Pete Anderson - Writings

A dying artifact of a lost age.

What Never Was
Requiem for a stillborn village.

An Ending
An unsettling demise, contemplated too closely.

Urbs in Horto
Caring for her little corner of the world.

Harry at Peace
The muse flickers before an indifferent universe.

Powerless before the ultimate penalty.

Factory (an ongoing serial)
The disappearing industrial class.

Arlene, Faded
Sifting through a life's debris in midcentury Joliet.

Thoughts, Stimulant and a Ballpoint Pen
Rambling under the influence.

Non Attrition
A future is downsized.

Holding on to threads.

A son's new life.

The Reverend Marvin Barry
Cinderblocks and chainlink are all that remains.

Sought Not Found
Unrequited longing takes its toll.

Out of place, but just for now.

Through the Window of Maury's Uptown Diner
Gazing at another life.

Archie Domino's Ex-Trainer
Sporting superstition comes undone.


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