a better sailor nor a better golfer but it sure is fun.  And by the way, as many of you know, my next door neighbors are Kay & Pyke Johnson -- the best neighbors a person  could ever have.


SKINNER, JIM  2/7/2007


Gerry - here's my  update.  I've also attached a family picture from last summer.  Thanks for taking the lead on all of this.

I'm still working in the diaper business.  About a year after Paragon was acquired by Tyco, we started a company called Valor Brands.  The company is a partnership between Mabesa and Rockline Industries.  For those of you who moved on to businesses other than diapers, my congratulations.  For those of you who are still in the business, my sympathies!  Hey - no business is easy these days, right?  The great thing is that I get to work with some former Paragon folks and bump into others in customer lobbies and at trade shows.

I live in Atlanta with my wife Holly and sons Kyle (15) and Jeff (11).  Kyle enjoys baseball, high school girls, and generally terrorizing his mother from behind the steering wheel of the car.  Jeff enjoys baseball, forgetting articles of clothing at school, and practicing for a coveted rejection apearance on American Idol.  We're all doing fine.  We make it out to Seattle every summer and occasionally get the chance to catch up with some of the "Federal-Way-the-only-way" folks. 

It's great to get caught up again with everybody.  Keep posting those comments.

Jim Skinner

SMITH, BILL 2/5/2007



I am VP - Logistics for ViJon.  Last summer, my former company, Cumberland Swan was purchased by a private equity firm out of Boston and merged with our arch rival, ViJon Laboratories. Unlike the Tyco/Paragon convergence, I emerged from this one with a great job.  I work with three other Paragon alumni: Dennis Godfrey, Elaine MacDonald and Steve Aaholm.  I still live in the Nashville area and love it. My oldest son in a freshman at University of Tennessee.  GO VOLS!


Bill Smith

615 223 5024


SMITH, DARLIS  2/7/2007

Hi, Gerry.


I was at Paragon in Federal Way for just a few months before the company packed up for Atlanta.  I worked for Rita in Market Research.  Though my time there was short, I fondly remember what a special place it was to work.  The people were great, and I’m blessed to still remain close to some Paragoners. 


I quit corporate life a couple of years ago and took my family with me on a one-year sabbatical to Maui.  We’re now back in West Seattle, and I’m still resisting going back to a cubicle environment.  Currently, I’m working for a tech start-up company and doing freelance marketing and marketing research on the side.  My husband still owns a graphic design studio.  We have three children: Azia (10), Dayne (8), and Reeve (3).  They miss Hawaii almost as much as I do.


Warmest greetings to everyone!


Darlis Smith

4744 25th Ave SW

Seattle WA 98106




Here is my latest information:


I have my own company, Pacific C Engineering.

I provide Dust Containment Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Tissue/Paper Industry and Wood Products Industry.


My company e-mail address is:

My company web site is:

My office phone is: 425-644-6072

My mobile phone is: 206-399-8463


I hope you are doing well.


Take Care and Best Wishes!





SPANGLER, RITA  2/1/2007

Hey Gerry!  Good to hear from you…


Here are some pictures…





Allie will be in High School next year – she is awesome smart and going into the Cambridge program, Nick is in 3rd grade and playing piano and a blue belt with stripe in Tae Kwon Do.


I’m still working at as VP of Marketing, Reed has just sold his business and is working in sales for a Forklift supplier.


I can’t help plugging our work directory as a great place for Paragoners to sign up and stay in touch.  As a basic member its free to sign-up and view the list of people.


Rita ;)

STEELE, LAURA  2/3/2007

Thanks Gerry, for the updates:

Here is an update for Laura Steele: We are living back in the Pacific Northwest, in Portland, Oregon.  We've been here since summer of 2004.  (I relocated to Ohio after leaving Paragon in Atlanta, and discovered that the Midwest was not what I had in mind.)   I'm now working for a small manufacturing company here called Cadet Manufacturing ( as Director of Product Marketing.  It's about 100 people - small, family owned, and a great environment to work in.  It has the "Paragon" feel that I missed!


My husband Carlton is working in finance for a wind power company (PPM Energy).  Now doesn't that sound like a "green" Portland Oregon job?  We have a 2nd grade daughter Annika, and recently had a son Cody, who's 13 months.  They keep us pretty busy.  Other than that, we are trying to find dry enough weather for golfing, and taking advantage of the hiking trails, good beer, and everything that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. 

Would love to hear from Paragoners. We also have plenty of room for visitors if you are passing through.


Laura Steele
3010 NW Chapin Drive
Portland, OR 97229
(503) 203- 6966 home
(360) 567-1333 office
Cadet Manufacturing
Vancouver, WA


TERADA, STAN  2/3/2007

Hi Gerry, I'm still with Philips Electronics  in Auburn and still
working in packaging. The business has separated the packaging
operations from the manufacture of Sonicare toothbrushes in Snoqualmie. 
This allows the Auburn operation to package and distribute other Philips
products such as Norelco shavers and Senseo coffee makers.  Apart from
Jeff Tarizzo's annual Christmas card, I haven't heard from any former
Paragoners.  Thanks for maintaining the site. I do check it periodically
to see if there is any new activity.

