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Longchamp Parts Cross Reference


I highly recommend contacting Roland Jackel for your Longchamp parts!

  • Door lock barrels come from the Fia 120 series cars such as 127, 128 etc.
  • Front lower control arm same as late GT5-S Pantera
  • Steering racks up to #2990 are made by Cam Gears and are De Tomaso specific.  From #3000 up are ZF steering racks shared with Kyalami and Maserati Quattroporte III.
  • Ignition lock shared with various 70's American Fords/Mercury/Licolns etc.
  • Rear handbrake pads from Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.
  • Front brake pads are 70's Aston Martin.
  • Rear brake pads are Jaguar XJ6
  • The front brakes were vented discs with massive three-piston calipers, the 
    same ones used on the factory Group 3 race Panteras.
  • The rear calipers are four piston units. 
  • Rear lights: Alfa Romeo 2000, Pantera, Maserati Khamsin, Bricklin.
  • Lights, wiper, defrost switches: From Alfa Romeo also. Same period.
  • All gauges, switches, exterior door handles,taillights, the fuse box, and a variety of other small parts were identical with those of the Pantera
  • Steering column: Lincoln Mark III (base only), modified by De Tomaso.
  • Front seats same as various Maserati and Monteverdi models
  • Shifter: Ford Mustang
  •  The Bonaldi master cylinder and power booster were taken from the Group 3/4/5 Pantera as well.
  • Licence plate lights: Alfa Romeo
  • Headlamps and front blinker lenses Ford Consul/Granada (Europe) if you're in UK or South Africa, or Ford XC Fairmont GXL in Australia.  Late quad eye (four headlight) cars are sourced from the Audi Quattro.
  • Power window motors look to be the same as Pantera
  • Gearbox: Ford C6
  • Rear end housing and therefore prop shaft seal: Jaguar XKE V12
  • Rear suspension simular to Jaguar XJ6, but only some seals interchange.
  • Windshield washer nozzle: Volvo Amazon circa 1968
  • Thermostat is a Triton TT2023 which is correct (Diagram below)


Ron Hyde