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The Honourable Lady Sæhildr barngóðr
(The Honourable Lady Say-hil-der)
(formerly Lady Seadhli)

It Takes MY Child to Raze a Village VII

April 11, 2015
9am - 5pm

Heart of the Shepherd Lutheran Church

228 N. Burkhart Road
Howell, MI 48843-7638
Exit 133 from I-96, just North of Mason Road, South of I-96.

Tanger Outlet Mall is located north of I-96. If you pass Tanger Outlet Mall on your way to come see us – you are north of I-96 and you’ll have to turn around and head back over the expressway to the stretch of North Burkhart Road where we are located.

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Site is bone dry no exceptions.

It is a long drive - Where can WE Stay?

Camping sites at Brighton Recreation Area (a Michigan State Park).
Recommended Hotels: Baymont Inn and Suites and Holiday Inn Express.

Please, contact Event Stewards for other arrangements.

Event will go on rain or shine as indoor facilities are available.

How Much?

Site Fees

Infant - Free
Child (Under 18)  - $5
Adult Member - $10
Family Max (Limit does not apply to non-member fees per SCA rules) - $30

Non-members - add $5 per adult in addition to site fee

Affordable Lunch Tavern menu

  • Mac & Cheese (Vegetarian) OR Shepherds Pie (Gluten Free!)
  • Carrots & Celery Sticks
  • Fruit
  • Pudding & Animal Crackers
  • Choice of beverage - coffee, water

Meal Deals - $5 adult, $3 kids

What do I need to know?

  • This is a FAMILY-focused event!

    Come prepared to have fun and do a lot of things!
  • Everyone* needs to wear an attempt at Medieval clothing. (We have a loaner closet on site!)
  • All our activities are open to everyone*! (EXCEPT List Combat activities which are for Kids Only!)
  • Come Hungry! Breakfast with the Baron & Baroness is included in your entry fee! Affordable Lunch Tavern on site (Several affordable restaurants nearby - including McDonald's). Also Afternoon snack bar available - but save room for the Ruin-Your-Dinner Ice Cream Social!
  • Check the schedule! Some activities are open all day, others only happen once!
  • Our merchants are really friendly and sell some really neat things!
  • The site we use features TWO really awesome playgrounds! One is for infants and toddlers, and the other is for people age 3 and up!
  • If it rains or is very cold Everything except Archery & Thrown Weapons will be inside! It gets cozy, but we've done it twice and it is still awesome!!!!
  • We hope everyone has an amazing day!
  • Don't forget to work on your Arts & Science Challenge entry! (It Takes My Child to Raze a Village VII Arts and Sciences Challenge Entry Form)
  • Also, please let the Honorable Lady Sæhildr (Sarah Jean M.) know if you are willing to teach a class or run an activity, if you are interested in running a merchant table, or if you have any questions!

* Everyone is defined as human beings between the ages of 3 - 103 years of age. Some activities need modifications or accommodations for people with special needs and very young children. (Some activities may be recommended specifically for teenagers or toddlers.)

This year's activities include:



  • The ever popular How to Fight with your Child!
  • Classes for both Fencing and Boffer.
  • Boffer Challenges!
  • Fencing Challenges!
  • Archery Challenges!
  • Thrown Weapons Challenges!
  • RBG challenges!

Due to Popular Demand: Siege Weapons Demo!!!!



  • Breakfast with the Baron and Baroness
  • Affordable Lunch Tavern!
  • The Duckling Race!
  • Family Dragon!
  • The Plague Game!
  • Family-Friendly Court!
  • The Ruin-Your-Dinner Ice Cream! Social!
  • Merchants!
  • MOM2MOM Garb Swap


To bring SCA families to the forefront of an event.

To provide SCA parents and friends an opportunity to engage and participate in events and activities focused on the whole family.

Why not?


Everyone! SCA families and friends who want an opportunity to engage and participate in activities focused on FUN for the whole family, in a creatively anachronistic medieval setting.

Event Stewards:

TH Lady Sæhildr barngóðr & Lady Bryn Archer

  • It Takes My Child To Raze A Village VII

    April 11, 2015
    Canton of WealdLake

    Countdown to It Takes My Child To Raze a Village:


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    Lady Bryn Archer
    Lady Sæhildr barngóðr

    ANNOUNCEMENT - From the Pentamere Seneschal:

    Please pass along this information to all of your events stewards. This information needs to go onto your group's event websites. I had to turn away an adult who was bringing a friend's child with her from gate yesterday. She did have a permission slip, but that was not enough to meet SCA requirements. I was not happy to turn her away, and I realize that this requirement has not been very visible. See below:

    When attending an event with an adult not their parent or legal guardian, the SCA Medical Authorization for Minors form will be completed, notarized and presented at the event along with a completed Minor Waiver.

    Medical Authorization for Minors form must be notarized.
    link to SCA Medical Authorization for Minors Form

    link to SCA Minor Waiver