Stan Terada


TICAR, FRITZ 2/5/2007

Gerry - This is Fritz Ticar. My new email address is I am currently working for Accenture consulting on SAP installations.
Take care. Nice hearing from you.


TROUTNER, TONI &  BRETT  2/13/2007

The Troutner’s left Atlanta and moved to Kent, WA in August of 2000.  Brett is currently working for Oracle as a Technical Account Manager.  He spends much of his time at Boeing, his main account.  Toni works out of the home and does consulting work for Dorothy Nieto (Nieto Research).  She also keeps busy as PTSA Co-president and volunteering in the boys’ school.


Kyler is 10 (4th grade) and Connor is 7 (2nd grade).   They keep us very busy with baseball, soccer, skiing in the winter, etc. 


It’s always great to keep in touch.  We have some photos posted on our family website at .


Take care,

Toni ( and Brett (



Hello Fellow Para-Goners! 


I was formerly known as Vee Christian and was the Sales & Marketing Admin for the "old" Paragon in Federal Way.  I still remember those years quite fondly - - especially when I was working with the best boss I ever had: Tanya Rhone and the very motivated and motivating Scott Nokleby, fun and sassy Jean Flynn, classy and aloof Janice Gaub, the beautiful and darling Stephanie Edwards and clever and very dear Lisa Grant!  


Since then, I've married a Seattlite, Gerry VanderSanden (with Dutch roots).  We are very happily married and living in NE Tacoma.  We don't do alot of socializing but we do enjoy our time together at home, relaxing in front of the TV or talking together.  I don't know what I'd ever do without him.


My three boys are grown:   Delaney (now 28!) with a wife and 4 lovely children; Graham (now 26) with a wife and a baby due in March '07, and Marty (16) who is getting his license in March.  Mart likes to golf (which my husband is very pleased about) and he wrestles (which makes his dad happy).  I am very proud of all my boys -- we went through some challenging years together and were all the closer for it.  I am thankful to God for taking such good care of us. 


These days, I'm working at Weyerhaeuser in the (commercial) Real Estate Services group and still dabbling in residential real estate in my spare time - mostly friends and family.   My parents have moved here from Florida to be closer to us in their golden years and we spend as much time as possible with them and all the grandkids and their great-grandkids.   Life is not without it's challenges, but the good outweighs the bad and we're all very blessed.   Can I get an AMEN !!


Vee VanderSanden
Skyline Properties, Inc.
Cell:       253 / 318 - 4821
Fax::      253 / 942 - 8228


VITELLO, SABINA    2/6/2007

Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing great. I am no longer at Mrs. Smiths. I
actually left there 3 years ago! I have been at Hussmann Refrigeration an
Ingersoll Rand company since leaving Mrs. Smiths. I wasn't happy at Mrs.
Smiths after being there a year. I guess Paragon spoiled me. I was very
lucky to find this position and love it here.

Please stay in touch I love reading the notes on the website.

Sabina Vitello
Cost Accountant
Hussmann Corporation
Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies
2700 Crestridge Court
Suwanee, GA  30024

Office:  (770) 291-2360
Fax:      (770) 279-5975


Hello everyone!  What a great way to stay in touch and rekindle the Paragoner connections.  Thank-you Gerry for all that you continue to do for us.


Like everyone else it seems, I too feel truly fortunate to have had those years with Paragon.  What an amazing group of people it was.  For many of us, the friendships that started there remain as strong as ever.  Vickie Whitaker and Laurie Miller are two of my closest friends still today.  In fact, I saw Laurie just yesterday.  We took a fun trip to the mountains of North Carolina together.


On the family front, Paul and I are just about to become “empty nesters”.  Alison is a junior in college and considering law school following graduation, and Jonathan, now a high school senior, checks the mailbox every day for college acceptance letters. 


I have assumed a temporary role in that I am caring for my mother full-time at the moment.  She is 85 and in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  My mother will return to Virginia in early May to live with my sister, so it’s time now for me to begin looking for a paying job.  Lots of those tuition bills still to come!  Should anyone have a lead for a sales position or perhaps a networking suggestion, please let me know. 


My best to all-





WAGNER, ANN  2/1/2007


Great idea! I am currently working for Wayne Farms LLC in Oakwood, GA - looking for work closer to home in Roswell. I am a project manager for our ERP implementation and a proud Mom of Jack (5 1/2) and Kate (2). Things are great family wise.

Would love to make contacts for job hunting and hear how everyone is doing.

Take care,

Ann Wagner


WAGNER, ROZ 2/19/2007

Loved reading about what everyone is doing. Seem like just yesterday we all were together.


I am working for the News Tribune, close to home and only 7 hours a day.  In just a couple more years I can retire and not ever hit the "snooze alarm" again!


I had lunch with Lynn Woll on Saturday, always fun to be with her.  After Christmas I spent an evening with Diane Omli at her beautiful new home in Puyallup.  I  see Lorraine Wilson, Gloria and Heinz, Danielle Ebert and Rite Spangler as often as possible.  I Have particularly loved watching Natalie Wilson grow.


