The Maverick adds two new models, the grabber and the four door sedan with a 109.9 inch wheelbase. Wheels were upgraded to 14 inch, 250cid I6 is made optional, and a vinyl roof is added to the option list. Also added is the 302V8 and the Grabber hood.

This was the first year for the Comet and the Comet GT. The Comet differed from the Maverick in grill, tail lights, and trim. The Comet GT had the 302 V8 available. Comet GT has its own distict hood with scoop.

1971 Production:
Maverick 2-dr 159,726
Maverick 4-dr 73,208
Maverick Grabber 38,963
Comet 2-dr 54,884
Comet 4-dr 28,116

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