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the Chicken Chokers

The Chokers have returned and we have a new 11 song compact disc record, Chokers 07 recorded in January of 2007 at the Music Tank. You can purchase said product at Honking Duck. There are a few sound clips on the chicken choker myspace.

from Mr Talliman...

Right now we have a lineup of Bob Metzger on lead guitar & vocals, PK Strother on rhythm & vocals, Jean-Do Sifantus on drums, Tim Rowell on keyboards and Robbie Phillips on wombat. Oops! Bob's gone off with Leonard Cohen through next summer, so we're out of the circuit 'till mid-2009 at least.

Due to popular demand, and to the less-than-super aim of the Man himself, I've revived the old song, Dick Cheney is a Duck Hunting Man. The version I prefer is now referred to as, Duck Cheney, which is perhaps better written, "Duck! Cheney!" from the original March 2004 recording sessions. Ken Galli on lead, Robbie Phillips on the Wombat, Jason Beek on drums, and PK Strother on acoustic guitar, vocals and Hammond organ.

The duck is also on Neil Young's website, "Living with War" as is an acoustic version of Republican Guard. We are slipping in the ratings, however.

Republican Guard a protest song from the demonstrations on the 15th of February 2003(all in mp3 format). Both of these songs are available on the new hit ep, Duck! Cheney!, just drop me an email.

mr talliman is now on http://www.myspace.com/mrtalliman.

Reverb Joe and the Reverberators

Every third Saturday early show (5 to 8 pm) at Sally O'Briens Pub in Somerville, Mass. We were off during the summer, but are back in September.

Plus we are at the Plough in October.

Michael Hurley

Michael Hurley has picked up a live version of Dick Cheney by the Agitators which can be heard on his Boppin' at the Top CD, recorded at the 2005 Clifftop Festival in West Virginia. You can find out about Michael Hurley through snockonews.net, although I doubt that Boppin' will ever make it that far. Some compile-ation coming soon...

The last days of Twang

honkingduck is Jim Reidy's website and you will find links to Twang and other HonkingDuck stuff including genuine 78 and real old time music stuff there.

Skipper and his wife is a song written by John Koerner and this version was recorded by Twang back in 2002. In fact, this was the last of Twang. Bob Jordan does some amazing guitar work on this one - definitely getting to the Zappa vibe late in the solo.

Koerner will be in the Boston area January, 2008

Hey, stay real!

update 07 august 2008.