I was so pleased to get Sue Marten's e-mail address so I can touch base with her again.


Thanks much for keeping us all in touch.


Roz Wagner





I just wanted to send an update for my info. I have been at Georgia-Pacific for almost 5 years and I am working as s Design Coordinator for Dixie. My new email info. is or my work email is


Thanks, DW


Darlene D. Warnecke

Dixie - Design Coordinator




Hi Paragoners,

 I joined Merrill Lynch in July 1996; and was recently promoted to Assistant Vice President.  Even with the rise and fall (and rise again) of the stock market, I love my job and have wonderful clients.  Ken is the Security, Safety, and Environmental Manager for Tacoma Public Schools. 

Our most wonderful experience has been our daughter Natalie Marie.  I had her on 3/21/05. 

We see Danielle Ebert, Roz Wagner, Rita Spangler, Heinz & Gloria Pieniak, and Keeley Wittmer on a regular basis. 

I can be reached at home at 253-838-0201 or my office at 253-597-8303.

Lorraine Wilson 



I'm still with Costco and just passed my 10 year anniversary.  People here are great to work with, and it's nice to work with a strong and stable company.  I'm an Analyst in the IS Department working on a major upgrade of our Payroll system to a new release of Lawson Software.

For those who knew me at Paragon, my son Jake is now 18 and stands 6'4.  He'll be graduating this year from Auburn Mountainview High School and plans to attend Green River Community College and play baseball.  He'll transfer to a 4-year school later and is interested in pursuing mechanical engineering - and of course - a professional career in baseball!  My younger son Cody, is almost 12 and in the 6th grade.  He plays baseball too.  My husband Mike works full time as well as helps coach baseball at Green River.  As you can see, we are a baseball family and it keeps us hoppin' about 9 months out of the year!

Thanks for keeping up this website.  It's nice to see what people I worked with are up to and that they are doing well.

Arlene Wiseman
Costco Wholesale
Analyst - HRIS
(425) 313-6782
I'm still with Costco and just passed my 10 year anniversary.  People here are great to work with, and it's nice to work with a strong and stable company.  I'm an Analyst in the IS Department working on a major upgrade of our Payroll system to a new release of Lawson Software.

For those who knew me at Paragon, my son Jake is now 18 and stands 6'4.  He'll be graduating this year from Auburn Mountainview High School and plans to attend Green River Community College and play baseball.  He'll transfer to a 4-year school later and is interested in pursuing mechanical engineering - and of course - a professional career in baseball!  My younger son Cody, is almost 12 and in the 6th grade.  He plays baseball too.  My husband Mike works full time as well as helps coach baseball at Green River.  As you can see, we are a baseball family and it keeps us hoppin' about 9 months out of the year!

Thanks for keeping up this website.  It's nice to see what people I worked with are up to and that they are doing well.

Arlene Wiseman
Costco Wholesale
Analyst - HRIS
(425) 313-6782



WOLCOTT, DAVE  2/1/2007


Great to see all the old names again.  Hope the new year is treating you and your family well.  I am still living in the Phoenix area (Goodyear) and started working for Rockline Industries 4 years ago.  I'm back in the Baby business and get to work with Jim, Kyle, John and Susan through our Valor Brands partnership.  It has saved us quite a bit of money as my wife Sonya and I have two daughters, Brooke-4 and Bailey-2.  Amazing how many diapers and wipes these kids go through.

I bump into a lot of Paragoners on my business travels and it's always nice to talk and remember the good ole days.  Although I was only able to be a part of it for 5 years it is still the best time I have had in my career.  My new contact info is listed below.


Dave Wolcott
Sales Director - Rockline Industries
14529 W. Harvard St.
Goodyear, AZ 85338
(P) 623-535-7494
(F) 623-535-1459


WOLL, LYNN  2/1/2007

This is great!  How do you have time with the Legislature in session?  J


You can update me to “Business Development;”


Thanks – It was a walk down memory lane looking at the list . . . and scary how many people I don’t remember!  J




WOOD, JOEY  2/1/2007


Good to hear from you.   I am still with Mead Johnson Nutritionals (ENFAMIL) and I am actually in the process of relocating back to our corporate office to work in Sales Development / Trade Marketing.    For the past 2 years, I have been in Charlotte, NC working as a Regional Manager for 7+ states.     Here is my new contact information beginning on Monday:

Joseph Wood
Mead Johnson Nutritionals / BMS
2400 W Lloyd Expressway, Mailstop B510
Evansville, IN  47721
Ph# 812-429-5429
Cell# 704-219-0296

E-mail is the same.

Take care!!
-Joey Wood



Hope all is well.   We are back in Indiana now and my personal e-mail
changed to     Please update the web when you
get a chance.



FYI - Tracy's e-mail address is  She's living in Michigan and has 3 kids - 2 boys and a girl - and is a full-time mom.

Debi Austen
Human Resources Manager
Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company
P.O. Box 9777
Federal Way
, WA  98063-9777

Fax:  253-928-2339