What is the difference?
A brief description of art tems
ORIGINAL ART... fairly self explanatory; the original oil, pastel, or drawing created by the artist LIMITED EDITION...only a declared number of copies will be made; typically signed & numbered by the artist.
LITHOGRAPH...the most affordable format, also known as offset printing. Small dots of color are printed on the paper to create the image. UNLIMITED OPEN EDITION...the opposite of limited edition
GICLEE...pronounced je-clay, a high quality reproduction where colors are micro-sprayed onto the hand made paper or canvas. Continuous tone, no dot patterns. REPRODUCTION RIGHTS...also called usage rights, these are the rights to use the art for magazines, advertisments, etc. The price for these rights is dependent upon usage. Note; upon purchase of an original, reproduction rights do not transfer unless specified in writing!
Qoro...a light-fast replica crafted on the finest imported paper and canvas. The image is water resistant and does not require conservation glass when framing. See the website S/N...Signed & Numbered
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