Parents who have previously completed the course comment, 
"I am excited, confident and enthusiastic about homeschooling - when I first got here I was terrified.  The love of learning in this class was infectious."

"This program is beneficial for all parents whether or not they homeschool...We are changed and our family is blessed."

"Paula's presentation style gives her a rapport with her audience that makes everyone in the room excited to be there.  One becomes aware that the class is hanging on her every word, and her every word is another droplet of homegrown knowledge to give her listeners the confidence to homeschool their children."

"If only I had taken this class sooner!  It changed our lives.  The most inspirational class I've ever taken."

"This class served as my lifeline.  When I entered the first day I felt so afraid for my son and the concept of homeschooling.  By the end of the time with Paula and Janice, I felt a huge weighted burden lift from my shoulders.  My son and our relationship are saved.  What a blessing!"

"Thank you for your inspiration and strong advocacy for homeschooling.  You blazed the trail through thickets so many families could walk on smooth trails.  You have touched our hearts and lives."