Brazilian Maverick info

From:Harerton Dourado

Maverick was presented to brazilian at their '72 motor show, and sales begun in 73.

Originaly Ford was inteding to produce the car named Taunus, which is an european project. But due to staff changes and internal politics Ford decided to produce Maverick.

Models were 2 and 4 doors, S (super), SL (super luxo) and GT (2 doors only). In late 76, the LDO (limitada decora=E7=E3o opcional) model was added.

Engines were the 302 V8 (which came from USA, Canada and Mexico) and 3 liter 6 cylinder which originaly was an Willys Overland engine. Later in 75 the 2.3 liter 4 cyl. was added. This engine equipped some Thunderbirds of the late 80's and the american version of Ford Sierra (the Merkur XR4 TI).Optional was the 302 equiped with a quadrijet carburator, which was mainly used for racing.

Transmission: 3 and 4 speed manual and 3 speed automatic.

Externally it was pretty similar to the american model, with the only changes taking place in the 1977 model, with a new front grille and new tail lights which resenbled Mustang's.

Some third party modifiers made a station wagon version but Ford never produced it.

Maverick went out of production on the second semester of 1979 due to falling sales, high gas prices and new and modern models coming out.

Total producion was: 108,216.

About the 6 cyl. engine: In 67 Ford started to build passenger cars in Brazil, the first one being Ford Galaxie. In this same year they bought Willys Overland which was a company that produce among other cars the CJ5 Jeep, Renault Gordini and the Aero. The 6 cyl. engine equiped that one and when Ford decided to produce Maverick they kept the engine until 1976.

Some tech stuff: 6 cylinders, 3,016 liters (184, 112 hp, max torque: 22.6 mkgf.