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Greetings, fellow Richmond hockey fans!

The unofficial Richmond Renegades mailing list began back on September 27, 1999, and today it has over 225 members.  The list was originally intended for members to share any information or questions related to the Richmond Renegades ECHL franchise.   As of July 2003, the group name was changed to Richmond_Hockey to accommodate the new Richmond RiverDogs UHL team.  It was created by and for the fans, and it is not an official outlet of any league or team.


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When subscribing to the list, please be mindful of Netiquette and fellow list members. (Here's a really good Netiquette guide, or you can find other sites here.) You may want to "lurk" for a couple of days before submitting any posts to the list, especially if you've never been on a mailing list before.  Please be nice to your fellow list members.  Personal attacks on fellow list members will be cause for placement into moderated status or even banishment from the list.  All new members are automatically placed in "moderated" status, meaning their posts must be approved by one of the moderators before it is sent to the group.

If you have any questions about the list, send an email to  This email will go to the list owner and moderators.

Pattie Anderson
Richmond_Hockey List Owner

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