The Language of Conservation

The Language of Conservation is a collaborative art project initiated by The Poets House of NYC and made possible by a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museums and Library Services.  Partnerships between zoos and libraries in five cities—Milwaukee, Chicago (Brookfield Zoo), Little Rock, New Orleans, and Jacksonville— participated in the three-year project. 

Pattiann Rogers was Poet-in-Residence at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  The Milwaukee Public Library was a collaborative partner in various aspects of the project.

Her primary role as Poet-in-Residence was to select poems and excerpts from poems to be designed and installed permanently throughout the Zoo.  She worked closely with Marcia Sinner, Head of the Creative Department at the Zoo, and her co-worker Julie Radcliffe, who together designed each unique sign.  She was also consulted as to the location of each sign.  At the opening event and ribbon cutting, June 19th, 2010, all 54 installed signs were open to the public.

As Poet-in-Residence, Rogers has been giving interviews and readings centering on the Language of Conservation, both at the Milwaukee Public Library and the Zoo.  The Zoo and the Libary are also co-ordinating various events and activities.

Rogers has stated the following: