Foreign made Mavericks

Foreign made Mavericks

Mavericks were made in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Prehaps even longer than in the US, or in other countries in some form. I have very little information on the foreign made Mavericks, if you can provide some information let me know. -Bp


Same as US model


Mexican made mavericks did not have a heater, fresh air ducts only on the driver's side, and avialible four speed manual transmission as differences from the US made model. Shelby of Mexico did produce 300 1971 Shelby Mavericks.


Mavericks in Brazil by Ernesto Franzen,

Pictures from Ernesto Franzen

Brazilian Maverick info from Harerton Dourado,

Pictures from Harerton Dourado

Picture from Sergio Gallo,

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