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Medical Supplies Needed/Avail

A friend of mine was just diagnoised and their insurance does not cover the cost of test strips so they are paying out of pocket.  Is there someone that has researched the cost of strips if you are paying out of pocket. I don't even think he has decided which monitor to use, so any info would be helpful.
Thank you - Coreen

Pump Related Questions

Hi we are having trouble with occlusions being detected on our medtronic pump. We are giving a new stint a trying it's the Medtronic Silhouette. Does anyone have a suggestion? Allison is 12 and very active so we need to find a better stint. The quicksets are not lasting more than a day sometimes 2 before we have high blood sugars. Also I use neosporane for her skin, is there something better to try?  - Renee