Course Content

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling
The Washington State Home-based Education Law
Current Research in Homeschooling
Resources, Curriculums and Materials for Parent Teachers
Learning Styles, Teaching Styles
Methods and OPTions
Human Development
Early Childhood Education (under age 9)
Fostering Creativity
The Transition Years (ages 9-13)
The Teenage Homeschool - High School Student
The Teen Panel
Testing and Evaluation
College Entrance and Scholarships for Homeschoolers
Organizing your Home - Helpful Hints
Homeschooling through Hard Times
Parents who take an OPT course will receive a complete notebook filled with articles and informational handouts to .assist and inspire parent teachers. 
Classes will include guest speakers with special areas of expertise who will bring diversity and enrichment to the parent group.