A Roadtrip to Clinton Road, NJ
With the Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigators


Hey there! A friend of PIRA, as well as part-time member, Greg gave me (Kenny B.) a call and said they were heading to Jersey to test the rumors and legends of the infamous Clinton Road. This stretch of black-top runs through West Milford, New Jersey and has been written about over and over again in the pages of Weird NJ (A spectacular magazine!). So, two hours of driving found me at Christa's place with the rest of the EPPI members who were attending. After some dang good pizza, it was time to get started on another 2 hour drive to Clinton Road. 

Along the way, there was a need to take a break... a little motion sickness? Hmmm, maybe. It was also a good time to check the map!

We've checked out the few of the more scenic spots. In the photo on the left, you can see a ghostly image to the far left. 
It was starting to get dark, so I set up a longer exposure time on my camera, in order to capture more of the water scene below where I was standing. 
Greg, the EPPI Leader, had been in the shot and walked out. The photo on the right is below the bridge where, supposedly, the ghost of a boy will throw back any coins that you toss in. 
About $1.87 later, the myth was debunked. Greg went down to get his money back!

Greg and Christa look over the "Coin Boy" Bridge. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything. However, the mysterious Fertility Idol made an appearance. 
I suspect he'll be showing up at more of the EPPI Road trips & Investigations. We shall see...

And here's the EPPI gang, minus Greg - who became fascinated by a thorn he found...
And the sign of Clinton Road. Sadly, it just wasn't as interesting as I had hoped. Oh well...

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