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My Pantera #2492

 On the Seattle pier

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This is my contribution back to the Pantera community.  I have initiated an online registry of Pantera, Longchamp, Deauville, and Vallelunga information in Excel format which can either be viewed or downloaded.  This allows anyone to view the unique, detailed features of each car in the registry, both factory installed by serial number run changes and owner modifications. 

  Also note the is a sheet with all known imported De Tomaso's to the Netherlands and Canadian members cars, as well as a sheet listing several hundred  pieces of reference material.  I will update the owners list and attached registry information as it arrives.

If you want to add your car to the registry, please go to the Registry information page.  The addition of your car is a benefit to everyone.

The intention of this registry is to share Pantera information on a global scale, so owners can see what other cars were equipped from the factory near a particular production number or what production run changes took place.

DeTomaso Pantera
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DeTomaso Pantera
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Be sure to check out the POCA chapter I belong to, Panteras Northwest , the website has great information and links.

Ron Hyde