PDN Membership

Parents' Diabetes Network of SE Michigan - JDRF Coffee Network


Enjoying a night out without the kids or trying to find a daycare provider may sometimes be challenging, especially if your child has special needs. 

This page is intended to provide a list of people that are interested in providing babysitting or daycare services for diabetic children.  If you are a teen-ager with diabetes or a parent/caregiver/family member of a child with diabetes and are interested in providing sitting services, please email the PDN Membership administrator and we will be happy to add your name and contact information to our website. 

Please note that PDN does not screen or provide background checks on babysitters and daycare organizations.  We are simply providing a forum for those needing sitting services and those willing and able to provide them. 

Lawren - (diabetic teen-ager) - I've had Type 1 since I was four years old.  I've been using Animas pumps since I was six so I know how to use them fairly well, but I would also be comfortable learning how to use other types of pumps. I insert the UnoMedical Inset infusion set. I currently use the One Touch Ultra glucometer, but have used other glucometers previously and should be able to work other ones without a problem. I love little kids too! :)  Contact Info:  BDame@absolutecomm.com