Lisa Niemi deserves much more praise and honor than this small webpage can accomplish. A person in her own right, many people know her only as "Mrs. Patrick Swayze", a role she has filled since June 12, 1975 (28 years for those now counting their fingers ). An actress/dancer/singer, Lisa hasn't had the theatrical breaks her husband has had in the past, yet still, she has had some success of note.

"The Will Rogers Follies" on Broadway brought Lisa a huge amount of press, as she replaced Marla Maples as "Ziegfield's Favorite". Opening night (May 27, 1993) for Lisa happened to be her birthday as well, so naturally, Larry Gatlin (her co-star) assisted Lisa's hubby in a special surprise after the last act. As the audience was applauding, Larry begun the chorus of "Happy Birthday" as Patrick walked out on stage, cake in hand. Afterwards, the twosome celebrated Lisa's success at their NYC restaurant.

With Lisa working through the summer, this time around, it was Patrick's turn to be the supportive one, and the one to deal with fans after his wife (it was good for him, in this writer's opinion ==smile==). The following clip is from People Magazine:

In an interview with Nanciann Cherry of the Toledo Blade in 1993, Patrick talked more about the Follies and his life at the time:

"My life is pretty insane right now, with Lisa in New York. But she's having a great time, and all the kids in the show are real excited to have her in because she's a wonderful dancer and a wonderful singer and actress. And with Mickey Rooney coming into the show, everybody feels like they've got a better show than they ever had."

In 1990, Lisa had a role on a t.v. series called "Super Force" where she played the no-nonsense policewoman, "Capt. Carla Frost". ABC aired the syndicated series, a futuristic drama, which took place in the year 2020. In the October 13, 1990 issue of TV Guide, Jane Marion quotes executive producer Jim McNamara on why Lisa, originally scheduled to appear in just one episode, became a series regular:
"We liked her so much we made her a regular. We were trying to find a version of what someone would look like 30 years from now - a timeless beauty."

Lisa said of Patrick in a T.V. Guide interview, "I give him a lot of credit for not making me feel overshadowed or left out."

What Patrick Says About Lisa

"She survived my ego days -- she threw out all my Tom Jones shirts."
Re: the 1994 World Music Awards and their dance together: "It was a very special experience for me for the world to see what an absolutely beautiful miracle angel she is."
Re: Lisa's working relationships: "I still have a tiny bit of problem. I donít mind it if heís good looking and a jerk, but if heís good looking and heís a nice guy, I get nervous. We work on every love scene together. We both have a passion."

Lisa In Her Own Words

Re: her marriage to Patrick: "We hang in there with each other"
Re: Patrick and success: "There is a reality in our business that it is a whole lot easier for the men than it is for the women -- if you look at the lead roles out there .. but everybodyís thing comes at their own pace - and you canít compare, and I have to remind myself of that sometimes. As far as the success heís had, heís deserved every bit of it because he works very hard. "City of Joy" is absolutely thrilling for me. Thereís a place that he hit in his work - itís like what Iíve always dreamed of for him - cause Iíve always known the talent that he has. A lot of people have seen it, but this is really what heís capable of doing."
To Larry King, re: comparing successes: "You go through everything...there have been terrific things...so much that Iíve gotten to learn just by watching and observing and of course at times itís been hard because itís like a kid in a candy store and not getting to eat any of the candy."
On working and rehearsing with Patrick: "We know each other best. We know each others strengths and weaknesses."

A Few Lisa Facts

  • Born in Houston, Texas on May 27, 1957;
  • Has 5 (five) brothers, including brother Alex who has frequently worked for Patrick as an assistant and driver;
  • Met Patrick while studying in Patsy Swayze's dance class and after high school graduation, joined Patrick in New York City;
  • Has her own little hideaway on her ranch with Patrick called "Little Bizarro"

A Final Thought: Many Patrick fans, while respecting Lisa and Patrick's devotion to her, still think she should count her blessings to be Mrs. Patrick Swayze. Patrick is a super guy, but even he admits he is a high maintenance hubby, and being married to him has not always been an easy task. It is my opinion, that both Swayzes are lucky to have the other -- that they compliment each other extremely well -- that both have, in fact, as Lisa said, hung in there with each other when times were tough for whatever reason. Patrick and Lisa Swayze are an amazing pair, and Lisa deserves far more kudos and applause than she has received. She doesn't need things, nor does she want them, but she does demand her husband be present, in more ways than just physically. In truth, they each demand that of one another. Way to go, Lisa and Patrick! Good luck in the future!

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