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The Honourable Lady Sæhildr barngóðr
(The Honourable Lady Say-hil-der)
(formerly Lady Seadhli)

It Takes My Child To Raze A Village VII

The Kingdom of the Future rules the day,
The children and youth of The Midrealm say.

Grab a lance and mount a steed
To run the gauntlet and test your speed.
Shoot the messenger Fire at Will!
Sing a song, learn a tale to tell.

We'd like to see what you have done,
There's A and S prizes to be won.
Work alone or with a group,
Bring your entry it could even be soup!

Learn of chivalry on the list,
This special day should not be missed.
Everyone will get a chance
Maybe you will even learn a dance.

So ask mom and dad to be your guest,
We're quite sincere, we do not jest.
April 11* is the special day
To Raze a Village in the SCA.

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It Takes My Child To Raze A Village VII

April 11, 2015
Canton of WealdLake

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